Army Wives Review: Fear of the Unknown

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"Casualties" was a taut and gripping portrayal of the stresses that face both the troops and their families as they deal with rapid deployment.

I'm going to show some bias with the title and all the new characters because I found myself hoping that Hector made it through the episode due to my enjoyment of Alyssa Diaz as Gloria. She reminds me so much of Roxy when she first arrived and I still have high hopes for them as friends.

One thing bothered me, though: Despite her determined questioning of Roxy, instead of using the opportunity to offer Gloria something to do to help out, she just said she supposed she would get through it by bugging her. What kind of an answer was that?

Tanya Struggles To Save a Life

To be sure, this has been Roxy's season. Her growth has been so fun to watch and hasn't felt pushed upon us, a concern I had during dressing room scene a few episodes ago. She just naturally progressed from a willful young woman into a willful, responsible young woman. Sally Pressman made the progression believable without taking away any of Roxy's spunk. I'm really impressed with her work this season and can't wait to see where she takes Roxy next.

Did anyone else sense a romantic encounter brewing between Tanya and Dr. Hanson? I felt it when they were at Fort Marshall, but the undertone coming out was less hostile once he saw how competent she was at her job. She can't hold her heart back for Jeremy forever, and Hanson seemed like a nice enough fella. I hope they explore the possibility.

Speaking of possibilities, I was glad they decided to show us the softer side of Jackie as she and Denise went on home visits to families whose loved ones had been injured in Africa. We had to see the qualities that attracted Denise to her eventually, and her ability to sooth the families was certainly impressive. Underlying that was some sort of jittery anxiety, and eventually she stole away to a room and popped some pills. It looks like there is a bigger story to be explored.

I really like some of the new elements that have come into play this season, such as Roland helping at the youth center. Roland's work with teenagers is a way to examine what it means to the kids of soldiers when they deploy. Sure, we always had the children of our characters, but their experiences only go as far as they are willing to take, or injure, the main cast. As it turned out, the children themselves came out on the bad side of that equation, so this is a welcome change to explore more lifelike situations.

As it turned out, there were no actual casualties in the episode, although some could be surmised. I was trying not to talk about Mingie (because I have no idea how to spell her name), but I knew from the moment she answered the door for Roxy that suicide was on her mind. That those rotten FRG volunteers treated her so horribly even when Gloria stood up for her was just icing on the cake. How could I not mention the possibility of her dying when Roxy was left standing in front of a garage filling with carbon monoxide?

At the same time Roxy was faced with Mingie's possible death, Trevor was in Africa facing a band of rebels with guns trained on his entire squad. The only thing between them and death was the hope that Nicole Galassini might make it in time to talk to the rebels and save everyone's lives. So no causalities, but about as close as you can get without going the distance.

This was the first time this season where the action was spread across the world and not focused on the intimate day-to-day issues of our main players. What did you think? I thought it was well done. It kept me on the edge of my seat, even if I did see some of it coming. Never would I have guessed at Charlie and Nicole. What about you?


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I can't really anewsr your question but you are not alone, most of the western world is the same, you lose the house, lose the kids, lose over half of your future income etc etc Equal rights seem to be set by academics and are at there discretion . Even basic equal rights do not exist in most of the world, but you never hear them crying out about that. The worst thing you can be in the world today is a western male .


This has always been one of my favorite shows to watch. However, I was totally disappointed that the writers have decided to add "gay" women into the cast. Why do writers and producers think that people only want to watch shows that portray gay people, when just the opposite is true for the majority of TV viewers??? If this story line continues to be a part of Army Wives, I will have to stop watching one of my favorite shows. This show was great as it was; please do not ruin it!


Love this show, but what's the deal about tonite? Kelly Martin, no way! Very Disappointed! And since I am in fashion, I have to say she has always been so pretty and they made her look very old. Not acceptable.


Not much going on with Claudia Joy, is she leaving? I don't seem to like her character so much anymore. This week's episode was really good, I was so hoping nothing would happen to Trevor (he's too adorable). Love Roxy, she is a strong woman and funny too.


Army Wives is just excellent. It is about the only morally uplifting show on TV. It teaches so much about human relationships and the actor/characters show by example how to actually live with one another with love and compassion. Thank you writers for giving us a show that also teaches love of our great country and honors those that give their lives to keep us free as well as honoring their loved ones who also make the sacrifice as they stay behind and support their service person.


the actress who play claudia Joy did I hear right she going to be in white collar


I have had crossed fingers on the show's future. This episode was fulfilling --I agree with Carissa: Roland is finally using his talents to help the kids on base; cannot imagine how rapid deployment can be easy to be "army strong" for. Too bad about Min gee as I felt her speech about being failure totally spelled suicide. Glad the great "role model" Jackie has feet of clay...sorry it is pills. All in all, truly hope Army Wives can continue as it serves as a reminder of how incredibly difficult being a service family member while loved ones are in dangerous locales. We forget way too fast...unless we see them in airports and cheer their arrival. Watching last night, I flashed back to WWII...with no technology, just telegrams and letters, how did our Moms and Grandmas keep it together? Kudos to their gutsy patriotism!


This show is starting to jump the shark. I feel like they are running out of ideas so there is a medical emergency every few episodes.

Tony williams

Roxy seem to be in over her head and she needs to check those two other ladies.. Plus, how does an army wife with no kids get a house that big on base?


I liked the show, but what's happening with Claudia Joy? Does DD need time off? Love the new Roxie.

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