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I hope Michonne introduction to the show finally put the girls in the spot along side with the bad ass Andrea. Honestly the girls in the show are lame, the stereotype of a damsel in distress. So Michonne, Andrea and Prison the good news


I hate Lori, she wants Rick "deal" with Shane and when you get it, you freak out. Ah wait I have the answer, she get upset because he kill her boy toy. She is TWD version of Eva. I don't like Carol either the only thing that she do is scream and trying to poison Daryl. I love his reaction to her stupid comment. I don't want any romance between those two, if is possible just kill her in the first episode of the third season please, please.
I'm not fan of Rick, he came to group and just take over, they were fine at point. Said that; I understand why he kill Shane, he was killer, of course because of Lori influence.
I mention I hate Lori, lol


stupid wife and the kid,and dat short hair lady,so freakin annoying,they are so helpless in the show,they should just die,i really hate Carol,in the last episode,all she do was screaming runnin for help,how helpless!!stupid bitch!!such pointless to be havin them in the show


The writers did not do a good job with this show in season 2. Lori, for instance, is just not a believable character. She basically tells Rick that Shane is dangerous and must be dealt with (read: "killed"), she then tells Shane that she is sorry about putting him through hell and that the baby may be his, then she treats Rick like a monster because he killed Shane in self-defense.

The other biggest false note was how they dealt with suicide. Herschel's daughter was totally distraught from seeing her zombified mother gunned down, then Andrea pretty much tells her "If you want to commit suicide, go ahead." Then Andrea leaves the room. Luckily the girl didn't have a gun. Maggie then rightfully tells Andrea not to step into the house again (yet two episodes later we see Andrea in the house). To top it off, Lori tells a furious Maggie "You know, she has a point."

Why would Carol tell Daryl that he's acting like a henchman and that Rick has no honor?

Why would Maggie want to go off alone with only Glen instead of staying with the group? I mean, there's zombies everywhere!

I also thought the group's nonreaction to Shane wasn't believable. Shane was constantly the center of turmoil, couldn't control his anger and constantly undermined Rick. I question the intelligence of anyone who would get behind Shane. Yet most of the group never voiced an opinion of him. Other than Lori (who played both sides) and Herschel (who only objected because Shane wanted to put the barn zombies down), no one ever came to Rick and said, "WTF is up with Shane? That guy needs to calm down."

Maybe the comic book doesn't is very perceptive when it comes to human behavior either, but if that's the case, it's still no excuse for the the writers of the tv show.

Come on writers, get it together.



I love the zombies, but darn those characters are horrible.

At least, finally somebody else seems to have noticed how badly written the women are. That scene around the campfire had a "Christian Fundie: Women carry the original sin and will corrupt you by whispering like snakes in your ears" kinda feel... What was that all about?.. And why are all those girls so useless?

You'd think, by the end of a second season, they'd learn to do something else than scream and run around hysterically at the first sign of danger. Seriously, maybe I have an exceptional entourage or something, but I don't know ANY woman who would act like they do in a crisis (okay, maybe 1 or 2, but they'd straighten out pretty quickly, I'd make sure of that).

And when Rick gave his little speech: "I've been keeping you alive, people."... You did? When? How? Did I miss something?

And, not to forget, "I killed my best friend for you, people."... Hmm, I thought you killed Shane in self-defense and to get rid of his constant threat on YOUR life, after PREVENTING Dale and others from exposing him or questioning his behavior.

While he was at it, he decided to abolish Democracy... Hadn't noticed they had one established. I thought most of the decisions where either Shane's or Hershel's or, in last resort, Rick's, while everyone else did what they were told.

But, best of all, T-DOG SPOKE!!!

I will pay attention to Season 3, but my interest for this show is going downhill. The script is just too awful. Thank goodness for the z-mob in the finale or this would've been really bad.


The barn is making a LOT of noise and giving off tons of light, why are zombies not heading towards that? Andrea jumping out of the truck... then everyone just leaving her... just bad. It seemed like every single thing that happened made NO sense.


Alot of the dialog of this series makes no sense. The vast majority of the season finale was just AWFUL. Driving around shooting with 100% accuracy in the head while going over bumps? Hershel's shotgun of never-ending-ammo. Why the **** would anyone drive an RV into a herd of zombies... then just park and try to sneak out? WTF?!? Just keep driving... Why did the blonde female run straight towards the zombies, and not towards the clearing? Why does Rick keep trying to make it look like he murdered Shane in cold blood? He could have easily said "He pulled a gun on me and tried to kill me, I killed him in self defense"... Lori finally gets what she asks for (Shane being dealt with) and she freaks out... MAKES NO SENSE Everyone meeting at the worst possible place (where there was MILES of backed up cars, and directly BACK towards the city the zombies are coming from) WHY? Just WHY?
Aren't zombies attracted towards light and noise? The barn is making a LOT of noise and giving off tons of light, why are zombies not heading towards that? Andrea jumping out of the truck... then everyone just leaving her... just bad. It seemed like every single thing that happened made NO sense.


Super bada&& final! To see Andrea want to end it all in Season 1, and Dale encouraged her to live... then see her fighting and kicking to stay alive, and now - wow! Michonne lives! Yes.. super chick fighter with samaraii sword and two loved ones chained by her side. (She chopped off thier arms and lower jaws so they couldn't claw or eat her in the comics!) Cool imagery with Daryl on his chopper and Carol. Laurie going nuts thinking Carl is lost out there.. and Rick worrying about the rest.. and they all get to the highway -- and the farm is lost! Now on to the Prison in Season 3, and the intro to new charactors.. including the Govenor! YESS!


Your're so right Robin, Lori warned Rick about Shane and how dangerous he was and she was right. Shane was going to kill her husband and he did what he had to do. She has to know that killing his best friend is tearing Rick up inside and she gives him a GTH attitude? Maybe she was mad that Carl shot Shane, but why? First Shane was already dead and second, it might have saved his Dad's life and his own as well. Bottom line, Lori is really getting on my nerves and a lot of other fans too, I think. She needs to be killed off in Season 3, and the sooner the better.


Good review! I thought the finale was very entertaining and I agree with your take on it almost completely. I think you may have been a little too harsh in your criticism of the killing off off of a couple of the less developed characters. First, that is a very common scenario in many programs and movies. You have a couple of "throw away" characters who you can kill off without sacrificing too much future plot development. And after seeing two key characters - Dale and Shane (Yes!!)meet their end in the last couple of episodes, I could forgive a little gratutious walker bloodletting involving secondary characterers of the series.

One point I especially agree with you on was illogical reaction Lori had when Rick told her about killing Shane and that Carl had dispatched the walker version of her former lover. Sorry Sarah Wayne Callies, but your character is really starting to get on my nerves. In a scene from a past episode, Lori warned Rick how dangerous Shane was and that he may have to take care of the threat Shane posed to him and his family. So her being so mad about what happened, especially when considering Shane was about to blow his head off makes no sense.

Actually, I thought that maybe most of Lori's anger was over hearing that her son had shot Shane, even though Shane was already technically dead and in doing so, maybe saved Rick's life. Regardless, I really have more sympathy than ever for Rick. He has carried the group on his shoulders for a long time and he just had to kill his best friend (or be killed). I think he is entitled to a little emotional meltdown time. I loved when he told everyone they could go check out what was in the woods, he wouldn't stop them and nobody moved. That just about summed it all up. And then when he needed his wife's support the most, she ultimately turned her back on him. Die Lori, die!

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