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The funniest moment in the series to date took place in "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing." I couldn't stop laughing out loud at Carlene saying her son could type so fast and then realizing he wasn't typing at all. That was brilliant!

This episode probably had the least compelling stories to be told so far, but some of the best laughs. Check them out in the GCB quotes section.

GCB Trio

Bruce Boxleitner and Donna Mills fit right in with the rest of the cast as Burl and Bitzi. Their arrival was a great excuse for Carlene to snoop around in Amanda's bedroom for evidence of Bill's existence. Silly Cockburns were still trying to blame Amanda for their loss of money by investing with Bill.

Bravo for Carlene finally standing above Ripp, on a table no less, and giving Jesus and his rules stature above him. He kept trying to lead her down a wary path of lies and deceit and she finally had enough. The man may rule the house, but there is one man even above him. For once, she used her Christianity for the right purpose. Go Carlene!

Blake found a friend in Amanda because she understood the nature of his marriage and didn't judge him for it. When he discovered her fashion sense, he hired her to help him relaunch Westward Ho Jeans. Both he and Amanda were played as Cricket, too, still wants to blame any failure in her life on Amanda. To the detriment of her own company, she set up Amanda to fail for fear of losing her friendship to with Blake to Amanda.

While it made me sad because Blake and Amanda worked so well together, I loved the moment Amanda chose to tell them she wouldn't be staying. Dressed as my favorite Texan, Farrah Fawcett, she let Cricket have her man. I'm still holding out hope for those two. They keep coming closer and closer, and I think if any of them could be friends, it would be Cricket and Amanda.

Since Donna Mills Bitzi dropped dead behind the buffet, it looks like one of the Stopper girls gets a chance at an old friend. Will Uncle Burl and Gigi make a go of it? As long as he doesn't try to tame her, I'm all for it.

Other fun stuff:

  • Looks like Amanda is the only single girl left. Not that she had any real friends to begin with.
  • Loved that the preacher recognized Sharon's costume.
  • Zach sure looked stupid in his costume when Sharon ditched the Anna Nicole Smith getup!
  • Who in the hell would wear a pair of jeans with Westward Hosanna written on the back?
  • Blake's new "foreman" was just as hot as Blake. If they could make sons....wowza!


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I am obsessed with this show. Great acting, interesting story line and hilarious characters. This has become my newest guilty pleasure.


I live in Dallas and GCB is right on the mark for fun and entertainment. Hopefully CBS will continue the series in the 2013 Fall line up- a blockbuster and a major share of of the TV viewing audience will be the networks reward. . Place it in a major time slot and get ready to make a million from advertisers. Please. Please. Please keep it going!


This is definitely one heck of a guilty pleasure! yay for ABC for not changing the name! I am high hopes we get a good 2 to 3 seasons out of this.


I keep holding hot hopes that the (way too) hott preacher and Amanda will get together. Haha