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Sage double crosses Damon this week, making him believe they are on the same side - track down the source of the White Oak, but only use it to kill Rebekah because Sage is in love with Finn - when she actually set him up just to get the information she needed:

The town's bridge is made of that white oak. She then passes this information on to Sage, who burns it down...

... but Damon secretly swipes a sign from it and ends the episode by telling Stefan: Let's go kill some Originals.


- Alaric tried to kill Meredith because he can be a psycho even without the ring on. Stefan and Elena also come across evidence that he's been collecting photos of his victims and even wrote a letter to Jeremy including a hit list of counsel members.

- Bonnie casts a spell on Alaric force him to chill and not try any mire killing for now.

- Bonnie's mom leaves once again because she can't handle being a vampire and thinks her daughter is better off without her.

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I remember the first time I saw this season and everyone (including me) was complaining about the storyline "killing originals" was just so long and TVD was dragging it out. But I'm watching this season for the second time now, and used two days on it and I see that TVD isn't dragging it out, it actually fits with the whole season. It just seemed that they we're dragging it probably because we had to wait a week inbetween and more sometimes for a new episode.
And another thing, I thought Bonnie became a bit annoying in the middle of this because, she was always there to save the day with enchantments and spells, but now it seems ok. It doesn't seem like an overkill. So I suggest this to everyone who would see the series in a new light. And plus, it made me love Klaus even more.

David and sabrina 2014

This episode was annoying with Sage all around Finn but I just want every bad guy to get lost,mostly Klaus. I wonder what else will happen. ;P


Super agree with Chris. To be true I'm not so intrigued by this new love (or should I say sex) triangle they seem to be coming up with next week. I'd like to see more of the old charachters rather than new ones. What about Caroline? And where's Klaus with that sexy english accent? And btw...how could Sage be in love with Finn? Come on...he has the appeal of a rock! I think he's the worst amog the originals, even Kol is funnier!
I hope next episodes will be more thrilling, maybe things are just kind of standing still in the middle of the season for evolving toward the season finale! Let's wait for next thursday!


Agree with Chris. TVD must do something about the story.. which direction are we taking? Sage's introduction can make that clear. :-)


I'm hoping SOMETHING interesting happens this episode. I have been madly in love with TVD for the past two seasons but this season has, frankly, pissed me off and left me disappointed. The beginning of the season had promise but then it became more jumbled, like the writers don't know what they want to happen. Given the current state of the show, I don't see it lasting and that makes me so sad :( Sage does intrigue me as a character and I hope she spices things up because this season has been BLAH.


Sage... according to Cassidy’s recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, it’s actually a different Original who’s Sage’s true love. Finn (Casper Zafer), the only O.V. to side with his witchy mama has the tough vamp’s heart… and she wants it back.

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Ric, the world can't stop just because you're an accidental serial killer.


Take him out for martinis, feed him some chicken soup. Don't let him kill anyone.