The Vampire Diaries Review: Burning Bridges

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The Vampire Diaries asked its viewers to accept a lot in "Break on Through," not all of which flowed very naturally.

Let's start with the return of Sage. It wasn't exactly organic. First: how did she know Finn was freed from his casket?

Granted, she's 900 years old and clearly possesses certain powers that far exceeds those of the young (not even 160-year old!) Salvatores. But it becomes a dangerous line, a pretty severe writing crutch, when she can simply do and see anything she wants.

Rebekah and Sage

Second: Why did she and Damon suspect Rebekah was up to something? We've barely seen this Original since she and Klaus discovered the White Oak Tree secret in "All My Children." Was she really acting different? Was there any indication Damon should be suspicious?

Third: Finn? Really, Sage?!? This is the Original we know the least amount, making it difficult to really get invested in anything surrounding him or the fiery red-headed mentor of Damon's. It simply seemed random all around that Sage showed up... schemed to deceive Damon... and based all her machinations on love for another character we scarcely know.

Nothing involving Sage worked for me this week, which is saying a lot considering her presence resulted in a near threesome.

The storyline didn't serve Rebekah well, either. The Vampire Diaries has done a tremendous job creating depth to this (gorgeous!) character, but she came across as more pathetic than vulnerable here. I know, I know: it's Damon Salvatore. What woman would not jump at the chance to jump back into his bed? But she was really so willing despite the rivalry that clearly existed between her and Sage? With Sage right there? Looking on mischievously?!?

Can we give Rebekah some credit please? (SPOILER ALERT: At least she'll get her revenge next week.)

Elsewhere: There wasn't really a lot of movement on the Alaric front. Yes, we now know for sure he's one "accidental serial killer," as Damon so tactfully put it. And, yes, that counsel member hit list is sort of scary. But we're still left pretty much where we were a week ago: with Alaric as a murderer; wondering how the ring will affect Jeremy; and appreciative that Matt Davis is getting a shot in the spotlight.

The final line of the episode was even indicative of how the show has been treading water a bit recently: Let's go kill some Originals. We're on board with that battle, Damon. Trust me, I'm excited to see where this all goes. But wasn't that also the mission many weeks ago? Where have we really gone since then? And, honestly, why do they even want to kill the Originals anymore? They aren't even in Mystic Falls, for the most part, and haven't really done much in awhile.

Let's hope the concluding set of season three episodes stop spinning and start moving forward with the momentum that made us all embrace TVD from the outset.

What were the highlights of an overall mediocre installment? A number of nice character moments and exchanges. We had Bonnie embracing Elena; Caroline doing her best to convince Abby to stay, by invoking the memory of her father; Elena shedding quiet tears on the phone with Jeremy (great work in this scene by Nina Dobrev); and, best of all, Stefan realizing that he could overcome his blood lust, thanks to Elena.

You're gonna be okay, she told Meredith. But I somehow doubt the fallen doctor was the only person for whom this message was intended.

What did you think of the episode? Were you intrigued or bored by the appearance of Sage? Do you blame Rebekah for bedding Damon again? Do you care that Bonnie's mom left again? And where can we find Own it. Live it. Love it. bumper stickers?


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Kitanishi h mcdonald

Overall this season has been SERIOUSLY mediocre, even worse than the last set of S2 episodes where we had to put up with incredibly horribly written Sacrifice storyline and Elena Swan Gilbert.. Season Three So far is basically a headless chicken. Running around without any purpose, nor direction, nor thought, throwing all the random stuff it can at us, disregarding character development and expecting the show's viewers to live and LIKE dozens of random romantic pairings, instead of character and plot coherence and consistency, which the show locked up somewhere around Masquerade with Katherine and forgot to let out...

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Don't let me even start on the ridiculousness that was Bonnie forgiving Elena out of nowhere, without the show exploring how much Elena is hurting her friends NOR even trying to create a character conflict for Elena... Nor how much of a plot device Abby ended up being, giving nothing to Bonnie's character development. What did we learn? YAY Bonnie has a mother, everyone!......and?...where's the character development for her? Instead they spend most of time offscreen and once her plot device purpose ends Abby leaves.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

ughh this episode was such a misogynist mess - starting with sage and going through how it used every female character there. Ring plot is 2 seasons too late, trainwrecky and filler-ish. Not caring. Its obvious which book story they want, but that does not change how utterly unimpresing, rushed and weak the storyline is.


One word: Ugh. Where is Klaus, Delena, oh and yes we know Claire is very pretty, You've said it in every review so far. No need to repeat that everytime


In my opinion the every single episode except the last two have been amazing. I think their slowly setting up for the finale and trying to build up storylines to end the season with.Like the bridge, which is rumored to come into play with a flashback in the last episode where we go back to the car crash that killed Elena's parents. There's something big happening with that. Also bringing Stefan and Elena to somewhat of an understanding has to be a start to making the love triangle come to a head, Without Klaus or any romance things just seemed to have fallen flat the last two weeks. I think their trying also to put off the love triangle until the last three episodes or something. There's too many loose ends to tie up at the moment, and the real action is being saved until the end. There's always a couple of boring episodes around this time anyway.


Its a shame the show made the supporting characters (Original family) so much more interesting than the main ones.As far a BAD ASS vamps go,the salvatore boys are nowhere near as badass as Elijah was.I dont mention Klaus because in my eyes they weakend his character this season a great deal.


Better than the last episode. Freeman can not act. White can not act. Mer's line to Damon about having no tact was funny. Alaric was creepy. Bonnie is still a plot device. We found out the other founding families.


Wow !!!! This was the first time in the shows history that I was bored twice in a row :( . . Last week and now this week.I still stick by what I said last week,in that these past two installments are A glimpse of how boring this show will eventually become once The Oringinals are gone from the picture.....The whole thing with Alaric just is'nt clicking with this viewer.And Bonnies mom has the personality of an eggplant....Hopefully next week will clear the sour taste the last 2 episodes have left for me.


I hate that they use Bonnie as a "Get out of Jail" card. It makes the series really predictable.


As far as the Sage plot line goes, I didn't think it was that bad. Sage's 900 year old mystical vampire powers are really just an advanced understanding of how to do that mind and dream manipulation stuff that we've seen seasons 1 and 2. Same idea, older vampire, greater understanding of how to use the powers. I also thought that Sage's choice of guy made sense. Finn seems more mature than Kol, more approachable than Klaus, more masculine than Rebekah, and more...easy than Elijah. Finn is in repentance and sacrifice mode, which means he probably wasn't exactly a nice guy when Sage came along. There would be enough of the good (and the bad) to attract a powerful female vampire who wants an equal. The knowing-Finn-is-back thing is kind of a plot hole, but we could assume that if Sage was that in love with Finn she'd be keeping tabs on the original family. She might even have been trying to find and resurrect Finn. As for Rebekah...where does she usually hang out? Her house, and school. Now she's out and about mingling with the townspeople at wickery bridge? Yeah, that's a teensy bit out of character. I'd have liked to have seen Klaus have some part of this search too... Remember Elena telling Damon that Rebekah was just a girl? She is still (technically) a teenager. She wants to go to prom. Settle in at one school and make friends. Be popular. Have her family all together, and not be alone. Now, there's a 'vampire outting

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