Ahead on The Vampire Diaries: Decade Dancing! Baseball! Drama!

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Which Salvatore brother will on Elena's arm for the upcoming Mystic Falls Decade Dance? Who will Jeremy be hanging out with in Denver when we see him next on "Heart of Darkness?" What can we expect from the third season finale?

We've rounded up the latest Vampire Diaries tidbits and spoilers from around the Web, starting with the following photo from the April 19 return episode. Welcome back, Kol. We hope you can field your position, Elena...

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Elsewhere, TV Guide teases a "sweet exchange" on the way for Elena and Stefan at the aforementioned dance, as the latter will take his ex to the event. But don't expect the evening to lead into another "love affair," a CW source says.

Finally, what can Joseph Morgan tell us about the May 10 finale, titled "The Departed?" Can we look forward to a cliffhanger of some kind? It most definitely sounds that way.

"The biggest thing we’re going to get is a backlash at the end of it from people who are desperate to know what happens next," the TVD star tells TV Line. “It’s going to be more dramatic than last year’s finale."

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I really don't agree with you Da! Every one uses this excuse with Stefan saving Damon's life! Damon doesn't want to be saved by Stefan! He didn't choose that!And he felt very very guilty because he felt in love with Elena.He tried to give Stefan his old life, he tried to help Stefan to control his craving for blood, he tries to make Elena hate him! All because he cares about Stefan and he helped Stefan a lot too.And if we think about this well, all that happens now is because of Stefan! He was so selfish and he was so afraid to be alone that he didn't let Damon die when he choose not to complete the transformation into a vampire! Plus Damon always takes care of Elena, she is more important than anything! He saved her life so many times, he tried to bring Stefan back for her, he was there when she needed the most! And the most important thing Elena has feelings for him too! Every one blames Damon for falling in love but Elena is the one that don't give up, Damon tried to make her hate him but she loves him too much! She wouldn't fell in love with Damon if she really loved Stefan! So I think that in this moment the writers are not fair about Delena, they should give them a real chance, and I think that Damon should be her final choice!

Kitanishi h mcdonald

I do think they'll stick to the books though and eventually she will choose Stefan. 1. how the hell is that "sticking to the books" since for book elena both brothers are equally important and she has no wish to really chose.
2. They can't "follow" the books in that aspect, because thats entirelly different (and actually competent and awesome) elena, when compared to tv'shows bella-san Elena.

Charmed jenna

I actually think this season's endgame will be Delena, although I don't know about the series' endgame. I think the reason they made Stefan "good" again before Delena had anytime to blossom was because they don't want it to seem like Damon is the End choice or a "troosprys"(couldn't come up with the english word). I also don't like how Elena sometimes surpresses Damon and Stefan's vampire side, although since Stefan had his chance with Elena, I do believe Damon deserves his as well, otherwise the entire season's teasing would be pointless and the writers would have a heap of disgruntled viewers.


Not sure how Damon is the "better" brother?? In my opinion both have done equally bad things which make them on an equal playing field. Still like the paring of Elena and Stefan together better FOR SURE!
Damon needs to be with Katherine or Rebekah... they allow him to be the bad boy he is without really judging unlike Elena.


I don't agree with you @VCI, Stefan was trying not to be d ripper again, he tried really hard and was almost sucessfull until Damon made d wrong decision of insulting somebody who happens to be a werewolf and of cos Stefan went on to save his brother at his own risk again.I think it was insulting and disloyal for Damon to allow himself fall in love with his brother's girlfriend.it would be wrong if the show allows delena to survive. Wrong ethics and morals,negates true love.


I hate elena, she has equally played both salvatore brothers and seriously , nobody is really enjoying it! shes seriously just got to pick - and in my opinion,it should be damon, the better brother.


Exaxtly my opinion kelly


Ergh Kol is my least favourite original. Hopes he'll be knocked out of the series by the end of this season!
I still find it kind of annoying they didn't keep Stefan away long enough for Damon to actually have a shot with Elena.
Damon is the better brother because he'd give everything back to Stefan without blinking. Loves people for who they are, he loved Katherine even though she was a vampire. He looks after his brother before anyone. Yeah he was bad at first, but that compare to Stefan's behaviour is nothing.
I do like Stefan and Elena which is why this is difficult.
I think either way writers are going to upset some of the audience.
I do think they'll stick to the books though and eventually she will choose Stefan.
I don't think its in Elena's character to go switching half way through... everyone else would.
I'll be happy either way really both Stefan and Damon are nice, I just don't think Damon has been given as much chance as Stefan coz he got there first.
Tbh' I wouldn't even midn Matt and Elena, means she could stay human. :)


Actually i heard that Stephan is the one who takes Elena to the dance but Damon is THE on eSalvatore who dances with her!


Kol is aiming at the wrong person...Elena needs some sense knocked into her!

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