Body of Proof Review: Who Suspects a Missing Brain?

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It was hard to believe that Body of Proof could ramp up more tension than last week's conclusion to the two-parter but "Mind Games" took Megan Hunt and her team to a whole new level.

It wasn't hard to believe that Megan's first case led to convicting a serial killer. She's always been an overachiever so why start out slow. And what a gruesome case it was.

Mind Games Season Finale

I didn't realize you could remove someone's entire brain through their nasal cavity. I still wish I didn't know. That is utterly disgusting but makes for a a compelling serial killer.

How many killer's mutilate their victims with a hook? It's certainly an underused weapon of choice. And, as Ethan said in one of the night's most memorable Body of Proof quotes ...

Ethan: Who suspects a missing brain? | permalink

Wilson Polley killed the women who either dumped him or turned him down. That there were only three on his list was the real surprise. He seemed like such a charmer.  Were there really only three that didn't succumb to his advances?

Speaking of charming, why do people send serial killer's fan mail? Where most of us are smart enough to run in the opposite direction, there are weirdos who want to get close to these psychopaths. There should really be some sort of watch list for these budding crazies.

The murder that reopened this case was really sad. The fact that she was killed the same way as her mother was horrible. That she was pledging some stupid sorority that drew circles on her non-existent body fat or made her run around commando for a week to get in was truly pathetic. Who would be a part of such nonsense other than bullies and girls with low self esteem? Sounds like a fun club.

But back to the case. Megan was certainly feeling the pressure. Kate automatically thought that Megan made a mistake because it had been her first case and that really got her riled up. Megan Hunt doesn't play to lose.

Her fight with Peter over Lacy was silly but predictable. Megan was already stressed and scared. She had to take it out on somebody and Peter was handy.

The one thing I missed in this episode was Curtis. I felt as though we hardly saw the big guy and I missed his humor and his giant teddy bear affection.

The moment I saw that Megan was alone in the office I knew Wilson was coming back for her. I also figured that he'd try to remove her brain while she was still alive. He had years of built up rage towards Megan so it made sense that he'd be extra cruel.

I wondered why Peter came back to look for Megan. Was he feeling guilty for being harsh with her before the party and did he think she wasn't coming because of him?

I loved the end where Megan shot Wilson and Peter threw him over the balcony. I don't blame Peter one bit. That man was evil and managed to find a way to kill even while in prison. 

As Peter's life hangs in the balance, so does the show. Body of Proof has yet to be picked up for a third season and with it's ratings I'd say it has a 50/50 shot at it. If you're a fan you might want to contact ABC and let them know you'd like to see more Body of Proof.

If it does come back, do you think Peter will survive? My hope is that he does and he and Megan grow closer but we'll have to cross our fingers and wait and see. 


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I LOVE Body of Proof. If they cancel it they're very stupid. Red Widow had potential to be awesome too and they blew it!
Sell BOTH shows to another network since you can't do it right ABC!


Ok, so the show has been cancelled;no surprise here!


I liked season one so I came back for more in season two. However I found the writing to have become too hokey; why does Dr. Hunt's relationship with her daughter have to mirror the circumstances of the cases she is working on? Quite frankly I find the shenanigans with her and her daughter and mother distracting, adding nothing to the plot and just padding.


So sad to cancel a great show There are others that are brainless worthy of being cancelled but Body of Proof is not.
Please reconsider - what do you have to lose?


I love ths show! It is one of the best shows. It has a great cast. I hope abc continues to air it.


I love the entire cast and story lines of body of proof. It is an awesome show, please don't cancel it. Missing Brain was phenomenal, I need to see how it plays out.


I love Body of Proof please dont cancel it. We want Peter and Megan to get together. LOve LOVE love LOVE LOVE this show and my whole family does too.


Who makes these dicisions ?
There are some thinking brains out here. Allow us the freedom to still use them.
Body of Proof is one of the besy mysteries ever.
Is it already gone I couldnt find it last week.
This is sick. I loved that show and I.m not one for TV/
you cant please them all so forget about the rateings, let them go to another channel.theres plenty to choose from/
Are we being forced to join the majority,
Thats not freedom !


Body of proof is amazing TV show! definitely should be given another season. PLEASE


Please, please do not cancel this show. One of the better ones on TV.

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