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Since there were so many interesting and entertaining events during "Loose Ends," I was surprised at my own reaction when it ended.  I wasn't amazed, which has been my feeling following a number of Justified episodes during this middle stretch of the third season.

It's been great, but during the majority of season two and the first three or four episodes this year, Justified was indescribably awesome.  That level of quality is hard to achieve in back to back seasons.

Boyd the Preacher

"Loose Ends" was very good though.  Ava's rise, Boyd's speech, everything to do with the land mine, and Raylan wrestling with Limehouse about Quarles were all fantastic in their own right, but it seemed more like an episode that was setting the scene for episodes down the road than an hour of pure entertainment in and of itself.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Ava's rise to power has been brewing for quite some time now.  Ever since she decided that she was okay with Boyd's ways, and we could tell she was willing to get involved herself, it was obvious that at some point she would take an even larger role in the criminal activity.

The fact that she is going to take on the prostitutes in Harlan is interesting for a couple of reasons.  It proves that she truly is ready to take on a leadership role in all of this madness, and it also shows that she still has a heart.  You can be a bad guy - or girl - with a heart.  Ava killing Delroy to protect EllieMay was proof of that.

I really see this story line as paying off in future seasons, with the hope that Ava may become a true adversary for Raylan in season four or five as she breaks bad-er as time goes on.  

As the beginning of the hour went on, I said to myself "there hasn't been nearly enough Boyd Crowder as of late."  Thankfully we were treated to much more of him here, and that speech he gave to the town's people was nothing short of awesome.  Walton Goggins is just fantastic.

The way Boyd cracked the entire place up, and then got them cheering for him by the end of his speech, it was a pleasure to watch.  The guy is electric, and I can't wait to see what he does next.

While Ava was dealing with Delroy's mess and Boyd was rallying the town's people, Raylan was on a mission to figure out more about Robert Quarles...even though Art specifically told the Marshal they were done with the Detroit native.

Watching Raylan make the rounds - getting Tanner's name from Boyd, using a truck driver to act as an ATF agent to scare Sherriff Napier, following Napier to his non-existent meeting with Tanner, and finally to the site of the land mine - was a whirlwind of activity, but led to the very entertaining scenes in the shop.

Between the simple fact that the guy had a land mine set up in his shop, and the reactions to it by Tanner and Errol, that scene was chock full of excitement.  I thought it was going to be extremely fortunate for Raylan that this occurred, because he was going to get a ton of information out of a dude afraid to die by land mine, but then Tanner had to go and get all tired and sweaty.

It was definitely frustrating when Tanner dropped the gun and armed the mine.  I wanted Raylan to get all the info!  Of course Limehouse is no help either...unless you are in need of knowing the sociology of baked goods.

Although he wouldn't help Raylan out with his Quarles situation, I loved Limehouse's interactions with our favorite Marshal.  He stood firm on what he believes is best for his people, and he tried to get Raylan upset.  Upset Raylan got when the country bumpkin started talking about his momma.  It was nice to see that type of emotion out of our man Raylan.  Just because he could care less about his dad, it doesn't mean he's not emotional about family.

With Limehouse's reluctance in helping Raylan out, it's becoming more and more obvious that the Marshal is going to need even more help from Boyd Crowder to take out Robert Quarles.  It's kind of ironic that although Raylan really isn't in bed with Boyd - like Quarles claimed - he is going to need the criminal's help to take down the man from Detroit.

Or maybe he won't.  The final four episodes of the season will tell us.  What did you all think of "Loose Ends?"  Did it clean any up?  Or did it just create more?  What was your favorite part of the episode?  And what do you think of Ava taking on the prostitutes?


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As a native of Harlan County, the only thing I could add to this show to make it better would be some real on location footage. The scenary looks nothing like Harlan. Regardless, the cast and writing is great. One thing I foresee at the end of the season is that Wynn Duffie will be the one who helps Raylon get Quarles. He can see having Quarles around will get him killed, and it will be self preservation that motivates him.


What was the basis for springing Boyd from jail? I don't remember Tanner confessing that he rigged the bomb in the sheriff's car.


Ava was, is, and always AWESOME. From the first season on, she is the true heart of this series. Not to beat a dead (or gone) horse, Winona never stood up for anything or anyone, she merely ran away. Go Ava. bTW, what was that Ava/Raylan kiss all about? Boyd (Walter G.) gets my Emmy vote this week, it can't be said enough that the writers are truly talented and highly creative. Another fabulous episode. Love this show, the actors and FX for renewing early. Hope those Emmy people are watching.


After last season's fantastic amazing Bennetts v. Crowder V.Givens, I can understand why there's so many critics going "WTF?" However, I have to stand behind this show and say, Justified is about these amazing characters and the intricacies of their relationships. I have been enjoying the addition of Limehouse and Quarrels and I'm excited to see where this all goes with Boyd and Raylan. I also love the fact Ava has taken the reigns a bit on the business side of Boyd's operation. I'm quite satisfied with Justified this season. So for those critics who are like "Meh" with this season, I say: "Go and rewatch season two, but it's time to move on."


I love this show. Raylan is so cool. Hope Ava and Boyd never leave the show. I love the interaction among the three. Ava is my new hero and I could listen to Boyd lecture all day long.


This season is much more sublime. I find myself comparing this season to Deadwood and finding it shaping up quite well. I feel like this season has been all about being more than the sum of its parts while past seasons have got away with a few rather boring episodes in between great ones. P.S. Besides no Winona, that alone justifies a 5/5 :).


This is a great show, I am going to hate to see the season end. Olyphant makes a great marshal, his character is well constructed. I find myself rooting for Boyd Crowder, he is a criminal but I like him. Ava, well she is just plain nuts, and dangerous. I am hoping the situation with Quarles doesn't end this season, he is a villain you can truly hate and is a great adversary for Raylon. I thought setting Raylon up for a murder was pure evil genius, I loved it!


At one point in this episode I asked the wife:
"What's the body count so far?"
"You mean for this episode or for the season? She replied.
"No, since the last commercial." Awesome episode, loved the bouncing betty bit. A little far-fetched as far as the technical side goes, but it was hideously, grotesquely hilarious.
The obit page in the Harlan paper must be huge.


The writing, and dialogue, simply thrill me.
Considering Napier's trashy words describing the 'ATF agent', Raylan's quiet
"Social awkwardness is often the curse of genius" just put tingles in my toes!
Boyd's whole rant was Shakespeare! I know every time he opens his mouth it's going to be great.
And, as a Kentuckian, I loved the touches they always remember, the state flag hanging over the fireplace; close up of car license plates. The bar where Raylan is living now is (or was) the name of a real bar off campus in Lexington.I don't know if it's there anymore or not. But the name is


I loved this episode because we got to see more of the characters I tune in to see -- Raylan, Boyd and Ava. Goggins should turn in the speech at the candidate forum when it's Emmy time. Fantastic -- maybe his best yet. This might be heresy, but I wonder if my overall impression of this season as not quite as good would be better if there were less Quarles and more Limehouse. I loved seeing Raylan's emotional "outpourings" (at least for him) when he killed Ava and bristled with when Limehouse mentioned his mother.

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Limehouse: You ever had shoe fly pie?
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