The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Danger for Damon!

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As outlined by the official CW episode description, Rebekah will be focused on a "brutal plan to take revenge on Damon" on the March 29 episode of The Vampire Diaries, "The Murder of One."

And now we have a much clearer idea of just what this scheme for vengeance will entail.

The Insider has posted a few spoiler pics from the upcoming installment, which once again features Damon baring some skin in Rebekah's presence... but in a much different way than he did the last time these two were along together in a room:

Damon in Danger

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I just want to know when Elena will finally choose between Stefan and Damon Because it's been dragged out long enough.
Also Klaus can't be killed! Caroline and him need to hook up.

David and sabrina 2014

It might be shocking for Damon to be tortured by Rebekah,his so call girlfriend. I know for sure that this episode could go really bad from what I learned from the previous spoilers. I can't wait to see what else happens but one thing for sure,this episode will end terribly sad and depressing. =( =..( ={


Ugh over the show until Delena gets together


Hi I Like Rebekah but i Hate the Ucking-Whore because Damon is Set to have Sex with her if She Won't go through with Totureing Damon it's not a Right-Way if she wants a Revenge on Damon by Kidnapping him by Breaking his ribbs but No-Way Totureing him because Damon Already been Totureiing by Mason of Killing Mason aad this way I will Agree with but no-way for Totureing him if it's Totureing Damon she has to get through ELena or Stefan First because Damon is ELena's Birth-Father don't count he is'nt but yes he is and please Stop this Totureing Damon Kidnapp him untill Stefan Hands Niklaus's Cooffins back that's the right way


hmm interesting plotline... but how did we go from Debekah to Damon getting tortured?? I'm sure Stelena fans are excited... sad Delena has been put on hold. As for killing Klaus, I hope it doesn't happen - freaking love that guy, and Klaroline's journey can't end yet!!


itll come back at her cause shes a jerk to hurt Damon
rebekah hey {middle finger} ya take a long look


comments if u hate rebekah i know i do BEKAH YOU SUCK IDIOT
rebekah is a sl**


rekekah=idiot and a loser your a horrilbe person you suck bekah


REBEKAH CAN GO DIE bekah i never liked you


@Amie - so true. @AXAX9 - also, so true. Tho, it is really hot.

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