The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Who Will Appear on the Season 3 Finale?

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A familiar face to Vampire Diaries fans will make an appearance on the third season finale - but there's a twist.

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As first reported by Zap2It, Sara Canning will reprise the role of Aunt Jenna on the May 10 installment, but only in flashback form.

The finale - titled "The Departed" - will focus a great deal on Elena and the guilt that overwhelms her as a result of all the loved ones she's lost over the years. Along with memories of Jenna, viewers will witness snippets of her parents' car accident.

Since leaving The Vampire Diaries, Canning has appeared on an episode of Supernatural and filmed the TV movie Hannah's Law. Are you excited to see her again on TVD?

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I miss Jenna maybe jenna


I have to say i am not fan of elena/demon i find them boring but i am also not huge elana/stephen fan either to be honest i wish the writers would just pick one already the back and forth between the two brothers is very old already. I am actually a huge fan of klaus/caroline no matter what julie said sorry i think she wanted them to add to the caroline/tyler but i think the fans perfer them.

David and sabrina 2014

It seems kind of interesting to resee Jenna again on the fibale but sadly in the flashbacks. I believe that Elena will be digging into her past from what we've seen since season 1. I can't wait to see how this episode goes. =] =|


I don't know I am so frustrated with the Elena/Damon situation. I understand that the writers are trying to strike a balance between fans, but I have been hearing for two seasons that they are going to explore the Damon/Elana relationship, and still nothing. I like the show but I don't need to watch something that leaves me frustrated week after week.


I'm all for freedom of speech and I appreciate criticism but there comes a point when others take this personal and are offended by it. I'm not excluding myself in this statement. I think that's the point where either party has to draw a line and just leave it because it looks like people are getting more and more wound up in this, which is unnecessary as this is still just a tv show.


It's probably too hard for her little brain to imagine that people can still like the show and give out criticism, meaning that if you don't like their opinion, it's
simple to just ignore it and not reply with "omg shut the fuck up" Lol @ queenbraindead.


lul so much butthurting flora bby rofl


Well it's probably too hard for your little brain to imagine but there are also people who love the show and don't want it to be cancelled
Btw, did you know TVD's ratings have dropped drastically in the span of two seasons. If retarded shows like One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, and 90210 can survive that long even though they all suck so bad on CW. That only means even if TVD drops its ratings, they will stay on AIR since CW doesnt care about the quality of the writing. They care only how to please fangirls by putting fapworthy cast members. Basically, my point is that CW has a history of keeping really shit shows on AIR for a very long time. Just because, tvd will get renewed it doesn't mean j. plec is doing a good job in writing.


LOL @Glenna. Seriously if she wasn't butthurt then she wouldn't have bled her period all over Amie.


Oh wow Floraline Forbes how funny you are :)
actually she is that funny, she's practically is troll celeb on tumblr. i guess someone's jelly, she gets more attention than you.

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