Desperate Housewives Review: A Shocking Death

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Desperate Housewives aired maybe its worst-kept-spoiler episode ever tonight. Thanks to the real life drama of the cast, a testimony under oath, and numerous sources, the demise of TV’s hottest plumber was hardly a secret. 

Penny's Birthday Party

"You Take for Granted" was the perfect mix of suspense and surprise with a perfectly delicious and explosive ending. Although Mike was a candidate on my death pool list and I kind of sort of knew about the spoiler, I was still in denial throughout the entire installment. Aside from the core four, Mike was the last person I wanted to see go.

I’ve always genuinely liked his character and thought that Mike Delfino, who was played by James Denton, was one of the few people who had some sense on the Lane. In fact, he even helped to make Susan a bit more bearable at times. To say the least, Mike will be missed. I, for one, am disappointed that it was him to bite the bullet – literally – and it breaks my heart that MJ is without a father and Susan is without a husband again.

I couldn’t help but shed a tear or two while pivotal moments throughout Mike and Susan’s life were shown in flashbacks. It was an incredibly beautiful way to say goodbye to Mike and remember him always as the reliable and courageous friend, neighbor, husband and father. Fairview just won’t be the same without him.

Elsewhere: I was so glad to see all of the Wisteria women back together again sharing coffee and tea and just being there for one another. Susan is definitely going to need her girls now more than ever.

Meanwhile, Carlos was back and wanted to shake things up a bit at work. Much to Gaby’s dismay, he was handing out checks to previously laid off employees. Unsurprisingly, Gaby couldn’t understand why Carlos wanted out of his current job and wanted to actually make a difference with his work. Could she seriously be anymore self involved? I actually thought she was making some improvements last week.

Things for Lynette continued to worsen when she found out that Tom and Jane would soon be living together. Do you think that Lynette actually panicked when Jane was choking? There was a tiny part of me that actually felt like she hesitated some before actually saving Jane’s life.

For the most part, Mrs. McCluskey asking Bree to help her with ending her own life was good for the laughs but played a minor role in the turn of events. It was just great to see Karen and Roy at their best and there for one another.

Finally, the police received Orson’s anonymous package filled with what appeared to be a lengthy letter detailing the night everyone wanted to be forgotten. I wish we knew more, but we knew enough was said to cause the police to want to immediately investigate the construction site. Are we to believe that this will actually happen and all who were involved will be questioned? 

By the way, why was Ben MIA for the umpteenth time again? I wished that it was him who had been shot and not Mike.

So, what did you think, TVFanatics? Are you upset that it was Mike who wouldn’t make it to the series finale? How will tonight’s turn of events affect the remainder of the series?


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Tom is such a tool, he is inconsiderate and has always acted like a baby. Lynette isn't manipulative so much as she stands up for herself. The fact that Jane pounced on Lynette's discarded husband shows how desperate some women in that age group are to have a man in their life. Jane doesn't need a man, she is a doctor. If she wants a boyfriend, why is it so hard for her to find one who isn't still married?


It was so predictable that something with Mike would be happening when he and Susan were sitting on the porch talking about (guess what?) LOVE (isn't that so overdone, too?). This episode was the most mediocre one I've seen on DH so far. All in all this season has been quite a flop so far. The writers have serious problems with the side stories around the main plot. I miss stories like when Angie called Bree to hide Karl, so they wouldn't get caught by Orson. Or when Susan and Gaby set up Carlos and Mike, so they would admit Carlos borrowed money to Mike OR when Bree secretly helped Gaby to bake the pine apple upside-down cake. Those were TV-milestones imo. WRITERS, BRING BACK THESE KIND OF STORIES. IT'S THE LAST SEASON FOR GOD'S SAKE.


Come on people - No one deserves that. Not Gaby, Susan, Ben or anyone.
This is a tv show. Yes Susan had bad times.. But you hasnt in Wisteria Lane? Thats not a reason. And btw if that happens in real life - its never fair either! Gaby.. hmm i wasnt happy, but on the other hand i do understand her a little bit. Carlos can work in a different job but he shouldn't give there private money away. I think its pretty bad tho. Gaby doesnt care if he is happy - thats pretty bad for a wife!


I can't believe they killed Mike off, it was a mistake in my opinion. Susan deserved to end off better than being alone. If they wanted to kill someone, it should have been Carlos. It's great to want to give back, but it shouldn't be at the expense of giving up your home, your life, etc. I'm also upset that Renee hasn't been given more air time and better story lines, she's such a great asset and really added to the show. Marc really has made some big mistakes, but I've never cared much for him he always gave off an arrogant tone.


i'd never forgive writers for killing off Mike.. no way.. now I really want that nothing had never happend from the beginning of DH so Mary Alice never suicided herself!!!


I think its sooooo sad it was mike I really liked him. And at first I thought it would ruin the last couple episodes for Susan but now that I think about it I think Susan is a lot stronger than people give her credit for and the writers will find a way for the show to end as good as it could, if they tried to end it with Susan a mess, and the others in jail I think tbat the fans would all be soo angry. But I guess the show starteed with a tragedy it could end that way too.


Whaaaaat??? I said outloud when Mike was shot! And was he ever SHOT! I feel angry! This better be a dream that Susan wakes up from, being worried about Mike. He's too good of a guy to be killed off so I'm hoping it's just a dream. I think that "dating" during Lynette and Tom's separation is completely wrong and I wish they would get back together. It would be nice if they were both willing to own up to their own part of the problems in the marriage, by the help of a counselor opening their eyes and they would want to commit to work on their relationship. And I'm glad Lynette ended up helping Jane, although I can understand her hesitation (ha ha ha) but if she hadn't, that would have been too much, too wrong! Great episode! Kept you wondering!


am I the only one who feels sorry for Gaby.
Did we all forget what she has been through. Yes, she is need and selfcentred, but that's only a part of Gaby.
Remember when she waited for Carlos while he was in prison.
Remember how she was stuck with Xao Mai, when Carlos took off.
Remember how she took care of her blind husband and two children for five years.
She has had some difficult times and all Carlos cares about is doing something good. Besides, he's been through this before. When he got his sight back, he wanted to do volunteer work, he has quit his job many times before all because he wanted it. And selling your house, making your children change schools is just wrong. I'm not saying he has to keep ripping people off, but he could be nicer to the woman who stuck by him through hell... Oh and Mike, you'll be missed. I'm curious where they're going with this. I want a pretty damn good reason for killing him off with only six episodes left!


Mike was my fave husband, I liked him & susan, he was one of my fave characters. Mike shouldntve died to pay for what Ben did.I mean yes Mike couldve let the loan shark do whatever to ben & renee but he was protecting thier lives not doing business with the guy like Ben was. I hope & think whatll happen is the cops find alejandros body & Ben takes the fall to protect the women & carlos to make up for what he did to mike & renee. Mike was soo good looking. Now Susans gonna depressed the rest of the series/season.


Mike was my fave husband, I liked him & susan, he was one of my fave characters. Mike shouldntve died to pay for what Ben did.I mean yes Mike couldve let the loan shark do whatever to ben & renee but he was protecting thier lives not doing business with the guy like Ben was. I hope & think whatll happen is the cops find alejandros body & Ben takes the fall to protect the women & carlos to make up for what he did to mike & renee.

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