American Idol Results: A Shocking Save

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Last night the American Idol Top 7 performed songs released in the past two years. This "theme" was a good one because it allowed some of the contestants to show what kind of artist they'd be if they released a record right now. But last night wasn't a great night for everyone.

Let's hear what our pal Jimmy had to say about last night's show and find out who, if anyone, will be leaving. Remember, the judges still have a save in play for at least two more weeks.

A Startling Bottom Three

Before we get any results, we get what may be the most awkward group sing in the history of Idol. They're all singing Pink's "Raise Your Glass." And dancing. Awkwardly. Idol, this isn't Glee. They've done this already, and they did it better. TV Fanatic commenters called you out on it last night and I'm calling you out on this insanity right now. Stop this nonsense.

Hollie Cavanagh and Jessica Sanchez hit the floor first. Jimmy starts by complimenting both girls on their technical abilities, but says Hollie's performance was "contrived and stiff" and Jessica, hands down, won the night between the two girls. Jimmy's correct on both accounts. Hollie can't get out of her own head and Jessica is clearly the better performer.

Hollie's told to start a group on the right side of the stage. Jessica starts a group on the left.

Tonight's the night where they'll ask the seventh and final person to choose which group is the bottom three and which group is the top four. This night always puts the seventh contestant in an awkward place, if you ask me, and I've never been more proud than when David Archuleta decided to just sit down in the middle of the stage and NOT choose a group.

Idol alum James Durbin is back tonight performing the upcoming single "Higher Than Heaven" from his debut album. He's changed his hair and looks like a slim Guy Fieri. My only comment is about his appearance, so that should tell you what I think about his performance.

Up next, Elise Testone and Phillip Phillips take the stage. Jimmy says they're both singer-songwriters, without the songs, which makes them character singers and not technical singers. He comments on Phillip's heavy Dave Matthews Band influence in last night's Maroon 5 number and thinks Phillip could find himself in the bottom three. As for Elise, Jimmy didn't think she did enough. Jimmy's correct in one regard--these two are definitely suited for the singer-songwriter genre. Until we can hear Phillip perform his own songs, we'll hear Phillip perform the songs of others in his own signature way. The same goes for Elise, though I'd counter Jimmy in that she CAN be a technical singer when she needs to be.

Ryan sends Phillip to stand with Hollie and Elise to stand with Jessica. And now I'm a little nervous.

Another Idol alum, Jennifer Hudson, performs "Think Like A Man" with Ne-Yo. Her performance is maybe the best guest performance we've seen all season, but I expect nothing less from someone as talented and driven as she is.

Colton Dixon, Joshua Ledet, and Skylar Laine remain. Joshua and Colton head to Ryan's podium. Jimmy says they both did well last night, and Joshua's performance was a perfect, contemporary song. Colton, he says, is a singer-songwriter without the song (not unlike Elise and Phillip). Last night was a good night for Joshua because it made him relevant. Colton's known since he got into this who he wants to be and what kind of records he wants to make. Jimmy, once again, is correct about both guys.

Joshua is sent to stand in the group with Jessica and Elise. Colton joins Hollie and Phillip.

So now it's Skylar's turn to hear her critique from Jimmy. Jimmy calls Skylar a singer-songwriter AND a technical singer and thinks Skylar had one of the best performances of the night. Jimmy and I differ in our thoughts about Skylar. I don't think she's a particularly technical singer. I think she's a talented country singer, but I don't think she's very technical. At least not in the way that Jessica is and Hollie can be.

Ryan tells Skylar she's safe and cells her to choose the group she thinks is safe. She refuses and heads to the couch. (Atta girl, Skylar!) And then Ryan puts her in the group with Hollie, Phillip, and Colton. Which means the four of them are safe.

Jessica, Joshua, and Elise are in the bottom three. And my mouth is hanging open. Before any of them can even be declared the eliminated contestant, Steven vows that the judges will be using their save tonight with no question.

Joshua is sent back to the couches leaving Elise and Jessica standing on the stage. Ryan sends Elise back to safety next meaning Jessica Sanchez is singing for the save.

She's clearly shaken up and begins singing her save song and before she's two lines in, J.Lo's on the stage wrestling the mic away from her with Randy and Steven hot on her high heels. Randy declares her "the best singer in America" and says there's no way they're sending her home tonight.

So, Jessica's safe for one more week. But next week, two will go home.

What'd you think, America? Were you shocked that Jessica received the fewest number of votes last night?


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I have to say how disappointed I am with judges. They are trying to push the voters in Jessica's direction and they made the other contestants feel bad. I guess when Randy said it could be anybody going home, what he really meant was anybody except Jessica. I am tuning off American Idol because it doesn't belong to the voters anymore just hand the voting over to the judges. Shame on you three!!!!!!


Judges should be sent home. Comments were not professional and were certainly biased.Very disappointed in them.


Damn, I so thought it's Hollie! So I was really shocked when I checked it out when I woke up this morning and it's... JESSICA? Wtf? America's fucking crazy!


thanks to the JUDGES they are doing right, hope AMERICA will look and listen and hoping there is no RACIST being JESSICA is not BLOND.? IS THIS A SINGING CONTEST OR BEAUTY CONTEST.


As I read through the comments, I'm amazed that everything ends up being about color or race. Jessica might have a good voice but over the weeks of performances, she comes off as boring and sounds like a thousand other singers. I think America got it right. Not at all surprised that she was voted off but shocked at the judges outrageous display of favoritism. Other singers are so much better than Jessica, but sounds like the 3 judges and the producers are determined to have her as the Idol. Why have the show at all then? Just give her the title and end the show now. I felt so sorry for the other 6 finalists. Nothing like getting a slap in the face with "keep working hard each week but we know Jessica is the best". I just hope America stands their ground and votes her off again.


Absolutely Not Shocking at All to me ! goodbye karaoke queen.


Judi you are right on man! yes is the americans to vote not the prejudice of the 3 judges and jimmy. that is why i like "the voice". the judges are more sincere and honest. unlike american idol judges keep saying " i love you man, i love your voice" all the same remarks for all the contestants. what the. jessica never looks good to me from day 1. to me she is just another karaoke singer. i bet if mr cow is around he will shared my sentiments.


i was so happy she is the bottom...night after night she pull out the same "karaoke" stuff. since day 1 i never like her not sure why jimmy and the 3 judges find her so impressive. her vocal abilities u can find plenty at singapore pubs and lounges. she never put her own stamp in singing. unlike philip and colton these 2 are really good !


Hey dumbasses BGBG have won show before wake up see what show is really about 13 year old girls that are obsessed with it that no matter what voting for there fav's America u can't be this dumb look who won xfactor she wasn't white It's because more adults watch that show than kids with American idol its all these little girls voting for cuteness and because we've brainwashed are kids that how it will always be I mean Jennifer lopez a judge should tell you something ..Ellen was a better judge


I felt bad for all the six darling contestants just standing listening to the three judges wanting Jessica as their American Idol...........not right, not fair.
Jimmy is fantastic on the show this year. But as for voting, fair or not, this the game/contest.
Judges.......totally wrong with their reaction. I am very disappointed, not with the save, of course, Jessica should be saved, but just their NOT professionalism!!!
And since when can these judges, who are really talented/super entertainers and who all know the music business, tell America who to vote for and again, smash all the other young adults trying for this title???? Very very sad.. Simon needs to be back!!!! And really, this is such a fun show with three great judges, but last night....not ok