The Secret Circle Spoilers: WHO is Returning?!?

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John Blackwell is back. And Cassie's grandmother will finally make an appearance, following weeks off the air, on tonight's new episode of The Secret Circle.

But Executive Producer Andrew Miller spilled on another major return spoiler earlier this week, one that may divide fans of this CW drama. Read on to see who will soon be showing up again in Chance Harbor...

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"We are thrilled to have Nick back, but he's not the same person as he was before," Miller teased to Zap2iIt. "The Circle is stunned, but those closest to Nick, his brother Jake and girlfriend Melissa, find themselves on opposite sides as they struggle with how to deal with his unnatural return."

The same may be said for viewers. Yes, Nick was a popular character and many may be anxious to see what this return entails. (Will he be resurrected by Eben? For nefarious purposes?)

But his death on "Slither" was also the one truly shocking moment from this season. Now it will be essentially erased? Meaning major deaths don't stick and lowering the stakes a bit on what is meant to be a suspenseful, supernatural-based show?

We'll reserve judgment until we see how the storyline plays out, of course, but sound off now with your initial take on this Secret Circle stunner.

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If nick comes back eveything Will change


I've read the books several times. And in them Nick never dies infact hes an only child. In the books he and Cassie have a short romance because he really does love her but not inthe way that she and Adam are in love. In the books Faye splits from the circle and is joined with John Black (Blackwell) she discovers that she is the other Child and then tells that Cassie wages war againt Faye and there father but in turn Faye chooses her sister over her father. So it would be a strange twist on Nick being the other Blackwell child. But then again so would Jake and Mellissa since neither one of them are true characters in the books.


I think it would be a really interesting twist if it was Nick that was the other Blackwell child...that would be really cool, and it would maybe influence the way he comes back. Maybe he'd be more power hungry now? or remembering how he died, who killed him, and out to seek revenge? It will definitely be interesting to see, but I look forward to what the writers and everyone comes up with.


If Nick comes back, mabye he will remember Charles killing him. That could be an interesting way to go. Also i hope he is the other Blackwell. Or Mellissa. I feel bad for her and It would be a cool twist!!!


I kind of the think thw which hunters infulence has robbed off on melissa and she is the blackwell child and she has dark magic because in the last episode "curse" john blackwell cassies father was talking about her mother in a rather romantic way


He is the other blackwell child


Not sure I am happy about him returning ... bring back Faye's guy ... much better choice ... and Cassie needs to bring her circle to war against the wonderful parents they all have!


I never read the books and since from what i hear the show is different from the books i am glad but even without knowing how the characters in the book interacted. I never really understood the purpose of killing him off to begin with and i am glad they are bringing him back but it depends on how they write him back in. Nick was a loved character and i hope they are not just bringing him in to destory the character then kill him off a few episodes later. It will be interesting most of the circle have know each other all there lives with the exception of cassie but if they bring him back and keep him then his journey will be very interesting to see how everything plays out and if his relationship with melissa continues or is he completley different


As a fan of the books I couldn't believe it when they killed off nick. So excited to see what's in store for the circle when he comes back bc w jake the circle is at 7 and 6 completes the circle. I wonder if the circle is really bigger than that like it is in the books. I would also love to see Cassie and nick moments as those were my favorite in the books



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