Pretty Little Previews: "If These Dolls Could Talk"

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Pretty Little Liars introduced viewers to a new character this week and, perhaps even more importantly, inched an episode closer to the reveal of A. That mystery will be unraveled on the March 19 season two finale.

In between, however, viewers will bear witness to "If These Dolls Could Talk," next Monday's new installment. Look for the gals to visit a doll hospital during the hour, where they run into a little boy who may know more than he initially lets on.

Elsewhere, as teased in the following promos, we learn the results of Jenna's surgery. What sort of changes will it bring about? Watch and get excited now:

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@em, why do you think Alison is alive? Spencer could be having a dream.


alison alive omg omg how and way how way just she talk with just spinser and not for em and aria and hanna and way maya blem emliy for tell her family omg maya just dont return pleas and what she gona say for spinser omg icant whit iwant too see the eposid now omg ali alive omg and how kill her omg

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