Private Practice Review: When to Keep Going, When to Let Go

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After being away for what seemed like forever, Private Practice finally returned tonight win its usual emotionally-packed fashion with "The Letting Go."

I know we were forewarned to come prepared with Kleenex, but I really wasn’t ready for such a moving episode after a very long break. Time and time again, Shonda and company prove they seriously know how to tug at our heartstrings. And this installment was just another one to add to the teary books.

Give Me a Hug!

Perhaps the most heartbreaking scene of the night was when Mason and Erica said their goodbyes to one another, and then Mason ran out of the room breaking down in Charlotte’s arms. Griffin Gluck did a phenomenal job as a youngster and rightfully deserves his recent promotion to series regular.

Erica’s storyline was crafted incredibly well, and I appreciated that she wanted her son to only remember her at her very best. It was entirely understandable that she wanted to protect him and couldn’t handle having him be there as her body would shut down.

Mason and Mom

I also loved how amazing CharCoop were with Mason, as they each were incredibly honest with him about his mother’s deteriorating health. Poor Mason, though! Luckily, he will have one heck of a team with CharCoop at his side to help him pick up the pieces.

Elsewhere: Though it felt a little random, we finally got to learn more about Jake on a personal level when he paid a visit to his stepdaughter at college. I couldn’t help but smile as she grilled him about his love life and the way he described Addie. He was perfectly honest in saying that she was beautiful but even a bit frustrating. As a total Jaddison fan, I’m so ready for this ship to set sail!

Meanwhile, Amelia decided to keep her baby and also to tell Addison about her pregnancy. Amelia was hesitant to tell Addie after everything she had been through, but it was clear that Addie was genuinely happy for her. It’s nice to see these two together again after all that’s happened.

By the way, did you catch what Amelia was eating? I’m pretty sure it was green sliced apples topped with magic cheese and chocolate chips. How utterly disgusting! Then again, I’ve never been pregnant so I wouldn’t know if the aforementioned craving was somehow delicious or not. Has anyone tried this or is willing to give it a shot?

As usual, Sheldon was more than helpful and hilarious. He stated again how he wanted to be there for Amelia no matter what. That’s all fine and dandy, but I still can't help but wonder when and if he will ever get his own storyline.

Sam Bennett Image

I still felt very disconnected from Sam’s storyline with his sister. The scene with him telling her he couldn’t help her alone anymore was heartbreaking, but I was just glad that he realized this and was finally giving her the type of care that she really needs.

Now, let’s talk about Violet, shall we? I’m rating tonight’s installment a firm 6 on the Violet Annoyance Scale (VAS). If I’m not mistaken, she was last seen clearly contemplating her arrangement with Scott and certainly wanted to try again with Pete. It really bothered me that she hadn’t said anything to Scott about this yet and continued to act like it’s okay to have a boyfriend while you’re waiting for your husband to give your marriage another shot.

Scott, clearly the only grown up in the whole Pete and Violet mess, realized that she was only there for him out of a sense of responsibility. He didn’t want to stand in the way of Violet’s family with Pete and said all the things to Violet that she should have just said. For Scott’s sake, I definitely think he made the right call by cutting his losses with her.

So, what did you think, TV Fanatics? Were you surprised to find out about Erica’s deteriorating health? With Corrine out of the picture, is it time for AddiSam again or will we finally see some real Jaddison action? Don't forget to leave your VAS rating!


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I was absolutely MOVED to tears during Mason and Charlotte's scene in the hallway, even reading it makes me well up. Great scene from great actors.


I really yeeojnd this episode as well. I agree it isn t the best and for some of the same reasons as Roth. The use of Peter s character continues to be the weakest link in the show. Not the character or the actor as you rightly point out but the way in which he constantly the go-to guy for EVERYTHING. I really liked the blending of the two episode styles and I hope they continue it. I love the idea of more stories in the alternate universe. The Fringe writers have made a unique and interesting leap by showing us the enemy as completely understandable and human and indeed the wronged party. I disagree that Bolivia is bad or a cold snake. I prefer calling her Alivia. She is defending the very existence of her universe and why wouldn t she? She is ruthless and bad ass but she lives in a much more authoritarian world and grew up in a place where the world is literally falling apart. She didn t enjoy killing the deaf man, in fact she did seem remorseful. However, she didn t flinch from the necessity of it. She comes from a place where ambering innocent citizens who just had the bad luck of being in the wrong place at the wrong time is a daily reality.

Tracy lloyd micks heiba

I know... Shows used to start in the fall; take one or two weeks off at Christmas (when they would show the repeats) and back from Jan. until May/June! They aren't even coming close to that these days!
I was wondering if anyone else heard this about a schedule change??: " Private Practice moves to Tuesdays for the remaining episodes starting with 5x18 on April 17. Shonda Rhimes new series Scandal will follow Grey's on Thursdays starting April 5."
I certainly hope they're not going to be off all the way until the 17th??!! that's 3 weeks off- not right. :/


i wrote a comment on the "round table" or review or wtv and im still going to write it here. Sam storyline should've been reviewed or discussed more than just that 2 sentences in that small paragraph. Definitely more than Violet storyline!(which btw, so predictable and boring.) COME ON?!


Im seriously annoyed by the constant breaks in episodes. What is going on? Repeat, repeat, repeat, new episode and then start all over again. Aren't they worried about losing viewers with that sort of stop and start pattern?


Great way to demoralize the depressed. Yet another reason for people to think the depressed are uncontrollable and straight out crazy. Yeah they need to be highly medicated with a cocktail of drugs and thrown into a locked cell. What is this the 1800's? COME ON....Flying through a window, slamming her up against a wall to force medication. This is exactly why the mentally ill have no hope and why people turn their heads when they're around the them. THIS EPISODE WAS A ENORMOUS LET DOWN!!!!!


they had to right in the pregnacy for amelia as caterina is actually preggers, didnt realise this until today when I saw a tweet she wrote, im happy they have done this other than just wrting her off the show for a few weeeks but i guess cause GA does that all the time (they have had like 7 female cast been preggers during filming)that its a nice change :) I fully liking where this storyline is heading


I'm not sure how you don't see that Sheldon's story line is clearing going to be with Amelia and her baby. That couple has been brewing for a while.


It was amazing. NOT ONE EPISODE GOES BY WITHOUT ME CRYING LIKE A BABY! I know I said I wasn't very much into Erica's SL before, but man WAS I WRONG? It was great! So sad for Mason tough. I loved them all!!


I think the Sam storyline is helpful, all except for where you store your family member when you can't care for them. Hospitals will only keep people a short time, especially if it is against their wishes. More commonly, they stay in your home, or try to make it on their own, often unsuccessfully. Many end up in jail or dead. It made me mad that PP painted it as so easy to find a place to house the mentally ill.

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