Desperate Housewives Character Death: Revealed!

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Desperate Housewives spoilers warning: A long-time character will soon be killed off this ABC mainstay. Stop reading now if you wish to remain surprised.

After initially teasing fans with the upcoming death of a Desperate Housewives player, Entertainment Weekly can now confirm the identity of the man who will meet his end THIS SUNDAY...

DH Characters

... Mile Delfino!

While details regarding the demise of James Denton's character remain unclear, the actor told EW his death will be "violent" and added that he thinks it's a fitting way for Mike to do. How come?

"I think from the beginning [creator Marc Cherry] had this idea of Delfino and the mob and that criminal past. We just haven’t addressed it in four or five years. It’s perfectly fitting and especially because they’re going to do some flashbacks in this episode that show his life flashing before his eyes. It’s going to be slow motion with scenes from the pilot all the way. I’m hoping some of that will be some of his criminal dark side."

Read a lot more from Denton in his full EW interview now and react: Will you be sad to see Mike go?


Perhaps it's all been a dream and Rex will emerge from the shower alive and well. Or maybe they will have a Crossroads ending and everybody will be working in the local supermarket.


Cherry did this on purpose, because of the lawsuit. Why weren't the twins, Orson and the other gay neighbour there at the funeral.


OMG... why it has to be mike??? i just hope Jane died instead of mike... she's a horrible woman!


i was shocked why mike???? i am sooooooo unhappy to see this scene poor susan and somebody is kidding our sadness we know that it is only a tv show but it is empathy


iI was even gonna be ok w Gabbys kid dieing


What purpose does killing Mike serve, especially with the show ending so soon ? How does it tie up loose ends ? Unless, he's really not dead - and they just want the criminals to think he is - so they can catch them. That would be good. And get rid of Jane - OMG - she's awful - any women who would steal someone's husband and father of 5, including a baby - is just plain Jane slutty.


It should have been Jane, that skank!!!
I cannot stand her and that smug attitude. I was disappointed in Lynette for not slapping her. I know she is trying to change her ways but sometimes the old you is the best way to go. She should've smacked her and told her that she wasn't giving him up without a fight. Maybe Mike's murder will make Tom remember his feelings for her and they'll get back together. I'd love to see that happen. If they end this series on a bad note I will be so upset....


Stupid. I can't believe both of Susan's husbands were killed. (or ex) and husband. i thought for sure it would be much more dramatic. I really thought it would be Julie with her baby surviving. (or I thought that would be a better story) This was just dumb.

Ronald simkins

Very poetic ending if he takes someone with him. Mike was one of my fave characters along with the twins and their Dad.


MJ without a dad, well i cant feel sorry.. cause how often did we see MJ? twice maybe?

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