The Big Bang Theory Review: Whipped

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[whip cracks]

Aww ... The Big Bang Theory boys are growing up. Well, not really, but they are all in relationships now, except for poor Raj. A girlfriend is supposed to mean sacrifices, but that definitely doesn't lead to the same thing for all of our geeks.

Leonard and Penny's "beta test" relationship has been going well. This time around they are open with each other and truly understanding of each other. Her disinterest in the guy weekend made sense. She's been there and seen it. Leonard lucked out this time.

Playing Video Games

Sheldon and Howard weren't nearly as fortunate, though.

Howard was trapped by his delayed answer to Bernadette. She got a new laptop, a game and some precious time with the guys! Hey, Penny has joined them before, why not Bernadette? Umm, wow, Bernie!

Bernadette and her sounds effects were hilarious, but were also enough to drive anyone crazy. I'm surprised that Sheldon didn't absolutely lose it. Then again, he is the one that ditched his girlfriend to play video games. I mean, come on, she even followed the requirements of the Relationship Agreement. Harsh, Sheldon!

Sheldon's ignorance of sarcasm worked in his favor this time. He used Amy's words against her and ditched her aunt's party to join the guys. And, even after Amy's rampage, he was saved by Raj. I hope that Amy brings this up in the future to make Sheldon do something she wants!

But the moment of the weekend came unexpectedly from Raj. He finally lost it. His outburst has been a long time coming. This was his moment!

Raj: But e-excuse me, I have something to say. None of you may realize it, but I was very much looking forward to this weekend. It was gonna be like the old days -- the four of us hanging out, playing video games, before you guys all got girlfriends. Do you have any idea what its like to the be the only one without a girlfriend? Even if I get one someday, I'll still be the guy who got a girl after Sheldon Cooper! | permalink

You have to feel for the guy. He has been left behind by his friends figuratively. Is it possible, this was the psychological break he needed to get over his fear of women? I'd love to see that this season. Raj dating would be comedic gold! Much better than even the awkward Sheldon.

The Big Bang Theory has done a perfect job this season incorporating phone apps into its episodes and the whip app was no exception. Howard may have introduced them to the app, but Sheldon definitely got the hang of using it against him.

Which was your favorite use of the app? In the comic store when Sheldon didn't understand its meaning? When Howard told the guys Bernadette would be joining them? When Howard agreed to dress his avatar in a purple robe? When Sheldon agrees to go to Science Center with Amy? Or, when Howard's mother showed up to bring him home?

Check out some of those funny moments and others from "The Weekend Vortex" in our section of The Big Bang Theory quotes.


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If anything is awkwardly phrased or if I had to combine words to the periods, I'm sorry, blame the 1000 character limit! I still love this show and always will but the guys dating is bringing them into new territory, where they will have to eventually abandon the world they have now. Maybe that will be a good thing because no one wants a show to stay stale, all I'm saying is with the direction the writer's are going in change will have to happen. Howard will have to move out. Sheldon will need to live in the real world. Raj will either have to accept being single or get over his semi- mutism. Leonard has always been more in the real world, not saying he isn't geeky, but he's always been "the muscle" lol.


RAJ FTW. Remember Howard being a pathetic creepy loser with no chance of ever dating? Leonard and his one sided crush?Sheldon being so into his own world, him also never having any chance of dating? And Raj who can't speak to women also has no chance .As we can see; you'd never think 3/4 of these guys would date.Yet, they do. Of course shows NEED character development but TBBT is developing relationships not the characters. Howard is so dependant on his mother I can't believe Bernie would marry him.Either Howard NEEDS to grow up or Bernie needs to go. Is TBBT ready for its character to change so fast?What about Raj. If we have to get him a girlfriend, we'd have to either solve his no talking to women issue OR never have him be with a woman, or maybe a man. Again, choices.Sheldon is so into his life that I can't imagine him ever devloping a true relationship with Amy, and how long can Amy really take that? Either Sheldon would need a taste of the real world/he'd need to dump Amy.


In the 80's I was all about The Golden Girls.......they aint got nothin on the 'Nerdsome' though! I hope The Big Bang Theory runs, and re-runs just as long.....maybe longer!


Hands down the whipping noise after Howard's mom came to get him.


i so like this episode. i like raj's speech he was my vocie when he said he wanted it back like the old days. peen and lennard are so cute the 2nd time around. the wip ap was so fuuny


Raj's monologue and Penny's comment were THE top moment of the episode!!! I gave it 5 stars just for that!


I kinda felt bad for Amy in this episode but now that I've cooled off, I think Shamy is sweet in this episode. I love that Amy was *that* forgiving to Sheldon esp. with the way she acted when he gave her the coupons. Oh, and someone here got the E!Online scoop wrong. [Spoiler Alert!] It's actually Raj who's going to be a beard for a girl. And it's not one of the other girlfriends. It's the girl who was *arranged* for him.


This episode was very good. And poor Raj, his little monologue was very heart felt but so funny.

Uncle jackass

I keep wondering which character actually got 'whipped' the most? Certainly Raj got the raw end of the stick with very little happiness for his character. But then again all the bunch couldn't stopped being influenced by their respective partners. Of course, still feeling bad for Raj. As he stated, even if he got to the finish line, is it a victory if the race was finished hours ago?


I think that the producers should stop toying with the idea of Raj being gay and just make him come out already! I read on eonline that one of the guys is gonna proposition one of the girls to pretend to be his gf so he can pursue the person of his affections.

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Leonard: It will be like our World of Warcraft party a few years ago when the neighbors called the cops on us.
Howard: They called the cops because of the smell. They thought we were dead.
Raj: We were badass back in the day.
Leonard: All right, let's do it.
Howard: 48 hours of Star Wars gaming.
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Raj: Hey, want to spend some time playing the new Star Wars game this weekend?
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