The Good Wife Review: No Mr. Sunshine

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I must disagree with you, Mike Kresteva. I can think of something even simpler than Candy Land: handing out praise for this episode of The Good Wife.

With the exception of one small aspect - Alicia penning a letter to her former home's owner, and then flashing back to scenes from that residence, was a tad heavy-handed -  "Blue Ribbon Panel" deserves a blue ribbon all its own. It was another strong installment of the CBS drama.

Matthew Perry as Mike Kresteva

Perry was especially terrific as the morally grey attorney in charge of reviewing a police shooting. He's one of the most likable actors out there, really. Anyone remotely familiar with Friends is simply conditioned to adore the guy.

So it was both fun and jarring to watch his character ooze such sliminess. He was condescending, smug, dismissive. But in the tradition of The Good Wife, of course, he was not entirely evil, either. He would have filed the "forthcoming" report, I think, if Alicia had given the word.

Throwing the testimony of the victim's father back in her face? Cruel... but inaccurate? Should Alicia really have recused herself simply to protect a husband she doesn't live with? Every time Alicia thinks she can hang in this cutthroat world - trying to strong arm Diane into a raise on last Sunday's "Gloves Come Off," for example - she gets reminded that there are complications and dangers everywhere.

And the issue of race and Peter may be the next one. It's been broached multiple times over the last few weeks. Is he actually racist? That's not what the series is implying. But is he navigating his political career at times over doing what's actually right? I'm sure. The political universe is ripe for all sorts of conflicts of interest, making it hard to believe that Peter won't actually run for Governor.

Which I also look forward to because it will get Eli back to doing what he does best. Yes, his role in this competition for Will's job has been entertaining at times (What's a point of interest?!?), but I'm glad it now appears to be over. The squabbling between Eli, Julius and David Lee was getting old.

As for Kalinda and Agent Delaney, I'll take any excuse to get Jill Flint from Royal Pains on my television (she's one of my favorite interview subjects), but are we meant to understand what's going on yet? Lana is angry because Kalinda dissed her job offer? And/or her personal advances? So she's simply making life difficult, tax-wise, for her former storage compartment make out mate? That isn't very mature of you, Agent Delaney.

But it did lead to Kalinda once again using her sexuality to get the upper hand in a situation, albeit in the opposite way from his this tactic usually goes.

Overall, another enjoyable hour. I say it every week, but The Good Wife is at its best when the personal is integrated into the professional. All of this home-buying business comes across too forced, like the show trying to shove Alicia's dilemma down our throat in an inorganic manner. But the panel, the tie-in to Peter's campaign and any struggle Alicia has between doing what is best for herself, her family and her profession - all of which were well-documented here - is always welcome.

All that, and Perry will return as Kresteva, too. Bing!


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I missed the titles and didn't realise Perry was a guest star - and spent a good dealof the episode trying to figure out who this guy was that looked SO like MP but sounded so incredibly unlike him! He changed his voice and vocal mannerisms completely! Kudos him!
I don't agree with the comment about the GW using such an episode at this time - I think the timing was unfortunate but accidental - and the series is so tightly written that they couldn't put it on out of sequence. I wasn't sure where the panel were going - i guess it was really just a ploy to introduce Perry's character. Hey, why should Diane have all the fun?
I liked the episode though the 'case' was thin as water. The house storyline was better - Jackie is so loathesome - welcome back.

Tony williams

great show, Jackie and Alicia showdown is coming and it seem like Will never left the


My bad, looks like THREE WEEKS till the next new episode as it airs 4/15/12


Too bad we have to wait 2 weeks for the next episode.............. Very solid episode.........I can't figure out what is going to happen with Kalinda next. I'm sure Alicia is going to have some harsh, although deserved, words, for meddling Jackie. Why can't she just learn to stay out of it??????????? I loved that Eli, Julius nor David Lee got Will's spot. Served them right.......... Was great to see Jill Flint in a different role........hope she'll be back.


Does anyone know if Perry beat his drug addiction?


This episode filled me with loathing. Coming as it does on the heels of the Trayvon Martin case, the sight of bunch of middle-aged, mostly white men trying to cover up the shooting of an unarmed black man, and trying to pass to off as an effort to prevent a race riot, was disheartening and sickening. (Yeah, e know how violent African Americans get when they're angry.) I will never be able to look at Eli again and enjoy his particular brand of political "gamesmanship." Who cares if he gets to "do what he does best"? He's a slug, and so is Peter. They belong in prison, or at least the deserve to be unemployed. (Odd - in the good Wife universe, using prostitutes is a scandal, and yet a racially motivated killing is not.) Particularly galling was the idea that the victim's son had to turn to Alicia to believe him - as though only a white woman could secure justice for a helpless black man. (It's "To Kill a Mockingbird" all over again.) Surely - as the aftermath of the Martin killing shows - the entire community would be would be taking to the streets, and neighborhood leaders would be demanding an explanation. The show tried to make it look as though everything depended on Alicia's integrity, and once again she proved she has none. In the end, she did what she always does - she walked away to protect her husband. There was no "gray area" here. I wanted to belt the whole damn lot of them.


The best show on T.V. I wait every week for the next edition! I'm so glad it is going to return next year. I can't understand why there was any question about that. Keep tit up Mr. & Mrs. King!!!!


Last night's episode was perfect. The characters were so entertaining and the episode surprised me - I had my own theories about what would happen and each one was shattered :) It was nice to see more Kalinda and so great to see her and Alicia working together. I'm a little unclear as to why Agent Delaney is pestering Kalinda though - is she just THAT hooked on her or is she really looking for a way to get Lamont Bishop? Either way, I loved their scene together and I hope Jill Flint returns. Will & Diane are priceless.


The blue panel dragged a bit, but everything else was outstanding. The return of Jill Flint Lana was a sexy good time, and Jackie Florrick versus Alicia never ceases to be hilarious.


What another great episode! Bringing in so many of the personalities is fantastic - Will's resolution of his replacement was priceless - every single character was terrific -

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