Private Practice Round Table: "The Letting Go"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Private Practice Round Table!

Our Private Practice review broke down last week's "The Letting Go," in detail. Now, TVF staff writers Christina Tran and Carissa Pavlica join newcomers Caitlyn Castro and Jarrod Mitchell for a Round Table Q&A.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from this episode?

Caitlyn: "I didn't cry, I didn't cry. I was strong so she'd remember me smiling and being a good boy. I didn't cry, Charlotte." Mason, played by Griffin Gluck, was just great there. And it just showed that Mason and Charlotte mean a lot to one another now.

Jarrod: It was actually really hard to pick one, but I’ll probably go with the scenes with Jake and his daughter. It was great to see more in on Jake’s personal life.

Carissa: I can tell you what my least favorite scene was. When Violet and Pete were popping Scott's shoulder back into place and through the look on his face you could see he had decided to let Violet go because he thinks they belong together. I've never been a VP fan and can't stand the thought of the turmoil again. My favorite quote was "I'm not looking forward to the rest of my life."

Christina: Addison: “How does anyone know when to keep going and when to just let go?”

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2. What was the most emotionally-draining moment of the night?

Caitlyn: For me, it definitely had to be seeing Mason and Erica say goodbye to one another and then Mason running into Charlotte's arms. Those minutes were just so hard and painful to watch because they had been done so beautifully. You could feel the emotions of all these characters. Seeing Charlotte holding on to Mason like that and then Cooper looking on was probably the strongest part of the night.

Jarrod: Without sounding like I’m emotionally stunted, none of it emotionally-drained me. Erica was never a likeable character and I fear as though that’s not the last we’ll see of Corrine. Crazy woman with a gun shooting up The Practice, anyone?

Carissa: Seeing Mason run to Charlotte and break after saying goodbye to his first mother. I say first because in that moment, running into Charlotte's arms, he acknowledged that she is his new mother and will be from that point on. That's a lot for a kid to accept.

Christina: I’m with Caitlyn and Carissa on this one. I had to grab an extra tissue at that point and it was incredibly moving to see Mason turn to Charlotte in such an unexpected way.

3. Scott doesn’t want to get in the way of what he thinks Violet wants. Is it safe to say that Pete wants what Violet clearly wants?

Caitlyn: Yeah, probably. Who knows and honestly who cares? Pete and Violet can try all they want but they'll never really work.

Jarrod: I’m just gonna say what everyone clearly thinks; Does anybody care what Violet and Pete want? Honestly, Violet’s constant hope and Pete’s constant negativity all season long has made me ask the same old question these past 4 seasons: What the hell were the writers thinking when they put these two together?

Carissa: I don't think either of them will ever know what they want, which is why I think they belong apart.

Christina: Nothing safe can be said about these two. I don’t think they even know what they really want.

4. With Corrine out of the picture now, will AddiSam make a comeback or will Jaddison finally move a step forward?

Caitlyn: If I have to watch through another try at making AddiSam work, I don't know what I'd do. I'll probably mute those parts or something ‘cause I've had enough of it! Yes, they care about each other and will probably always love one another. But that doesn't mean they work as a couple. It's time for Jake to step in and really take care of Addison the way she deserves to be loved and taken care of.

Jarrod: No offense to Addison, but she has a tendency to screw things up. You can tell that she’s still in love with Sam, but also trying to warm up to Jake at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Jaddison fan, but I want Addison to give the single thing a try for a little while longer if she still has Sam on the brain.

Carissa: No way on AddiSam. Done. Burnt to a crisp. Jaddison was end game the moment he was introduced. Seeing him with his daughter put such a smile of joy on Addison's face and hearing he had been discussing her with his girl? Case closed.

Christina: As a huge Jaddison fan, it pains me to say that I don’t think AddiSam are officially over yet. It’s clear that Addie is interested in Jake, but I can’t get rid of this gut feeling that’s telling me she will be emotionally conflicted with her love for Sam. Her heart’s going to want one thing while her head wants another.

