Gossip Girl Producers Preview "Con Heir"

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The producers of Gossip Girl, led by show-runner Joshua Safran, have sat down for their usual preview of the upcoming episode, mixing clips with commentary. What do they reveal about "Con Heir"?

Not a lot. However, there are some interesting clips showing:

  • Ivy's first move in getting Lily and Serena to stop blackballing her.
  • Dan and Blair's struggle to consummate their relationship.
  • Nate pondering the future of The N.Y. Spectator.
  • Jack's return to the Upper East Side.

Check out our photo gallery for the April 2 episode if you missed it, then watch the two-minute montage below and share your thoughts with us. How do you see this installment - and the rest of the season - playing out?

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yay!! like Ivy but getting Lily, who was always so nice to her, to leave her apartment was ridiculos! I was so out of character! I look forward to see her trying to redeem herself and I'm soo exited for Dair!! PS: there's some problem on this site, for the past months I haven't been able to log in with facebook and I desperately want to access my account!! I comment here almost everyday so it's really annoying!


The entire 5 season is a copy of 1, 2 and 3 of the season. Blair and Dan are having a bad sex because they did not get over they great loves - Chuck and Serena. This same plot, but happened in season 2 when Chuck was unable to have sex with other girls because he did not get over Blair. We can only recall what happened in season 2, and it will happen here. Blair will eventually go with Chuck to clear tube as Chuck in the season 2 and it will be the end of Blair and Dan. I hope to do the same with Dan and Serena. I am a big fan of Serena and Dan. I will remain optimistic until the end of the two to be together again.


Cant wait! Dair is so cute!


Just ignore "ChosenOne" they are obviously upset that they have no life and this is the only way they can get a rise out of people because god knows they have no friends to talk to because their vocabulary is limited to profanity.


Wow loony alert.. chosenone needs to get a life! i still can't believe no one has done anything about this!! look forward to the return of GG,and to DAIR and Chuck/JackBass - going to be an AWESOME epi, me thinks!! Guess I won'tbe visiting the forums anymore. It was nice reading ppl's civil opinions before... xoxo ..


Things I did NOT like: -Serena being Serena. Why give HER the laptop with all the information about the juiciest gossip of the Upper East Side. She's not smart, evil or scheamy enough to fill those shoes. Had it been S2, I would have given EVERYTHING for BLAIR to get the gossip. -Blair NOT being Blair. I'm just SO FRUSTRADED on how they've ruined this character I don't even know where to start! There's NO RESEMBLENCE of her former self, as if she got hit on the head and lost her memory. She needs to be more COLD, BITCHY and SCHEAMY again! Go back to normal, please! - Where is our Sparkling G? Georgina is another great character on the show that's going down to "Ruined Characters" Road. But where is Georgina? Makes no sense. There are too many loose ends, but I'm still hopeful, tough writers tend to ruin everything lately. And by lately is mean... EVERY FREAKING TIME!


Things I liked: -Nate having to fight over The Spectator. Believe it or not, the boy has shown some talent here! I'd love to see him having to work hard for something... sometime. (Damn, he's hot in a suit!) -Blair and Dan taking the relationship a bit lighter, with the lingerie and stuff. I would have tought that Dan would get a bit more excited at the sight of Queen B in a her undergarments. I guess Dorota was right, Dan wouldn't recognize La Perlas if his life depended on it. -Lily getting all badass on Ivy Dikens, the bitch deserves it. I like how this storyline is involving the parents in a organic way. It does not feel force at all. (CONTINUE)


And Dan still finds a way to hold her hand- it is too cute


Yeah I agree with Lily, Ivy really has no place in their life. I don't care if she helped Cece, she's not even a part of their family! And to kick them out of their apartment? That was uncalled for. She has millions now, so why doesn't she move far away?


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