Desperate Housewives Review: A Shocking Death

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Desperate Housewives aired maybe its worst-kept-spoiler episode ever tonight. Thanks to the real life drama of the cast, a testimony under oath, and numerous sources, the demise of TV’s hottest plumber was hardly a secret. 

Penny's Birthday Party

"You Take for Granted" was the perfect mix of suspense and surprise with a perfectly delicious and explosive ending. Although Mike was a candidate on my death pool list and I kind of sort of knew about the spoiler, I was still in denial throughout the entire installment. Aside from the core four, Mike was the last person I wanted to see go.

I’ve always genuinely liked his character and thought that Mike Delfino, who was played by James Denton, was one of the few people who had some sense on the Lane. In fact, he even helped to make Susan a bit more bearable at times. To say the least, Mike will be missed. I, for one, am disappointed that it was him to bite the bullet – literally – and it breaks my heart that MJ is without a father and Susan is without a husband again.

I couldn’t help but shed a tear or two while pivotal moments throughout Mike and Susan’s life were shown in flashbacks. It was an incredibly beautiful way to say goodbye to Mike and remember him always as the reliable and courageous friend, neighbor, husband and father. Fairview just won’t be the same without him.

Elsewhere: I was so glad to see all of the Wisteria women back together again sharing coffee and tea and just being there for one another. Susan is definitely going to need her girls now more than ever.

Meanwhile, Carlos was back and wanted to shake things up a bit at work. Much to Gaby’s dismay, he was handing out checks to previously laid off employees. Unsurprisingly, Gaby couldn’t understand why Carlos wanted out of his current job and wanted to actually make a difference with his work. Could she seriously be anymore self involved? I actually thought she was making some improvements last week.

Things for Lynette continued to worsen when she found out that Tom and Jane would soon be living together. Do you think that Lynette actually panicked when Jane was choking? There was a tiny part of me that actually felt like she hesitated some before actually saving Jane’s life.

For the most part, Mrs. McCluskey asking Bree to help her with ending her own life was good for the laughs but played a minor role in the turn of events. It was just great to see Karen and Roy at their best and there for one another.

Finally, the police received Orson’s anonymous package filled with what appeared to be a lengthy letter detailing the night everyone wanted to be forgotten. I wish we knew more, but we knew enough was said to cause the police to want to immediately investigate the construction site. Are we to believe that this will actually happen and all who were involved will be questioned? 

By the way, why was Ben MIA for the umpteenth time again? I wished that it was him who had been shot and not Mike.

So, what did you think, TVFanatics? Are you upset that it was Mike who wouldn’t make it to the series finale? How will tonight’s turn of events affect the remainder of the series?


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I still cant believe that nearly everyone knew who is goig to die.. sooo stupid and shit. I wasnt suprised anymore and yes it was sad, but not too sad cause i knew it already. And i mean in the end it was stupid. He got his money.. always this problems with those guys.. thats why i hated lets say the sopranos ;) i hated gaby... come on we had that story already SO often. She loves money he doesnt. They fight and then again and again... Gaby what do u want your husband or money? i thought she at least changed a bit i really hope that julie still wants to give the baby away, otherwise it would be so easy and yes i feel sorry for susan and Mj , BUT i havent seen MJ for ages.. so i cant get those big emotiones


I hate this episode. Why do they always have to kill one of the main characters ?


IF they had not spoiled it last week, this would have been the surprise death for the books! So, my shock quickly became tears seeing Mike lying in Susans arms at the closing shot. Yes, I admit: I cried. Seeing the show flash back to all the moments he shared with Susan, including that first encounter made me realize just how much his character went through. I was definitely sad to see him go. I wouldn't have cared if it were Ben or Orson. Now for the episode overall, it's finally picking up! The writing seems a bit better: the characters more like their origins...except Bree. My god Marcia Cross...what happened!? Is she tired of playing the Bree we all grew to love so much and accept? Because this new Bree...just seems bland. No life at all. And why does Renee have little to no story? I mean, come on...she's been on the show for two straight seasons. It's VANESSA WILLIAMS! Enough said!


I for one was totally oblivious to the spoiler and I was shocked to realise itd be Mike dying. For a second I really hoped Jane would choke on her cheese puffs. Shame Lynette realised what was happening (and the bitch didn't even say thanks). I am shocked. I cried. Mike was probably the one character I wouldn't see die (well, him and Tom) apart from the 4 women. It just sucks. It's a crap storyline, especially thinking that the show will end anyway in 5 episodes. So why kill him now? Why put this on Susan and MJ and Julie right at the end? It makes no sense. And I think Susan had been through enough with her first husband and the economic issues last season and all.. I was really hoping to see her live a normal happy life with her husband and kids. If it wasn't this close to ending anyway, I'd stop watching right now. Not that it makes a difference, I know. Very disappointing.


@memaw - I was talking about the current trial with Nicollette Sheridan, who is suing Marc Cherry and studio for wrongful termination stemming from the elimination of her character, Edie Britt. Last week, an executive producer spilled the beans and revealed the major spoiler we had all been waiting for: Mike was going to be killed off. To my understanding, other actresses were supposed to testify as well. If only we could see the actual case! Now that would be some real drama. @leanne - I definitely agree on your comment about Bree. She acted peculiarly different than usual.


was it me or brees acting was very bland ? i know she can act but todays ep she didnt seem good at all ( like a rookie not a actor has been in tv for 8 seasons ! ) it was sad to see mike go, theres the happy ending for susan in the shows finale


Why was it Mike that they had to let go???? I thought it was going to be Karen or Orson! Killing Mike off was just cruel! :( Lynette may have been manipulative during their marriage, but what Tom did was just inconsiderate! And for Jane to rub it in, too annoying!


That Orson sent the envelope to the police (as well as the notes to Bree)
struck a familiar chord. It was just the sort of thing I would see on "TWIN PEAKS",another hit show
featuring Kyle McClachlan ON THIS VERY SAME NETWORK.
Anybody besides me remember that one? Come to think of it,many of the characters of Wisteria Lane would have fit right in at Twin Peaks. I'll take a guess and say next week will have ALL the housewives in the interrogation room being questioned about the murder,starting with Bree.
Susan,having just lost her husband, will freak out and GIVE EVERYBODY UP. But that's just me guessing. We'll see what REALLY happens next week.


Mike had a bit autodestructive side but he and Susan were the best couple of the show, and they went such a long Way and deserved a "wisteri lane happy ending"!!!
Hopefully we will comeback on the Eddie story, when she said that Susan never was without man!
Either way this is so stupid, with his appearing the whole story started and now they cut our heart out!


The flashback montage was good. Lynnete deliberately waited before helping Jane.

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