Who is Returning for the House Series Finale?

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No, it isn't Cuddy.

But TV Line confirms that at least one familiar face is booked for the House series finale, which will air on May 21 and be penned by series creator David Shore: Olivia Wilde as Thirteen.

We last saw the character in October, when House gave Thirteen a heartfelt pink slip in order for the Huntington's patient to live out her remaining days in relaxing happiness.

As for how the series will draw to an end? It looks like we'll get an idea on April 2 when House returns. Watch the preview above to see what we mean and read through our latest House review now.

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i agree it should be 13 & house does the deed of killing her like he promised.


Maybe House is the one sick and not 13? and he was using her as a Guinea Pig


I hope its Jennifer Morrison but I don't think it will be. She has that show on ABC once upon time I would think it would be a tad difficult to shoot both shows idk but I hope its her fingers crossed


He's gonna kill thirteen because she has that desease thing. And he promised he would kill her when the time was there, remember?


Thirteen! Hooray! I love her :)


Why doesnt David Shore choose to bring back Jennifer Morrison?

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