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"Non-Combatants" was another LeBlanc-centric episode, as both Roxy and Trevor were in the spotlight at home and in combat.

I realize that cultures have different ways to resolve problems, but after Galassini brokered the deal to save the doctor in Africa and he had to drink what looked like placenta out of a gourd, I was certain he would throw it up and they would start a war. How someone in such a stressful situation would be able to drink that and keep it down is beyond my comprehension. I think they would have killed me on the spot. 

Denise Hears News

The kind of mission they were on over there would be extremely difficult to carry out and just walk away. Frank was tasked with rescuing three civilians who turned out to be housing a school of orphans. When one of the civilians, a woman, refused to leave the children behind, Frank had to leave her and the children behind.

Following through with those types of orders must be impossibly challenging. If it's not in the mission, you move on. That's an Army custom that would have made me want to throw up.

Roxy really had her hands full with her new FRG group. Her group harbors some of the most callous women on base. After Mingy died, they didn't want to make a big deal out of her death. The two women, of course, who verbally assaulted her more than once. I loved the speech that Trevor's right hand man's German wife made at the FRG meeting, about how difficult it was to marry a soldier, move to another country and what a difference one friend could make. That one friend, of course, was Roxy.

Roxy has touched so many lives this season, and if Trevor does the same with his position that she has done with hers in the FRG, the LeBlancs will be unstoppable, and deserving of every honor they receive.

Other thoughts:

  • The mission was accomplished quickly, and the team is home already.
  • Jackie was still popping pills, that's bound to come to a head.
  • I was really bummed that Hanson tried to turn away Tanya. As if that will stick.
  • I thought the open display of affection between Nicole and Charlie at the end was awesome. I'm afraid to meet Nicole's mother.

These last few episodes have been difficult to dig into, and I'm looking forward to things getting back to normal; Normal being everyone at home and at each other's throats fighting for rank, wives throwing parties and kids getting into trouble. I've missed Claudia Joy and I'm eager to see how she and Denise and Jackie hash things out. How about you?


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Whew!! Still so peeved about the orphans found myself yelling "damnit there's enough room in four humvees!!". Again, goes to show more of the combat stress: both combatic and head trips our servicemen and women are dealing with. Too bad if Kim Delaney is fighting her own war...she is a champ pray she beats it! Know these orphans are gonna hang over our hearts for awhile....still dont know why they couldnt change the "mission" when faced with such potential inhumanity.


What was with the sin eating scene? what was eaten and what sin is he supposed to have commitied?


(It cut off my post in mid sentence.)
As for the orphanage, I wanted to take all of them!
Finally, when will Jackie be found out? There were a couple of times I thought she was just going to fall apart & then I felt for sure the girls would catch her when they went to pick out Mingy's dress. Maybe that was just too much for one episode. Looking forward to seeing how that plays out.
*As for Claudia Joy, I have heard that Kim Delaney has been in & out of alcohol rehab, so I suspect that is what happened when they were taping these episodes. No clue how long she will be gone.


*Just FYI, it is Nicole, NOT Rachel, with Charlie. Second, I hope we don't meet her mother, but I'm afraid AW writers will enjoy that drama too much to leave it alone.
*I was pretty certain last week that Mingy was dead, & I was more concerned with how it will affect Roxy. Clearly, having Gisella in her corner made a difference. Love how she's warmed up since the "potato salad incident." haha
*I was surprised that they said the men were only gone a week. Is this common in the Army in real life? I recognize that this was a different mission than a typical war they are fighting, but it still seemed quick.
*Frustrated for Tonya. She is a catch for any guy & she SO deserves happiness after losing Jeremy, but I understand the complications of rank could get her & Dr. Hanson in trouble.
*My heart just BROKE for that orphanage! In my head, I understood what Trevor said about "You take one convoy of kids, & where does it stop?" Maybe I'm a softie, but I want to take them all! :)
*How long will Jackie keep up her charade? There were a couple of times I thought she was just going to crack & I felt for sure the girls would catch her at Mingy's house, but perhaps that is all too much for one episode. Looking forward to more!


I really love Army Wives and how they all interact with each other. I miss Claudia Joy and am wandering where she is in real life, I know in the show she is with her Mother.

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