ABC: Save Which Show?

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We're getting down to it across the dial: Upfront week (May 14-17), where the fates of numerous shows are announced by various networks.

We've already covered which CW programs are on the bubble. Now, it's time to pay attention and let your voice be heard, ABC viewers. Especially if one of your favorite series is on the following list.

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The network is in the middle of production on a number of promising pilots, from Marc Cherry's Desperate Housewives follow-up (Devious Maids) to Terry O'Quinn's return to primetime (666 Park Avenue) to another Shonda Rhimes drama (Gilded Lilys) that, ironically, may bump a current Shonda Rhimes drama from the lineup.

If picked up, which shows will these replace? Some in the poll below may be in more danger (The River, Pan Am) than others (Private Practice), but none has been renewed yet, meaning all are in danger.

Vote now for the series you most hope comes back for the 2012-2013 season:

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Love body of proof hate Scandal. Hate private practice. Don't let Body of proof disappear. Got to irritated that scandal was on when Castle was supposed to be I watched a re-run of Rizzoli and Isles.
We had the black female lead thing before or the all black cast show and it didn't work. The world is not just black if ABC could just look around and make it multicolor and fun and have humor which Body of Proof does have and their characters are LOVABLE INSTEAD OF STERN AND SANCTIMONIOUS. please bring back BODY of proof. Please do some of the funnier mixed serious Castle. Loved Laney and Esposito it kind of sizzled. They don't have to be in bed to do that. Love that RYan got married.


PAN AM all the way!!!!! Please renew it!!


Hey! since many years i am kinde of in love with Grey's Anatomy and its twin Private Practice. This two shows belong to eatch other... it is one family,so please... save PRIVATE PRACTICE!!!!!!! (what about Izzy's comming back) i am from hungary watching this shows... they r therapy.. Private Practice has to be saved,there must be a next season... brg J.


get rid of private practice and i will not watch anything on tv ever hoping who ever decided makes no money and becomes depressed. SAVE PRIVAE PRACTICE!!!


Please save Pan Am. Also please save Missing. Please cancel GCB.


You've got to save private practice. It's the best show on tv.


Are you kidding me? Scandal is amazing. You guys gotta stop taking away these amazing shows. I have seen the first 3 episodes of Scandal and I am in love with it!!!!! It is something new not the same over story line over and over again. We need something new and SCANDAL IS IT!!!!!!!!!! KEEP SCANDAL!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Please save Pan Am. I wasn't able to watch the show due to my work schedule and never had the time to set the DVR to record it. I watched the whole season on Hulu and I LOVED it. I can't be left hanging there is still so much that is untold.


Body of proof one of the few shows adults can watch sisters and brothers was a great show I couldn't believe when they took it off bring back body of proof


Body of proof is amazing TV show! definitely should be given another season. PLEASE

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