One Tree Hill Review: I'll Take Shotgun

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It might have been annoying at certain points in this final season of One Tree Hill, but Nathan getting kidnapped and the subsequent events it caused over the first nine episodes were all worth it for what was maybe the most heroic rescue mission in television history.

I would be extremely surprised if I needed to convince anyone else of the greatness of Dan Scott - and Paul Johansson's portrayal of the character - after his performance during "Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will."

Post Traumatic Brooke

This was what we have all been waiting for, and what I've been writing about since "Catastrophe and the Cure" back in February: Dan Scott's redemption. I knew he would save Nathan, I just didn't know how. I knew it would be uber cool and super studly, but I couldn't have ever imagined how awesome it would be to watch him slowly walk through the building going through bad guys one by one with his shotgun.

Dan Scott is the man, and so is Johansson.

The journey we all took, watching Dan get to that point, was just as fantastic. Whether it was teaching Julian and Chris Keller how to shoot, using the third person after realizing neither knew what he was doing, or locking Julian out of the car and telling him to go home to his family, this was a great episode before we even got to the rescue mission.

Then it happened. Chris Keller caused a great diversion by slamming that big dude into the wall, Dan heroically walked through the building taking out bad guy after bad guy, and then, in a fit of genius, Dan switched Nathan with the drug dealer to throw off Dimitri.

While I had to remind myself to breathe once again after all of that was over, the action and emotion was far from over in Tree Hill. First, Dan proudly told Nathan that he wouldn't let anything happen to him. Then, Nathan said to his dad, "It's good to see you." Man, they got me. I'm such a sap.

The action continued as they still had to make it out of the building safely, and that's what made this story so exciting. I had no idea how it was going to end. From the time I knew Dan was going to rescue Nathan, I thought he wasn't going to make it out alright, but I was never quite sure. That worrying was what made it so fun to watch.

Dan jumping in front of Dimitri's bullet to save Nathan was truly heroic, and as Chris Keller mentioned a number of times earlier in the hour, the hero is always the one that dies. Sure, we're not sure whether Dan is gone or not yet, but it doesn't look good. If he does die, I think Dan Scott would be okay with that. He saved his son's life, and made Haley's, Jamie's and Lydia's lives better because of it.

Unlike the intense rescue of Nathan by Dan Scott, the attack of Brooke Davis by Xavier was not all that interesting. First, Xavier is a terrible character and this story hasn't been entertaining since they brought it back this season. Secondly, the ending was so obvious that even I picked up on it immediately.

As soon as Tara showed up in the episode I said to myself that she was going to save Brooke from Xavier. There's no other reason to have her show up, and there is no other way to attempt to redeem such a terrible person so quickly. She had to save Brooke's life.

Before getting to the semi-interesting stun gun savior by Tara, we had to endure an unbelievably over the top and "scream at your television" worthy parking garage stalker/fight scene.

Let me go Seth Meyers on you all for a second here... Really, Brooke? You are so afraid of this guy that you don't want him working across the street from you in the daytime, but you are willing to walk through an empty parking garage in the dark? Really? You followed him to his house and called 911 when he let himself in his own window because you thought he was that much of a danger to you, but you lock up your store and leave all by yourself at night? Really?

Brooke, you're better and smarter than that. I could understand the "I don't want to be protected for the rest of my life" argument, but if you truly think this guy is a danger, then it won't be for too much longer. Xavier will be the criminal that he is - for example, attacking you in the parking garage - and screw himself over. You should have taken much better precautions, Brooke Davis. I'm disappointed in you.

I sure am glad that Xavier is gone.

While one major story of "Hardcore Will Never Die, but You Will" fired on all available cylinders, the other sputtered like a clunker on its last leg. Thankfully, the few moments we had with Clay and Quinn, and the flashbacks we had to Nathan's high school press conference, were nice additions.

How about that ending? Haley answers the phone with "Hello." I assume that is going to be a call telling her that Nathan is alive, if it isn't Nathan himself. How many tears are you going to shed during that conversation? I am too proud my own answer to that question.

What did you think of the episode overall? How will you remember Dan Scott if he is no longer with us? Now that the Chase, Brooke and Nathan plots are all basically wrapped up, what do you think is in store for us in the final three episodes in the history of One Tree Hill?


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I LOVE DAN! I so agree when he walked in slow motion shooting one bad guy after another that that was totally stud. He's not going to die, everyone loves him now!!!!!!! Nathan is home, yey! This mean that Lucas is bringing Jamie and Lydia home? Another shot at Chad Michael Murray please! What about Chase? What's going to happen to him, is he going to prison or not?


