Ringer Review: Confessing Their Sins

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"That Woman's Never Been A Victim Her Entire Life" kicked off right where last week's episode ended, with Andrew bleeding on the floor.

Andrew did indeed jump in front of a bullet to save Bridget. I can only hope that he remembers this loving, romantic moment with Bridget when the truth finally comes out... but somehow I don't think that's going to happen.

Did anyone else notice that when Henry told Siobhan there had been a shooting she didn't look at all surprised? What sparked her interest was that the victim was Andrew and not Bridget.

Entering a Hospital

So did Siobhan set up her sister or does she truly believe that Andrew wants her dead?

At least Henry seemed to be smartening up a little bit. Thank goodness. It was tiring watching him be nothing more than Siobhan's lap dog these last few weeks.

There were an awful lot of confessions in this episode. Henry told Siobhan that he'd been the one to kill Tyler, accidentally of course. But that didn't stop him from swapping out the thumb drives. The biggest surprise there was that Henry didn't go running back to Siobhan. Instead, he gave the evidence to his father-in-law. 

I suppose his father-in-law's fortune will someday go to his children and Henry has decided to protect his own family. Too bad he hadn't come to that realization much sooner. Perhaps Gemma would still be around.

The other big confessions were that Andrew had paid off Malcolm to leave town and forget all about Martin Charles. Was Malcolm smart enough to take the payoff and run? At this point, no one knows for sure.

Then Bridget told Andrew about the attacker she killed on the Ringer premiere. Wow, that seems like such a long time ago that I'd almost forgotten about it.

I really didn't think that Siobhan was going to tell Andrew the truth until she entered his hospital room. How do you even start that conversation? 

And Catherine certainly has a unique perspective on mother/daughter bonding. Mommie dearest went a little too far with poor Juliet who made her own confession to Bridget. With all of these big revelations, it's becoming difficult to remember who knows what about whom.

Machado was right. The body count at Martin Charles was certainly piling up. Andrew's been shot. Tyler's dead. Malcolm and Olivia were missing. This is not a safe work environment.

Do you think Malcolm's dead? Who will come clean first, Bridget or Siobhan? And is Olivia an evil mastermind or just a thief on the run? 

If you've missed a moment you'll want to check out all of the entertaining Ringer quotes and past reviews to try and keep up because you know this show isn't about to slow down.


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Does anyone now the song that is played at the beginning of this episode when Andrew is bleeding?


Noooo, they cannot cancel this show!!! This is one of the few shows that aren't teeny-bopper, trashy or fictitious, or comedic. It has to stay!!! Yea, why air it after 90210?? What a confusing episode, information overload. It's so hard to keep track anymore. Haha. Olivia being the mastermind is too easy. There must be something else. And i do think Tim is some sort of a heavy player now. Now i'm even more scared for Bridget! Her killer and Siobhan's are all after her now!


Is it just me or does agent machado use eye liner? Either way, it suits him ;-P
Really looking forward to next episode: dying to see what bridget will tell andrew about juliet.
I don't think Malcolm is dead either.. And I definitely think something is up with Gemma's dad. His appearance was too suspicious. This show has taught us to question the motive of each character's actions. Love. it.


I cannot believe that this show may be cancelled!! It has one of the best story lines I have ever seen. This is quality TV and should not be subjected to the rat race of arbitrary ratings. Whoever makes the decisions should seriously consider what the show does for the brand that is CW. It ups the creativity and calibre of the CW's mostly sappy and sometimes trashy TV shows. If they want their channel to make it in the long run, they should consider the quality of their shows rather than the volatile and shortsighted ratings of the day. Ringer all the way!!!


There is no way that Malcom is dead, I mean doesn't it seem like he killed the hit man? The hit man was buried and Malcom was no where to be found. How come no comments on the preview for next week? Do we think that Bridget was dreaming that scene with Siobban or is it real?


I was so PROUD of Henry for about 2 seconds then he goes back to Siobhan! At least he catching on to Siobhan's plans and hopefully is the one to out her when the time comes! Also I do hope that Andrew does remember what he did for Bridget saving someone's life is something you dont forget doing or pretend it didn't happen. I held my breath when Siobhan went to tell Andrew everything I thought that if she did get there she wouldn't tell the "whole truth" she doesn't have any feelings towards Bridget that are out of love. Thank goodness Henry stopped here though. As for Catherine she needs to GO! Get her ass on a plane to Miami! Both Siobhan and Catherine are psycho bitches! This show can't be canceled I love seeing the story unfold along with the twist and turns I'm HOOKED! It makes my Tuesday night worth watching TV for!!!


I feel so bad for the creators of RINGER. It really is a good show. But, it has a lousy lead-in w/90210. Completely support bringing it back for another season. But, it needs to be paired w/THE VAMPIRE DIARIES or something stronger. Good luck!


Machado came to the conclusion that Bodaway's dead hit man was the one who shot Andrew. Without ballistics to confirm this, we still don't know who killed the hit man and how he got Malcolm's ID. And, if this hit man was from Bodaway, who sent the first hit man at the beginning of the series and stole *his* body from the trunk during the party? So many tangled webs to unweave. Oh, and who was photographing the Martin women at Juliet's school? This may be a jump. But, I'm taking it. You don't hire Gregory Harrison in a bit part unless you want something to come of it. I think Gemma's dad knew about Henry & Siobhan, and hired the first hit man to save his little girl's marriage. There seems to be a lot more going on behind his eyes whenever he talks to Henry. And, will either of them ever find out what Siobhan did to Gemma since she killed the only witness in cold blood? I really hope so!

Hana azmi

I love this show, I really don't want it to get cancelled :S
Today's episode was awesome as usual :D


I knew that Henry had killed Tyler out of jealousy accident or not, it was just too easy to think that Olivia had done it. But they can't cancel this show it is my favorite show that is on right now, I look forward to tuesdays. Is there anything we can do to help keep it on?

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Ringer Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Isn't a growing body count enough to keep looking into their business?


Machado: He jumped in front of the bullet?
Bridget: He saved my life.