Nikita Review: Double Cross Overload

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"Double Cross" was the cornucopia of double crosses. All sides were duping each other all over the place, making for a crazy ride. Did you breathe a sigh of relief when it was revealed that Nikita knew Carla was working with Percy? I definitely did!

When Carla found the phone left in Percy's makeshift holding room, I suspected she was being set up, but wasn't positive. Carla's actions were overly suspicious; they had to know, right?

Planning What's Next

Well, it turns out they definitely knew that Carla was loyal to Percy, but how it played out was quite a surprise. Nikita, Michael and Birkhoff have pulled off some brilliant plans, but never like this before. I love that the writers kept us, the viewers, in the dark about the full plan. Usually, we  see them plan the mission and carry it out, so this was a pleasant twist.

When they openly discussed the plan to keep Percy in an adjacent building with Carla in the room, I was pretty sure it was misinformation for Carla's sake. At that point, I thought it was probably a test, rather than them knowing for a fact that she was feeding him information.

Birkhoff's reveal to Carla that they didn't track the Division agent, but had instead tracked her warning text to Percy was brilliant. That twist clinched this as my favorite Nikita mission ever. They played Carla perfectly and that move allowed their misinformation plan to work. Without Carla getting Roan and the Guardian in the right position, Amanda could have easily killed them all.

Ultimately, Carla got what she deserved. Her desire to get back to work and recreate her "Division" project blinded her to Percy's true plan. Amanda was an easy scapegoat for Percy to use, but also for Carla to believe. She betrayed the one person who would have done anything for her, Nikita. And, Birkhoff was right when he said that Nikita would have forgiven her. Carla was too trusting of Percy and stubborn; that cost her her life.

In the end, nothing really changed. Sure ... Nikita got Ryan back and both Carla and the Guardian died, but in the big picture it remained the status quo. The three sides remain: Nikita and her team, Percy and Roan, and Amanda working with Ari to take control of Zetrov.

Odds and Ends

  • Alex's press tour of Semak's house was a weak point of the episode. Did she really expect her mother to be there? Why would Semak risk having Alex and her mother in the same place? He wouldn't.
  • I'd love to see Alex and Sean hook up. She could use both love and a stable man by her side. Even though Sean worked for Division, he is an honorable man and he will protect her. That may end up being his downfall, though I hope not.
  • Cassandra is Ari's MI-6 plant. I could do without the return of Cassandra and definitely not looking forward to this twist. Does Ari know that Michael thinks he is Max's father? Cassandra is definitely trouble.
  • Nikita: Division is not a shield, it's a sword. And it bleeds everything it touches. | permalink
  • Michael: You never know how close your enemies are going to be. | permalink

With Carla out of the picture, what will happen next? Will Nikita and her crew be able to take on Percy, Amanda, Semak, and Ari? Or, will be too much, especially when you throw Cassandra into the mix?


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Serie spettacolare come lei (NIKITA)fantastica....percy superbo!!! Birkhoff sempre piu un mito...
ragazzi il pezzo musicale che si sente nel minuto 24:55 il violino è fantastico
conoscere l'autore del brano è il massimo :-)qualcuno di voi mi può aiutare


I loved this episode and can't wait to see what happens next with Cassandra. I love this show it's great and one of my favorite shows ever.


man nikita has a lot of twists! Did not see the cassandra thing coming. So, what's going on with michael and nikita? He didn't look too happy at Nikita's welcome to ryan. I liked the fletch lives.


Good episode. I loved the double crossing the double crossers. It's good that Birkhoff is involved more. Alex's story was just setting up. Sean closing the doors after Alex was like The Godfather scene.


@ Connor
That's sad. Owen did so much. And we haven't really gotten to see him off the regimen and a stable member of the team. I would rather they get rid of Ryan or Sean (Cuz honestly I don't like them as much as Owen). But I have been complaining that Division is everywhere... Gosh. Get rid of Division and then the show's over. =/ Since he's fulfilled his destiny on Nikita couldn't they like give him one more episode where he's going off to start a new life on some far off place? No more anger... just sadness. :(


@mustange My guess is that they will write him off the show by the end of this season. I remember reading somehwere that the writers want to off some of the characters becasue they have too many heavy hitters. I remember reading that they wanted to kill off some secondary characters. They won't touch Nikita, alex, michael, birkhoff. But with secondary characters like Percy, Amanda, Roan Sonya, Ryan and Owen, they have to lighten the load. I don't like it but i guess with all of the black boxes gone and most of the guardians dead, Owen has fulfilled his purpose.


Oooooh I am so mad. I just found an article about Devon Sawa not returning to Nikita. What was their reasoning behind THAT?! I am SOOOO mad. He was my favorite character.
CW..... why? Ugh. I loved the character of Owen. Are they even gonna resolve why he's no longer on the show? *Oh yeah, he died* or *He decided to go hide and live a 'normal' life*. Yeah right. Seriously?! Angry...


@ Connor
Oh. My. God. Why?! Owen added so much to Nikita. He was like one of my favorit characters. And him working with Ari and then with Nikita was awesome. I don't have Twitter.... what did Devon Sawa say?!


I agree it was a fantastic episode. I like that Birkhoff is getting a larger role now. the interaction between him and Sonya was hilarious. Also I like the fight between Patrick and Nikita which was well done. @kuki and mustang unfortunately owen is not returning to the show. My evidence is devon sawa's tweet about said fact yesterday! its too bad because I think he provided Nikita with a good foil for Michael. The episode left the audience at an interesting point. The whole cassandra as the gogol mole will be interesting. In my opinion, Amanda though a complete badass seems to be doing a poor job at running division. remember in season 1 where there were so many operations and missions. I think that one random character who was kidnapped is right in that Amanda has become to focused on alex and zetrov.


Best action show on TV... PERIOD !

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