Bones Review: Cold Cut

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A hairdresser in a landfill, Brennan with the post-baby blues, Booth struggling to make her happy and Aristu in an uncharacteristically informal mood.

"The Don't in the Do" sure was an interesting installment of Bones that left me wondering: would I ever go to the salon again?!?

Brennan, Booth Pic

It never ceases to amaze me how nasty some of these body reveals can get. I think this one that included the birds will have me wary of any animals flying above at least for the next day or so.

The birds, however, have nothing on the sheer terror that overcame me at the discovery that the shampoo boy had actually scalped Santiago for his hair. I will say, though, that no man should really be rockin' his coif like that. It's a matter of personal preference; but if you don't, then crazy Shampoo boys can't get obsessed with it and kill you for it. That's all I'm saying.

At least in between the dropping bluejays and landfill scene we had a lighthearted moment between Brennan and Booth.

Though I suppose lighthearted for us was akin to terrifying for Booth, as he was faced with Brennan's dissatisfaction with her wardrobe choices post-baby. Likening the encounter to walking into an airplane propeller was an astute observation. I wish all boyfriends/baby-daddies/future husbands(?) were as sensitive to those kind of questions as he is! Double points for his attempt to get Dr. Saroyan to back him up, though Brennan knew better.

At the Landfill

I love how Sweets tried to counsel Booth about the situation, and that Booth wasn't having any of it. Their bromance is so one-sided, and it's a riot.

We do have to give Sweets some credit, though, he did get the lingerie thing right... sort of. It seems Brennan's not unhappy with herself, just a little "uncomfortable." Almost seemed like for a minute Booth's gift was only going to give him more problems, but right there at the end, the two of them looked like two mischievous kids about to have a little bit of grown-up fun. Did anyone else think it was cute Brennan admitted she'd never had lingerie like that before?

Another cute (though at first slightly disturbing) aspect of this episode was Aristu trying (and failing) to hide the fact he'd been published in the Forensic Journal. I've never seen him so informal, or so enthusiastic, as he was this episode. I only feel poorly that his piece got pumped for a puff piece on Selena Gomez.

Is that even possible? It certainly lacked credibility, but it sure made for a fun moment with Brennan. Someone should tell her that Selena Gomez is not a doctor, and that reading that article has the potential to drop her IQ about 15 points. Seriously, something like that should never makes its way into a professional journal of any kind!

Did you feel bad that Aristu wasn't published? Were you as upset as I am that Bones shamelessly plugged a Camry (even though this isn't the first time it's plugged a car)? Sound off on the episode now!


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HELLO out there the Show with B&B is real life I don't know what Planet your from or watch to many soaps we have to go thru this part with B&B to show that they are caring Parents as a parent I been their did that especially the first one. And all the ladys understand what she is going thru.I like seeing all this booth is acting like a normal man and she is acting like a normal woman.
How the crime had some real twist and turns finding out how he was killed interesting and being blue well it took Hodgins to figure that out and Angela is always great no matter what she does just smile.And Cam trying to help Booth and Aristu figuring out how he was killed after bones tells him to get to work looking at the bones!! and Sweets & Daisy well they are always good for a laugh I knew a couple like that years ago and they kept us laughing for years just couldn't keep their hands off each other finally married and last I heard they had six kids.I think the writers are doing a great job and the rest of the set crew and Hart I thought it was great I tape it and I will watch it again to see what I missed!! and who cares if they name a car so what. It was a five star show quit bitching!If you dont like don't watch it .Some people are never happy try writing a show or a book if you think you can make it better!!!


Loved Bones this week. It was totally awesome, especially the chemistry between Booth and Brennan. I just love David and Emily. The scene in the lingerie shop was hilarious. I loved how sensitive Booth was to Brennan and that he wanted to help her out. I loved that he bought her something. LOL... The case was great. A relaxing case, well written. Very different. Loved everything about it. I give it an 8 out of 10.


Ah the product placement. People always complain about that. Me, personally, couldn't really care less about that. There is a huge reason why that happens, but the general public rather sound off on it. Take a moment to think. Say like around either season 3 or 4, Booth gets a big, black, shiny new Toyota Sequoia. Mysterious right? Now if people pay attention to the credits or even during the ads, the voice ad dude says "...brought to you by Toyota..." So, by careful observation that I just randomly did right now, the Bones folk have funding by Toyota. Now take a second; You're a Rep from Toyota, you are going to want your company's vehicle being advertised somehow. So, tell the writers of the show that your company is funding to put a placement for it. So I hope that clears things up a bit. Oh and one final thing, Hart Hanson has said that the show gets funding from Toyota and that's why you see the product placement. If that's not clear enough why that happpens, then idk... I'm just saying..


For the first time in seven years, I found myself wondering exactly WHY I am still watching Bones. What an obnoxious episode! The blatant product placement was ridiculous. I'm not a huge fan of Sweets' anyhow, as I find his character (and his cringeworthy girlfriend Daisy) annoying. The "robot car" scene really made me angry. If I wanted to watch car commercials, I'd watch car commercials. I expected....well, a bit more from a supposedly scripted TV drama. When this season started, I had lengthy discussions with a friend of mine as to why he wasn't going to watch the show anymore, as he was of the opinion that they'd REALLY jumped the shark.I kept telling him that the reason I kept tuning in wasn't for B&B anymore, but for Hodgins and Angela. After last night...I don't know if I can even do that anymore. I am going to have to seriously think about whether or not I want to tune in next week.

Frank lee meidere

@Tom -- Don't worry. It's got another season at best. It's a lot like real life: all the women folk hover over the expectant mother and then fuss over the newborn baby, but shortly after the birth, they're on to other things. It's like the excitement of the coming baby makes them forget that in reality, babies are pretty boring. It'll be the same here. Viewers will drop off drastically now that the baby has been born, and by next January we'll be hearing that Bones is "on the bubble."


Ugh, I really, REALLY wish they would stop blatantly plugging things in the show. It's so obnoxious.


I love show; I enjoy seeing booth and bones loving eac h other I enjoy the romance ... as for the spa part it was sooooo wrong .. as a license massage therapist .. there is no way you can wear a ring or have long nails. That is soo not possible... and you can't. Leave the spa with the robe... it was funny but true!!!!!!


I will be so happy if and when this show ever gets over it's baby-themes and plots, brought about by the decision to let Bones have her baby as part of the story. What a let down as far as interaction between characters. Going to the expected mundane baby-stories, baby-sitting etc, Sweets counseling the new parents. What a waste. No more for this season and hopefully they will pull things together next season. Good shows are always spoilt by the advent of a baby...Sorry charlie


I still love the show; I never much was interested in having my hair done (I go to a men's barber, though I'm female) or going to a spa. I see occasional errors in the science, and I still love the show. I can't remember being unhappy after the birth of any of my babies; I was too busy. I grant that your life changes in a big way. Brennan did not state her problem accurately, and Booth is not yet a mind-reader, though he certainly is learning.


Absolutely love Bones and how they are dealing with the relationship of Brennan and Booth, the baby they have together and the love that is between them. This current show was unique and the premise had so many twists and turns that came to a very logical ending.

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