The Office Review: Pyramid Scheme

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Sometimes, the little moments in life are what make it grand, and sometimes the little moments in an episode of The Office are also what make it come together in the end.

That was true of "Test the Store," as Jim's heartfelt act of helping Dwight out with the presentation more than made up for the fact that the cold open and first act went laugh-less.

Dwight S.

Thankfully things started to pick up in the second act, beginning with Creed's flawless execution of Toby's Strike, Scream, Run plan. Slapping Meredith upside the head, letting out a big "yaaap" and running out of the conference room might have been the best Creed moment of the season.

We also benefited from the good Andy Bernard this week. You know the one, the guy that isn't ridiculously irritating. Yeah, we don't see him very often, but he was back, and him trying to get details out of Toby on how to defend yourself against a fifth grade girl was hilarious.

Also hilarious? Everything Ryan Howard did. From him reacting to Jim saying that he seemed a little nervous by screaming "No shit Sherlock!" to flipping out yet again when Jim didn't impersonate his mother to his liking, Ryan was fantastic as he has been for the last couple of seasons now.

Oh yeah, and Dwight's impression of Kelly was also great.

Once the pressure got be too much for Ryan, and he ditched Florida to go see his mom, Jim stepped up to the plate. When Dwight called upon him, I knew Jim would do it, but it still felt really good to see him be there for Dwight.

Those emotional moments from Jim, like when he told Michael how good of a boss he was last season, are what make The Office still one of the best comedies on TV. Other shows might try to force that emotion, but with this show, and the great work from John Krasinski, it always feels real.

Jim couldn't pull of Dwight's presentation alone, though. He needed help, and he received in spades with the best multimedia presentation I have seen since Brennan Huff and Dale Doback brought the roof down with their introduction of Prestige Worldwide.

Between Jim's outfit and makeup, the fact that he embraced the presentation throughout, and all of the Chuck references, I was speechless by the end of that thing. How could Nellie not give Dwight the VP position after witnessing that? It was great by everyone involved.

What did you think of the episode? Was it one of you favorites from season eight? Who made you laugh the most? Check out all of our favorite lines from this entire season at our The Office quotes page, and then sound off in the comments below!


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Steve coming back would be an awful way to kill his wonderful farewell episode. It's not really about the lack of Steve, people. There were a lot of bad episodes in Steve's last few seasons. There have been great episodes since Steve left. There's over a dozen other people in the cast, many of whom are fantastic when you give them good material. It's a failure of some of the writers, who instead of writing funny BELIEVABLE material, settle for paper-thin, shallow farce. Oh, and Andy as the boss simply has to end.


Lindsey Broad is so fkng hot. They need to have her in every scene. Give Kathy more screen time! I mean are they just stupid not to use this asset?


Angela's? rape flute was funny.


Bottom line is they could get Steve back and they really should, they could pay some of the vast a little more I mean that show makes it's fair amount. If they did that then that would be money well-spent because if they had the old Steve Carell back this show would be back on top in no-time.


I think that no matter how much you had to spend to get Steve back and some of the main cast to stay it would be well worth it. This show has had 8 seasons that's a good run and they might have more if people don't decide to leave, myself personally I hope they have many more seasons I pray to God that they do it's the best show on television.


When Steve Carell aka Michael Scott left it really put a struggle on them but they are doing an excellent job of all the episodes this season. Another thing I want to talk about is how I have read on many sites that Michael Scott has no problem coming back for a "Guest Star Appearence" as I see it if he is willing to do i'm sure that he would come back for good and stay with the office. If Steve came back and Rainn Wilson wouldn't leave then this show would be back on top..


I think all in all that The Office is the best show on television I started last thursday and watch every season and every episode other then "booze cruise" in my own opinion The Office is the greatest show and I personally hope it goes for at least 5-8 more seasons....

Dair for ever

I thought the episode was good...the expectations from this show are so high given the past that even an episode that's better than many other mediocre shows, still falls short. Been watching since day1 and will till the show exists...have gotten so fond of the characters that I really cut this show a lot of slack...I think the whole team does try to get better with each show but they set the bar so high that it's difficult to reach that every time!


Yeah, that old lady was Georgette, Ted Baxters wife from The Mary Tyler Moore Show.


This episode left me flat, I didn't LOL once. Mindy Kaling wrote this one; it was no where as good as her last effort the wonderful "Christmas Wishes".

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