The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale Preview: Total Chaos

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Following one major death, followed by a second even bigger death, The Walking Dead fans feel like they've already watched a pair of season finale over the past couple weeks.

But this AMC thriller will air its legitimate second season finale next Sunday. What can viewers expect from an episode titled "Beside the Dying Fire?" In a word: CHAOS.

"When we mixed the last couple of episodes... even my jaw dropped, and I was there when we shot it," producer Gale Ann Hurd told E! News of a development she describes as a "shocking cliffhanger."

Consider yourselves warned, readers, and consider yourselves teased below via the official preview and a clip from the finale:

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Everyone dies but Rick his wife and Glenn-n-girlfriend, cuz the are probably the new bearers of life of new era.


Ftom what Ive read, another main character will die. Expect the group to move on from the farm as Season will begin with the group meeting someone known as "The Governer". Know idea where this leads but should be interesting. Also in the finale, Rick will reveal what Jenner whispered in his ear in the Season 1 finale. Which I already assume is that everyone is already infected with the virius and you dont have to be bitten or scratched to turn into the dead. Bring bitten or scratched simply brings on a bad fever that in turn kills you alot quicker.


This is going to be epic. Will another character die?


The trailer looks great, but I know (due to spoilers) who will die/live. So I'm not stressed out.


As I stated in the review of this episode............the farm will be under attack by a hoard of zombies and we will be left wondering who survived!!!!!! I went and bought season one on DVD today!


Dale.. The RV driver. I had to go back and look .. Love the show but forgot his name..


You can't just leave us like this.. There must be new episodes.. The army must come in and spray a mist that kills the walkers then they turn back into humans.. But in the woods there will be One left that will slowly come out... And Shane will come back and Odis. And I have brain lock the rv driver..

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