The Vampire Diaries to Roar Back to the 1920s

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When we next tune in to The Vampire Diaries, we'll be taken back to 1912.

But producer Julie Plec has now teased another quasi flashback for the series, as viewers should prepare for an upcoming decade dance, this one with a 1920s theme.

"I swear I must've been a songbird in the 20's. This makes me WAY too happy," Plec Tweeted Tuesday night, including a link to the song "That Man," a jazz track by Dutch singer Caro Emerald.

VD Dance

The Vampire Diaries, of course, showed us life for Klaus and Stefan back in the day on the third episode this season, "The End of the Affair." It introduced us to Chicago and is considered my many to be the best installment of season three.

In other words: we very much welcome another trip to the past, even if it takes place in the present.

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Hey do u all u lot know that joseph morgan aka klaus has a tatt in real life I saw it slightly while watching interviews on youtube. Great ideas for the show by the way @Katarina, I'd love it for him to turn back into human, but he'd die tho, don't forget that he is more than a thousand year old vampire, a very gorgeous one at that. :) xx

David and sabrina 2014

Seems like a big whoop for more past flashbacks but most of them are really boring or lame,especially from Klaus or annoying people. I mostly can't wait for the next episode coming next week and see what else happens. =) ;P


Yay!another flashback.Team klefan.May be we'll see another stebecca scenes though i don't really like them but i enjoyed there scenes in the end of the affair.

Jess gannon

@fruit salad, yep i was wondering about that too!


Probably Stefan went to Eric Clapton's concert and got inspired by the "Black rose" song to get a tattoo.


@amy, Awesome post, I was thinking the exact same thing, lol, what if Stefan got that tattoo one late a tramp stamp...How I Met Your Vampire Mother... @Katarina, OMG that would/could be a HUGE cliffhanger, if Klaus got turned back into the end of the season...because that would mean he will be dead the moment Damon or Stefan finds out, therefore he would try to keep it a secret and try to find a vampire who would turn him back...but who it be?


lol the ideas you guys come up with are good:) if only the writers would make the SL better. and i also thought that it was just Paul'S real life tatoo. mmm to distracted my his looks to analyze tatoo


I think it would also be awsome if 'Klaus' was turned into a human and he would only have his wolf traits. Now that could bring some interasting stories and perhaps him and Caroline would get together.


Right, so they had a 50s dance followed by a 60s dance... and now there's a 20s dance? Am I missing something here?


@Amie I've always wondered why they never covered it up if it was real... Thats a really good theory, at least it's better then it being a regret from a drunk night like forty years ago or something :P
I really would prefer it to be Damon if one of the boys were to ve human. Like you said, the effect would be greater on Damon, and it could always bring up soe resentment in the brothers as Stefan wanted it too. I would love to see a modern day human Damon, assuming without his super-natural healing he hasn't already died from liver failure during happy hour at the grill ;)

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