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Lily: Im sorry Ivy, you didnt make the band.


lily: "oh please, ivy, i'm begging you."
carol: "did cece hire you to pull a prank on us at her wake?"
serena: *thinking* nothing to do here. maybe i should go and join eric in zaire on that expedition to find the lost city with the gorillas

ivy: "no, lily, i am not dyeing my hair back to blonde. too many blondes here already. and carol, no, she didn't. she actually hired me to play a fake heir only for the rest of the season. and serena, no! just, no!"

serena: "what? what? did i just think aloud again? or are you a mind reader now?" *pouts*


i think the picture where ivy stands alone with only the coffin by her side will make a better caption quiz. btw, cece is supposed to be in there right? ok, here is another entry:


ivy: "okay, okay, i'll adopt you all and put a huge trust fund for each one of you from my inheritance. from now on, we're gonna be the dickens. oh i am so happy to have a real family."

serena, carol and lily (in unison): "okay. as long as we get as much as we should have gotten. wait..., what? you're gonna be the matriarch now?"


because we have another four weeks to get some dair loving, i am gonna put some more entries. sorry if they are lame. i am in a silly mood (like, perpetually). here is another one:


ivy: "cece adopted me. now i am legally a rhodes. true story."

serena: "seems legit."
carol: "b*tch please?!"
lily: "me gusta!"


Ivy: So the first guy said "see you later alligator!" and the other said "in a while crocodile!"
Everyone: ...
Ivy: Hahaha! This joke is so... funny... isn't, it?
Carol: I should have hired another girl...


Ivy: Ok let me see...Serena you're rich but not bitch, Carol you're bitch but not rich, Lily you're just rich and now I'm rich and bitch...I won.


Serena: Why are you here?
Ivy: Uh, I'm a big fan of Lincoln Hawk?


Ivy: guys listen, we may get a shot to rescue this show ....
Carol : great, but I'm a guess star so I don't care.
Lily: what? But I'm a regular so what's ur plan?
Serena: and can we get some interesting story for me too?
Ivy: sure, so are u in?
Serena: yeah,what do we need to do?
Ivy: get fired safran and probably half staff of the writers too
lily: just that?
Ivy: just that...
Serena: mom can u make some calls ?
Lily: (on the phone already) ...ssshhh I'm taking care of this....


Ivy: I'm sorry--I-I didn't know...
Serena: That tights are not pants?!!!?


Chivy: lily put the Nairtini down...I am going to see a colorist first thing in the morning, I swear!

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