The Vampire Diaries Previews: "Break on Through"

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Are you still processing the cliffhanging conclusion from last night's return episode of The Vampire Diaries? Take your time... wrap your mind around it... ponder the possibilities...

And then prepare for a new installment next Thursday!

Titled "Break on Through," it will feature Alaric seeking medical condition for his ring-related killing spree; Sage returning to present day Mystic Falls (and, based on the following trailer, possibly getting into a threesome with Damon and Rebekah); and Abby trying to adjust to that whole vampire thing.

Get your first look at various upcoming scenes now via the U.S. trailer and Canadian teaser for "Break on Through."

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I still cannot blvieee that Jeremy is gone. I was crying for 30 minutes after TVD was even off.Damon and Elena did not suprise me at all. I could barely pay attention from thinking about Steven R. McQueen leaving the show. For some reason, Jeremy having to leave hit me hard. I love Steven and I am gonna miss him a lot. If they do kill Alaric I am just going to stop watching the show period. Just kidding. I couldn't last a week without TVD. I think that Alaric and Damon's bromance is totally funny. I love it.And Klaus doesn't scare me at all. He's lost his evil touch, I think. I just wish Rebakah was going to come back. She was a great addition to the show. But I stil love Klaus and Joseph Morgan. & I think Stefan is doing the right thing but as soon as he is done getting revenge, he needs to turn his emotions back on. Damon is supposed to be the dangerous brother. But I completely love the show so if you don't agree with me, I am sorry. The Vampire Diaries is by far the best show I have watched.

David and sabrina 2014

I can't wait to see what happens in this episode when things could take a wrong turn. It looks like everybody is on their edge of their seats to find out for the remaining episodes of season 3. =O =0


The Canadians have the BEST Damon is working on revenge...against whom and for what? I missed something somewhere...


Alaric is going cray cray! I thought maybe if he took his ring off, it would all stop, but evidently not, so we've gone from originals to crazy, serial killer who they can't stop somehow. Can't wait till next Thursday!


When I first heard that Matt Davis had gotten cast in another show, I feared that Alaric would be killed in some epic episode in which he would die a glorious, final death that left Elena, Damon and Jeremy heartbroken. Now I learn that they're going to make him a rabid monster that tries to kill - was that Meredith? - anyway, he tries to kill some poor woman because his magic ring told him to. I think our local alcoholic/vampire hunter/Gilbert guardian/general nice, stable guy deserves WAY better than this. Also, where's Damon in all this? "You're all I have left", he told Stefan - excuse me? Thought Dalaric was endgame.
A little bit of, oh, I don't know, foreshadowing would have been nice. Sure, it's nice with a surprise, but this is just out of the blue.


why do I have a feeling Jeremy is the serial Killer!? that would be a huge twist! so he finally get's a decent story and Ellena get's to cry a bit more!

Matt richenthal

@Dala: I"m working on finding a better quality version, but she's taunting Damon about his plans never working out.


it's really hard to understand the second preview.. can somebody tell me what rebekah is saying?

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Ric, the world can't stop just because you're an accidental serial killer.


Take him out for martinis, feed him some chicken soup. Don't let him kill anyone.