American Idol Results: The Fantastic 5

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Another one will bite the dust tonight on American Idol. If the results from the poll on yesterday's review are any indication, TV Fanatic readers think the unlucky one tonight should be Hollie Cavanagh. All of the remaining contestants are talented, that's for sure, so with only six left, who goes home each week is really anyone's guess.

Tonight we'll get performances from Katy Perry and Season 10 contestant Stefano (Langone. It seems he's dropped his last name and is attempting to pull a Madonna). And, of course, Jimmy's in the house.

American Idol Final 6

Before we get to any results from last night's 58 million votes, we're subjected to a performance by cover band The Queen Extravaganza singing "Somebody To Love." Glee has done Queen way better than these guys did and remaining band members Roger Taylor and Brian May should just round those kids up in the off season and send them on tour instead.

Now, on to the results.

Jessica Sanchez and Elise Testone are up first. Jimmy thought Jessica's performance of "Bohemian Rhapsody" was "a mistake" but her selection of "Dance With My Father" was clever. For Jimmy, Elise made two bad song choices last night. He called her first performance "clubby" and agreed with Randy that she made too many changes in the second song's musicality. I didn't think Jessica's "Dance With My Father" was a great choice and said as much yesterday. I'll give her credit for picking a song to which she felt an emotional connection, but I wasn't impressed. I hugely disagree with him regarding Elise's performances. I loved both of them and not just because I'm a fan of Elise. She knows what kind of music she wants to make and she's making it now.

Jessica's in the Top Three. Elise is headed back to the bottom.

Stefano's performing "I'm On A Roll" with someone named Ben Jay from the New Boyz. I feel like he's speaking half his lyrics, but then he does the choreography with the back-up dancers and seals the notion that this is just supposed to be some Jersey Shore-inspired club song. I'm sure it'll get some heavy summer rotation before fading off into One-Hit Wondersville.

Hollie Cavanagh and Joshua Ledet are up next. Jimmy wonders if Hollie's choice of "Save Me" was a subliminal message to the public and gave her a B+ for technicality. "The Climb," he thought, was as well as she's capable of doing. Jimmy loved Joshua's performances and said they showed Joshua can cross over into pop. While I didn't love Joshua's first song, I totally agree with Jimmy regarding his second. It was masterful. Hollie, I think, can go no further.

Hollie's in the bottom three. Joshua's in the top.

Katy Perry performs her hit "Part of Me." I'm not even a huge Katy Perry fan, but I can tell you that this is what a performance is. I hope our contestants were taking notes.

Skylar Laine and Phillip Phillips are up last. Skylar, Jimmy thought, gave a solid, confident performance in the first round but called her "self-indulgent" in her second song choice. Phillip is apparently under the weather and Jimmy thinks that hurt his performance of "Fat-Bottomed Girls" yesterday. He went so far as to say that in choosing "The Stone," given the constant comparison to Dave Matthews, Phillip may have hurt his chances of making it to the finale with his song choices. I can see Jimmy's points about Phillip's performances, but I don't think Skylar's song choice was self-indulgent. I think she chose a second song she loved and knew she could do well on. Basically, she played to her strengths. Phillip did the same.

Skylar's in the bottom three. Phillip is safe again.

Skylar's headed back to the couches leaving Hollie and Elise in the bottom two.

It's the end of the road for Elise Testone. I kind of felt it coming yesterday, but man, it sucks. She closes out the night with a reprisal of "Want A Whole Lotta Love" and it's just as good as it was the first time.

What do you think, TV Fanatics? Did America send the right contestant home this week?


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This is sherry from jamaica and i watch this show season after season and this is one of the best i have seen so far, their is amazing talent this year extraordinary talent,take Phillip for instance that guy is an original not trying to offend anyone but when he sings you see, hear and feel the music he maybe a different kind of singer but you have to know music to appreciate what you hear its not about how high or low your pitch is its the melody that you hear and feel. Joshua is amazing with his emotins and his range as well, Jessica beautiful voice very high notes but she lacks maturity which think she will develop in times to come Skyler is a country singer no doubt and i think she can make it if she holds on, Holly is humble and some times you have to push and get out of the shell she is in if she wants to do better and last Elise i am really sorry to see her go but there was too many mistakes on her part and excuses she could have done better but i know she will brush up and move on because she is a fighter. GOOD LUCK ALL OF WHO REMAINS


Hollie should have went home...............


Joshua should win. He's the best


Joshua & Jessica all the way to the last two...that's when things would be interesting, both are outstanding in this competition & both displaying that rare quality called the X factor...forget the rest, most are only pretty average singers.


Jessica Sanchez All The Way!!!! (:


Hello America I'm posting from London,hope it'll let me, my daughter and I both love Phillip and can understand why he's never been in the bottom three so far. Not because he has the strongest voice, he hasn't, but because he stays true to himself as a musician, they tell him to stop wearing grey so he wears even more grey the following week. To me he is an original, his own person, much like a lot of the English bands were back in the day before screeching became the 'in thing' and how high a note you could hit became the forte for success. How many of this type of singer can survive they all sound the same. I was sorry Elise went out though I've liked her from the auditions, she has a great throaty, bluesy voice, obviously not appreciated. I can't stand Jessica and think Josh okay but nothing special. I do have to say though that I think any of the last six would have won our British XFactor last year as ours were all rubbish. Anyone know what's happening to Josh from yours, I loved his voice.


love jessica n philip


I agree with you Lee. Jessica can win anything with that kind of voice i'm such a big Jessica Sanchez fan! I love her from the very start and I know there are million of people who love's her the same as I do.


Well I know Joshua and Jessica should be the last to stand altho Phil is up there with them... I dont like to judge ppl but its just my opinion Skylar she bring it on but now she is screaming and at times she goes flat and the judges says its ok.. and still gives her props .. what is wrong with that picture... Like they said cmon america u have to vote by their singing and their performance an u all know who can sing there and who cant.. but this week ones america finally realizing who actually can sing and to see them in the finale that is great.. Keep voting like u all did this week because that is how it suppose to be the Best singers on the top... Just my opinion dont want to offend anyone... Have a good nite........


I like Jessica sanchez, she got talent amazing voice. 16years old, there's no too young the compatition, if you have talent.Jessica she's the best.

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