The Dan/Nathan scene got me too Dan Forcella!! Now this is what oth used to be and this episode was totally oth, again though, apart from the Brook story. II am sad that after 9 seasons of OTH and the great growth that Brooks character has had, the writers stuffed up and made Brook into a bimbo/stupid/naive/redicelous etc!! As if Brook never had the bad experiences that she did. Come on characters are meant to be more switched on at the ending of shows.


What an episode!
First, Brooke. Gosh, it was creepy. It was clear that Tara will save her – I just think they played it off to quickly. Brooke just felt “relief� after Xavier was shocked by Tara and her.. I personally would have cried or fell into Taras arms, no matter how much I hate her. She was almost raped for gods sake.
Okay then.. I had to laugh with Dan/Julian/Chris. He chose the two most softsided guys in Tree Hill, didn’t he? “Dan Scott doesn’t like this either� killed it then. As well as “You said Chris Keller’s pretty?� So funny, Dan & Chris are a hilarious team. I have to say it felt a little exaggerated after 20 minutes… okay, tbh, I don’t care because oth will be over soon and we won’t hear Chris Killer lines again.
Dan saved Nathan! Oh god, I was so glad. Finally, Nathan’s okay. When Dimitiri shot the drug dealer – I swear I thought it was Nathan for 15 seconds. But that were the most horrible 15 seconds for me in OTH ever. (I would still be crying if Nathan died.)
And YES – I am fan of Dan Scott this season. He is the Chuck Norris of OTH, Bianca below is right! :D I still hope he dies, just because it would be a great ending for OTH.


Intense, almost heart stopping. on the edge of my seat every sec. So glad Nathaon is OK now, and Brooks in no more Danger. that was really stupid of her to walk in the dark alone . Hope Dan forgives his Dad now, and Clay can be with his little Son. Lets give it all a Happy ending Now. Ive watched this show from the beginning. and Ill miss it. Great Episode !


Thank you Michelle cou;dn't have said it better Last week she parked on the street and now all of a sudden there's a parking convenient


I've been pretty damn certain on Dan dying since we found out someone would die, but that was only 'cause I didn't want Nathan to die (and I couldn't see Schwahn killing him off right at the end of the show) and also that Dan would need redemption before the series did end. But still, I wasn't expecting that episode because it was a hell of an emotional rollercoaster. Kept swearing at my screen everytime something made me jump in that last 20 mins (and that was a lot of times!) I had completely forgotten about the cop mind, but had a feeling either Keller or Julian would come and end it, whew. Also intrigued to see what two whole episodes before the actual finale will hold - clearly a reunion, some redemption and one more scene with a Scott in Tree Hill Hospital, perhaps? I'm semi-fine with Dan dying, but I'm still kinda sad. But very much looking forward to a Naley reunion, it will tear all of our heartstrins!!


Chris: Chris Keller's too pretty to go to prison.
Julian: Yeah, that's what I said.
Chris: You said Chris Keller was pretty? that was one of the funniest lines ever..I loved this episode. Its in my top five favorite episodes and Ive been watching since day one. I was litterally on edge this whole episode. Im sad that its ending. I was totally disapointed with the brooke storyline. And it makes me mad that no one really was looking for nathan. And why did the previous episode ended with xavier in brookes kids bedroom if they werent even gonna mention it. I hate tara. And we need more Chase.


We can never forget what Dan did, but I think it ok to forgive and let go now. He got redeemed, however sappy it was, and I am glad. I hope he doesn´t die, it would sure be interesting to see just how much they can forgive him after this, but if he does die, it is an amazing way to go. He always did have style. (and can you imagine the family reunion at the funeral?) I think I will cry either way, adn I´m not much of an crier.
I really do not understant the whole point of Xavier - was he brought back just so Brook would have a storyline? It all left me really... uninterested. No way they were gonna leave Brook to die, so it was kinda waist of precious few episodes we have left till the end. ¨
And wasn´t this like the most violent episode ever? Kinda odd, but whatever...


again I will say, maybe it's Whitey that dies....he is the oldest character and would Tree Hill really kill off Dan Scott. Of course I didn't think they would kill off Keith but they did!!!!!

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One Tree Hill Season 9 Episode 10 Quotes

Chris: Chris Keller's too pretty to go to prison.
Julian: Yeah, that's what I said.
Chris: You said Chris Keller was pretty?

He's not dead. He's just...well I guess he could be dead by now.