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Okay, seriously I'm just going to go ahead and say it:
No Klaus, No Elijah= No care.
Seriously, The Vampire Diaries' writers should not have introduced these great characters because episodes without them instantly seem so drear and dull.
These last two episodes have been so blah. As much as I love Rebekah, seeing as she is the only Original we've seen, I think we should have seen more of Klaus, Kol or Elijah even if they are away.


You ask who would not jump at a chance to get into bed with Damon?? ME! I would much rather share a bed with the other Salvatore brother.

Was a good episode but not great. Im not a fan of sage so hopefully she doesnt come around to often. I do, however, love the idea of Rebekah and Damon as a couple if only she didnt get revenge and he didnt have to kill her :/

Elena was DEFINITELY talking to both Meredith and Stefan!!!


cil Members. Why are they the targets??? If the spell was cast right it would make more sense, that the ring would target evil, meaning vampires. There must be more to that storyline. I want Jeremy back, I miss his character. Also, I want them to find a way to unlink the family. Elijah needs to live, not to mention, although I know he is the main villian, I can't help but love Klaus. Rebekah is the only one I don't like. To me she is just a bratty girl, and she doesn't seem to have any good qualities other than being beautiful. Klaus loved once, and it seems his feelings for Caroline are strong, not that it will go anywhere, but honestly I think it could. and really, if the originals go, what is there left????


I didn't really like this episode at all. Hopefully next week it gets better!


I was positive from the moment Sage appeared that her and Rebekah were up to something together.I also don't think they made Rebekah pathetic at all. What I took from those scenes, was Rebekah used Sage to get info as to where the wood was. As we know, she hit a dead end, the only way to find out for sure, was to get Damon thinking he had the upper hand. Sage prob never used her "gifts" to search Rebekah's mind. I think Rebekah gave her that, so when she told Damon, he would be prompted to look in the Salvatore library for the location. Rebekah is a thousand years old, and very clever. She set this up, Sage coming back (probably lured with information on Finn's whereabouts) and sleeping with Damon was a way to seem fragile and vulnerable so he thought he had the upper hand. Damon is very cocky, he forgets that this girl has centuries of experience with deception on him. As far as the Alaric storyline goes, I wish they would've figured out why exactly the ring prompted the death of Council Members. Whatever spell was originally cast on it, must've had a loop hole. As if there are no council members, vampires remain in the dark. I wish Jeremy would come back. As of now, I dont think he is in danger yet from the ring, as it only brought him back once. Alaric did die and return multiple times, so there must be a limit before it turns on the owner. I really don't want the originals to go, I'm hoping there might be a way to unlink the family, so that way if Klaus and Rebekah go, Elijah can stay. While we don't know much about Finn, I feel that he could be an interesting character. We'll see


I liked the episode. I like how they are reminding us of how powerful Damon used to be (back from season One) with the mind reading and the crow.

Rebekah did seem pretty pathetic but looking at the entire episode, she and Sage set Damon up. He fell right into it. I'm sure it was all an act on her part.


I agree with most of what you say.

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