Gossip Girl Caption Contest 197

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Welcome to the 197th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic, where readers submit their best caption(s) for a photo from the CW drama! Ready to see who won the crown this week?

Your Caption Contest winner, using a pic from "The Princess Dowry," is Amie.

Congratulations and well done. The winning entry appears below. Honorable mentions go out to Mira, Guest MC and chrisea34. Thanks to all for playing and good luck again next time!

Ivy in Trouble?

Ivy: I know, I am not the real Charlie, but I was a good daughter …
Carol: No, you weren't, you didn't get me the money!
Ivy: ... Good niece?
Lily: No, you weren't, you stole things from my safe!
Ivy: ... Good cousin?
Serena: Where do I even begin?!

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Lily: Im sorry Ivy, you didnt make the band.


lily: "oh please, ivy, i'm begging you."
carol: "did cece hire you to pull a prank on us at her wake?"
serena: *thinking* nothing to do here. maybe i should go and join eric in zaire on that expedition to find the lost city with the gorillas ivy: "no, lily, i am not dyeing my hair back to blonde. too many blondes here already. and carol, no, she didn't. she actually hired me to play a fake heir only for the rest of the season. and serena, no! just, no!" serena: "what? what? did i just think aloud again? or are you a mind reader now?" *pouts*


i think the picture where ivy stands alone with only the coffin by her side will make a better caption quiz. btw, cece is supposed to be in there right? ok, here is another entry: ============ ivy: "okay, okay, i'll adopt you all and put a huge trust fund for each one of you from my inheritance. from now on, we're gonna be the dickens. oh i am so happy to have a real family." serena, carol and lily (in unison): "okay. as long as we get as much as we should have gotten. wait..., what? you're gonna be the matriarch now?"


because we have another four weeks to get some dair loving, i am gonna put some more entries. sorry if they are lame. i am in a silly mood (like, perpetually). here is another one: =========== ivy: "cece adopted me. now i am legally a rhodes. true story." serena: "seems legit."
carol: "b*tch please?!"
lily: "me gusta!"


Ivy: So the first guy said "see you later alligator!" and the other said "in a while crocodile!"
Everyone: ...
Ivy: Hahaha! This joke is so... funny... isn't, it?
Carol: I should have hired another girl...


Ivy: Ok let me see...Serena you're rich but not bitch, Carol you're bitch but not rich, Lily you're just rich and now I'm rich and bitch...I won.


Serena: Why are you here?
Ivy: Uh, I'm a big fan of Lincoln Hawk?


Ivy: guys listen, we may get a shot to rescue this show ....
Carol : great, but I'm a guess star so I don't care.
Lily: what? But I'm a regular so what's ur plan?
Serena: and can we get some interesting story for me too?
Ivy: sure, so are u in?
Serena: yeah,what do we need to do?
Ivy: get fired safran and probably half staff of the writers too
lily: just that?
Ivy: just that...
Serena: mom can u make some calls ?
Lily: (on the phone already) ...ssshhh I'm taking care of this....


Ivy: I'm sorry--I-I didn't know...
Serena: That tights are not pants?!!!?


Chivy: lily put the Nairtini down...I am going to see a colorist first thing in the morning, I swear!

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