Justified Round Table: "Watching the Detectives"

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Granted, we could likely write this every week, but: what an especially terrific episode of Justified this Tuesday, as Raylan was doubly framed and Winona was faced with horrifying news about her ex-husband.

As always, our Round Table team of Dan Forcella, Jim Garner and Tiffany Vogt from TVAddict.com are back with a rundown of the latest happenings in Harlan. Read on for their take on "Watching the Detectives" and chime in with your own...


Do you think Winona is gone for good this time?
Dan: Since Natalie Zea is going to be a star in the new Kevin Williamson drama, I think Winona is not long for Kentucky. Justified will have to give Raylan a few other love interests, so yes, I think she's gone for good.

Jim: Even looking past the baby, Winona and Raylan have a connection that results in them being drawn to each other. Even when she wants to be gone, Winona knows she will gravitate back to Raylan and I'm not sure Raylan would look at any other woman the way he sees Winona.

Tiffany: Absolutely not! Justified wouldn’t be the same without her and Raylan would be too heart-broken and distracted to function. Every good man needs a good woman by his side. She’ll be back.

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How much do you think Art knows about whats really going on with Raylan? Does he care?
Dan: Yeah, Art knows what's up. He might not know exactly what the what is, but he has the gist of it. I think he wants everyone to think that he cares only because Raylan is one of his Deputy Marshals, but we all know it's more than that.

Jim: Art doesn't officially "know" much of what's going on, but Art is pretty damn smart. Mix that with the fact that Raylan has a hard time keeping drama contained and you will find that Art has very accurate suspicions that he's been using as a guide to help navigate the trouble waters found in the Sea of Givens.

Tiffany: Art has a pretty good idea what’s going on with Raylan, but tries to turn a blind-eye to things that could cause official problems. As pointed out by the FBI agent, it’s not like Art doesn’t have some gray areas about crossing the line when it suits him. So he knows exactly who Raylan is and what kinds of trouble he can land in – but he also knows that Raylan would never really do any harm to his witnesses or his fellow agents. He knows Raylan’s heart and morals fall on the right side.

Is Quarles on his last leg, or do you think he has something up his sleeve (besides a hold out pistol)?
Dan: Quarles is on tilt. His plan didn't work, so I don't think he has anything up his sleeve other than said pistol, so you could say he's on his last leg. He's winging it at this point, and while teaming up with Limehouse will help in the short run, he would have been much better off just putting his tail between his legs and heading back up north.

Jim: Quarles has backed himself into a corner. He put all his eggs in the "burn Raylan" basket and when that didn't happen he has been left spinning. But he might have cut himself an escape hatch by teaming up with Limehouse... that's if Limehouse isn't playing him for Boyd.

Tiffany: Quarles is definitely exercising his last resort option by getting into bed with Limehouse. With Quarles and Limehouse aligned, they have only solidified that Raylan and Boyd will team up to take them down. And they are a wicked and death duo that neither Quarles or Limehouse wants to face.

Raylan sparked a flame in Duffy, do you think they will end up helping each other against Quarles?
Dan: Yes. It's going to take a lot to take down the Quimehouse duo, so Winn, Raylan, Art, Boyd, Arlo, Gutterson, Dickie Bennett, etc. might all have to get in on it to win this one.

Jim: I don't they they would ever actively help each other. That being said, I'm absolutely sure either would take the advantage of Quarles being weakened by fighting with the other one and bringing Quarles down in a one-two punch!

Tiffany: That was the coolest scene! Raylan certainly relit the flame in Duffy’s heart to be his own boss again. And that’s exactly as it should be. It was sad to see him be Quarles’ errand boy. Looking forward to whatever devious step Duffy makes next.


I hope Winona isn't gone for good. Even with Zea joining another show (which is only a pilot at this point) she could still appear as much as she (or Tim or Rachel for that matter) did this season. Yost seemed to say as much in a recent interview. I think it's important to have her around to remind Raylan, and us, why he needs to be careful in the way he does his job. He's a father now. Raylan and Winona are linked forever, not just by this child, but by their love for each other. Maybe one day the timing will be right. If Raylan lives that long.


Quarles is an egomaniac. He will seek to get retribution on anyone he feels has acted against him. Foremost on the list is Raylan or anyone that Raylan
holds dear. Boyd would be second along with anyone close to him. I think he will even abandon monetary reward for the satisfaction of revenge. Limehouse,as "In Control" as he likes to think he is, may be in for a heavy beatdown when the combined forces of the law turn thier sights on him.
I'm so interested in seeing how this new relationship- Quarles - Limehouse
is going to progress. Throw in the Dixie mafias potential interest in the area and you have multiple scenarios of mayhem and conspiracy.
Waiting for each episode is painful.


1. No.
2. 1st? They have a great need to know relationship. 2nd? Absolutely...
3. 1st? Yes.. 2nd? No, as I believe Limehouse is playing him too. Limehouse ," I likes to back the winning side. " Crowder vs Outsider ? hmm.
4. Indirectly yes.. As the fall of Quarles, is beneficial to both.

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Is Winona gone for good? God, I hope not! I agree with Jim, there is this gravitational pull between them. She needs to be back. Pronto. Art definitely cares. And he knows a lot. As for Quarles - his plan totally blew up in his face. Teaming up with Limehouse was an act of desperation, but that union is extremely dangerous. I wouldn't cross Quarles off just yet. If anything, he's more unpredictable now. He can do some serious damage before this thing is over. As for Duffy - "helping each other" is probably overstatement. Maybe they'll stand on the same side of the field. On the side note - how much do you love Gutterson? That guy is so cool! Please, give him more screen time! "I took you downstairs" was the line of the week :)

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