Lost Girl Review: The Blood King

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Lost Girl delved deeper in to the Fae mythology this week, as "Fae Day" took viewers to the celebration of the sacred holiday La Shoshain. During this occasion, the Light and Dark Fae can co-mingle, but they are not supposed to use their powers or violence.

This created a problem when a Banshee screeched at the holiday party predicting the death of a Noble family member. Bo's non-allegiance came in handy when they needed to force the Banshee to reveal the soon-to-be-dead Fae. The liver shake was absolutely disgusting right up there with the human foot soup.

Fae Day Interrupted

We learned that there are 10 Noble families: five Fae and five Human. It was Shawn Kavanaugh (one of the Fae Noble families) that was marked for death by the Banshee. In his last day, he wanted to make amends with his brother, Liam.

The conflict between the Kavanaugh brothers provided insight into the ways of the Fae world. As much as Bo has tried to keep her distance, she is pulled into that world more and more each day. Her call for Agallamh was unexpected. Of course, she didn't understand what she was doing, but why did she feel the desire to handle the situation with a Fae ritual?

When Dyson stepped up to be Bo's Claymore, my heart ached for both of them. He was the only one who should have done it, but if she had failed would he have been able to follow through and kill her?

Besides the insight into the overall Fae mythology, we learned more about Bo. Trick and Dyson know more than they have told her. In last Monday's episode, Lou Ann was saved from execution by Trick. Bo was led to believe that she not only died but was a dead end lead. However, she was actually a clue to Bo's mother. She was the mid-wife at Bo's birth. And, even more shocking, they lied about not knowing anything about Bo's mother. In fact, they do know her and her name is Aife.

Dyson joked a bit with Bo about her needing to find out who was marked for death, because maybe Bo, herself, was from a Noble family. Does he actually know that she is from a Noble family? It would make sense given both Trick and Dyson continue to mention she is special.

The other main reveal involved Trick. He is the Blood King. If the Agallamh had been unsuccessful, he could have saved Bo. It isn't clear how, but since he created the rules as the Blood King, it would make sense he would have a way to supersede those rules.

I'm glad that Bo's past is slowly being revealed to us, but I hope that Dyson and Trick tell Bo soon. Or at least provide a better explanation about why she is being kept in the dark. Bo is not going to take Dyson's betrayal well, but she'll get over it, right?


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Great episode. Liver shakes are GROSS! Bo stumbling through something she wanted to avoid in order to do good. Kenzi never giving up pulling through for her new friend and Bo. Trick's the Blood King!

Carla day

@Shaerra The premiere of season 2 is the week after the season 1 finale. We should be on the same schedule or close to the same schedule for season 3 in the US.


I really hope it goes straight into season 2 for the US. I love this show, and its so hard to not answer questions raised here :)


And I felt bad for Kensi, too, who had a real connection with Sean, and was so great in helping him seize the day and try to reconnect with his father and brother. She's such a smart-arse that it is easy to forget what a kind and generous soul she is. My only qualm with this episode was that we didn't get to see Bo and Dyson together without clothing, doing what they do best.


I was thrilled that this ep gave us more insight into Bos past, and into what Dyson and Trick know about her and her family. I loved the little moments when Dyson made it clear that he has deep feelings for Bo, and I would bet she feels the same...the way the two of them look at each other with such love makes my heart ache, because once she finds out that Dyson and Trick both knew about her family and her origins, she will be hugely pissed off and feel betrayed, and rightly so. Here's hoping she can forgive Dyson, who is under orders not to tell her, but who has been speaking up for Bo with Trick since the second episode, trying to get him to trust Bo.


Don't know why I love this show so much but it just appeals to my love of Sci-Fi mythology. At first I couldn't figure out what the definatin of "Fae" was and so i went straight to my dictinary and found it. Guess it just appeals to the irish in me.


Spoiler!!! look away if u havent seen the episode so nadia dieing.....
she has been sick since the beging and we w8ed for here to come 2 life and this is how nadias story ends... rly feel that it was 2 little and 2 suden of a death for her even thoue i wasnt a big fan off here. I was expecting here 2 wake up and play a bigger role in the story not just a side role for lauren.

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