5. Amelia was snacking on apples topped with magic cheese and chocolate chips. Would you try one if she asked nicely?

Caitlyn: I'm not a fan of cheese so I'll have to pass!

Jarrod: Maybe if I was pregnant, too – which one would consider extremely impossible as I’m a male.

Carissa: Sure, why not? Odds are she'd slap my hand away if I tried to take one before I asked if I could have it.

Christina: No, I would politely decline. However, I’d ask for the apples and chocolate chips and will use peanut butter instead of magic cheese on my little snacks.


@Natasa and @Ally hear hear!!! I couldn't agree more. Yes, a round table should be subjective but it also needs to be a mixture of people with different views. Imagine having a political round table over Obamacare with only Republicans slamming it and vice versa. We need a member of staff who loves AddiSam and another who doesn't loath Pete and Violet (relationship wise). Ps I for one don't like Jake with Addison one bit and I believe Sam is where her happiness lies.


Natasa , agree agree agree!!!


Your Q&A so ridiculous and awful. Jackie , I agree with you.Who is Jake.He is perfect man? C'mon guys.Nobody is perfect.Love Addison and Sam relationship :)Hey TVF , I want AddiSam fan writers :))) Ok. Just kidding but I really love Addison and Sam.


Because it's a Round Table I expect to see a variety of views. But that is not the case. You all hate Addisam...always praise CharCoop and Jake. It is always the same. Most of the time you agree with each other. I don't expect everyone to agree with me, but your Round Table does not express a variety of views.


5. Everything except the cheese, that can't be good for anyone let alone a pregnant woman.


1. Best scenes for me were with Jake and his daughter. I thought they were sweet and not to corny. It was a great way to learn more about Jake.
The heart wrenching scenes were def with Mason and Charlotte. I think that she will make a great mother. Love her character. 2. Every scene with Mason, Erica and CharCoop. They have really been through the ringer throughout the season and this arc has really brought out the best in Charlotte and Cooper. 3. I think that Pete will always love Violet much the same way Owen loves Christina but for them to get together again, there has to be some growing up and maturing on both their parts. The marriage did not work the first time because of issues they need to deal with. 4. I think AddiSam has run it's course. Sam wants something else, Addie wants something else. The relationship can't work in that way. I never understood why Sam doesn't want another child or why they are writing this obstacle for Addie to have a child. I think Jake is much more suitable for Addie because they are so much more alike and the chemistry is undeniable. I kinda cringe when Addie and Sam cuz of the lack thereof. 5. Everything except the cheese. That could not be good for anyone let alone a pregnant woman. I love apples and choc.


We appreciate everyone’s feedback, but let’s get a few things straight here. Some of you must be new to this site. Like Caitlyn said, this was simply a Round Table and not the actual review. Here, we’re merely sounding off while trying to be honest in presenting a variety of views. As for my review, just like every review on TVFanatic, it is based off of my opinion on the episode. So, it shouldn’t be objective at all. It should be just the opposite – written in a subjective manner. There really is no need to attack others that leave comments because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I mean, if you’re going to voice which couple you ship or which storylines you love, why can’t the next guy or gal?


I am tired of Sam and Addison, as well. I would MUTE them too. I am Team Jake. Sam and Addison are boring to watch because they so obviously do not belong together. The character of Sam is boring, and Ty Diggs skills are underutilized. I am not sure that Private Practice is the right fit for Ty Diggs anymore. Sam could be written off without being missed by me.


Ä° agree with erin and jakie and ana


Hello Caitlyn with all your respect the Q/A still ridiculous, THOSE are the type of questions that you/your colleagues came up after an episode that touched so many different real life good stories (for once), when the link was posted twitter I couldnt believe it. I expected Q/A from a "staff of writers" (like you proudly call yourself/others)with more challenging questions about the episode, after the amelia question I expected the four of you to start discussing addison's choice of shoes and/or charlotte's make up for the episode. It's just constructive criticism. And I have to agree with those saying that "staff of writers" are bias towards what they want and have zero to non objectivity in writing the review for the episode.

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