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Dan, Chris Keller, and Julian make a plan to rescue Nathan.  Dan cuts Julian out of the deal at the last minute because he has a family.  Dan kills everyone in his path before getting to Nathan.  In a last ditch effort to save his son, Dan jumps in front of a bullet.  Nathan kills Dimitri, and Julian returns to take out the dirty cop, who was going to kill Nathan.


Meanwhile, Brooke is run down by Xavier in an empty parking garage.  She tries to get away, but he grabs her again.  Just as he is going to hurt her, Tara comes to Brooke's rescue and tases Xavier.


Clay and Quinn also take a drive to visit Sara's grave.  Clay tells his former wife that he is now ready to take care of Logan, and finally move on with Quinn.

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I never want it to end. I'm begging they dont take it away from us true fans. It has played a huge role in my life. You can learn & feel the feelings while watching. Idk about anyone else but I have never felt this way about a movie/series etc. it's like ripping parts of my life away if this really happens to be the final series. So I'm begging on my knees I would that someone who makes these decision would rethink their decision & realize how much Oth means to them & for it to just not be there anymore is tragic!!! --I seriously LOVE every series but this final one has by far been one of my favorites. I'm loving all the action/drama. Dan + Hayle =Amazing! Dan + JuLIan + Chris =Amazing Chase + Chuck + Chris =Amazing Clay+Logan =Amazing, cute, sad , tears, happy & just everything has been on fire entense & f*cking bada*s!!!! Absouletly LOVE it!!!


Where should I start?! Hmmm.. Well I've been a huge fan of One Tree Hill for years now. I can't believe there is only four episodes left! I could seriously cry like a baby. This is sad & I'm feeling all different sorts of emotions sad/mad I just don't want OTH to EVER EVER EVER come to an end. Like, Oth has been such an impact on my life. I could relate in a lot of ways. It has helped me when I'm sad mad happy silly & drama. I just really could feel what the characters were like going thru. It wasn't like watching a episode or series to me it kind of felt like I was living the life w/them. It's weird I know but I have connected and feel insanely in love w/OTH!!!


Tara should get beaten up by Xavier for being a slag. Now that wld be cool


Enough with the Xavier!!! Most redicolous storybook!!! & Tara the s

One Tree Hill Season 9 Episode 10 Quotes

Chris: Chris Keller's too pretty to go to prison.
Julian: Yeah, that's what I said.
Chris: You said Chris Keller was pretty?

He's not dead. He's just...well I guess he could be dead by now.