Shonda Rhimes: No Plan For Katherine Heigl Return to Grey's Anatomy

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Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice creator Shonda Rhimes is a busy woman.

Her new ABC series, Scandal, debuts April 5, and she's got several pilots in the works. As for her flagship show, most of the Grey's Anatomy cast is taking part in the March 18 musical charity event held at UCLA.

The title, in homage to 2011's "The Song Beneath the Song", is Grey's Anatomy: The Songs Beneath the Show. It will benefit The Actors Fund and nearly the entire cast is lined up to participate in the special concert.

Even more exciting, she's confident all the cast wants to return for Season 9.

Excerpts from Rhimes' interview with TV Guide below ...

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On how the charity event came about: "When we did the musical episode last season, we discovered we had way more singing talent than we ever imagined ... the entire cast, with the exceptions of Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo and Jesse Williams, who has a prior commitment, is on board and pretty excited."

It's unclear why Ellen and Patrick will be absent, but "Sara Ramirez, Kevin McKidd, Justin Chambers, Chyler Leigh and Jessica Capshaw are all going to sing. Sandra Oh has stated she's not a singer, so she'll do a couple special things."

"Eric Dane, Sarah Drew, James Pickens Jr., Kim Raver and Chandra Wilson will also take the stage."

On whether Patrick and Ellen will be back next season: "I have no idea. I have my fingers crossed. What I think is really lovely is that everybody wants to come back. There's [money] stuff happening."

"I am [confident], but I have a plan in place for the finale that can occur regardless of who is staying. Our goal is to have Derek and Meredith move in to the completed dream house. [A real L.A. home will be used.] And our residents will be interviewing for jobs all around the country."

On whether Katherine Heigl's desire to return will be realized: "I think it was really nice to hear her appreciating the show. At the same time we are on a track we have been planning."

"The idea of changing that track is not something we are interested in right now."

On whether Addison will have a baby on Private Practice: "I will say this: That journey is going to be completed by the time the season is over, and I think fans will be very satisfied.

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I hope at some point they do choose to bring Izzie back, even if just briefly. I think she brought a lot to the show and I miss her. Really hoping her story's not completely over.


Good news about Izzy not coming back. Alex has moved on and I'm looking forward to his new story.




Accidently hit submit comment when I went to add one after no in she was always there but no one ever noticed second to last sentence. In the last sentence she never gave up. And I didn't get to finish writing...
Then she gets in an accident of some sort and has to be brought in to the hospital and they figure out she has been there the whole time or Lexie does with her photographic memory. flashing back to times in the past where she is there but no one noticed because her hair changed and other things changed. But she isn't stalking him 24/7 she is doing research somewhere, or working with cancer survivors she has a life but she checks on him. Or comes back for him again and she wants babies and needs fertilized eggs


Just started watching the show about two months ago. I was watching tv and working but I turned on show basically to have on in the background. I feel absolutely in love with the show and haved watched every show from all seasons up to current show. What I can say is that Izzie needs to be back the show is definitely missing that magic without her. I must start off by saying I have never been a heigel fan. It always seem like there is something off between her and her characters. Then I watched Grey's Anatomy and it seemed like she that's where she should be. I think she made some mistakes but if Shonda learns from her characters she should learn to forgive and adapt. Maybe she is like a life-line if things get bad but why chance it. I would love for her to return and be with Alex. It would have to be a big entrace with a crazy idea. Like she never left him. She was always there but no ever noticed. She left her love once came back he pushed her a way but never gave up.


I love the show now, but I really wish they would bring Izzie(Katherine Heigl)back. She is such a good actress, & I think it would make an awesome twist. Hope Shonda Rhimes decides to bring her back!


I don't have a problem with him going on and tnelilg his side, they have vilified him as that angry black man that all society is supposed to be afraid of, so, good for him.Should he have been fired, yes, at the start, but, he had something they needed. And, when that story line was done, the axed him, and axed him like King said, even there are still those disillusioned black gays who say otherwise. And, that loud harpy Kathy Heigel was a huge turnoff, trying to latch on and get noticed was beyond tacky.And, the saddest thing of all is that the racial overtones that occurred after what he said, which was wrong, turned me off more than his slur. But, race is always going to be front and center in this country, no matter how some say it isn't.Time for him to move on.


I just love GREY'S ANATOMY with KATHERINE HEIGL. Hope that SHONDA RHIMES can still include her in the show^^).


Frankly i felt bad when iz left our show esp. i used to love iz and alex together though
i'd really -as a former grey's cast izzie stevens (KH) and as a former grey's fan- like to have one of the most delightful player in the surgical dream team back to the show
she has been missed with all of her drama SERIOUSLY....


I was really impressed that the headline of this article was that KH wouldn't be returning anytime soon and the picture was of people clapping. Just thought I'd come in and applaud the sentiment. After the way she acted I hope they never let her came back. Plus Izzie always annoyed my anyway. I threw a party on her last ep.

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