Bones Review: Family Ties

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"The Family in the Feud" didn't just apply to the two hundred-year old feud between the Moblies and the Babcocks, it also applied to Brennan and her relationship with her father.

Yes, this episode of Bones was all about family.

Ryan O'Neal on Bones

It seems Brennan managed to mount a coup against the powers that be at the Jeffersonian Daycare center. Who knew multilingual song time could be so controversial? Or that it could get one suspended from the facility? I don't know if it's just me, but I don't think disagreements between adults should get in the way of taking care of a child.

Unfortunately for Booth and Brennan, that meant they needed to find Christine a new caretaker.

And it seemed like Booth had the perfect solution: calling Max in. If only Brennan had seen it the same way.

It hurts me to see Brennan still impacted by her father's absence in her life. While it's completely understandable, the distress and anxiety it caused made me hurt for her.

Good thing is, everything seemed to work itself out in the end. Lord knows I want to see Ryan O'Neil on this show as much as possible. I love him as Max!

The most unexpected part of this episode had to be the alleged land dispute between the Moblies and the Babcocks. I did not expect a centuries' old metal poisoning to play such a huge role in the whole thing. Just look at what sort of domestic disputes we could have avoided if these ancestors had had the proper technology and vernacular to discuss their problems!

Other highlights from the episode:

  • Hodgins on a mad hunt for truffles.
  • Hodgins and Daisy making each other want to throw up when they realized the truffles were no good.
  • Brennan hanging out the car window to make a call to Max.
  • Daisy attempting to end the family feud.

Did you see the poisoned groundwater twist coming? What about the reemergence of Max?


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I think the writers are doing a great job with the story lines the 2nd half of the season. now that Booth and Brennan are "together" the new interpersonal dynamic of how they relate to each other comes into play. now they have to deal with each others' "baggage" together and that will affect their lives as professionally working partners in the field. funny. sweet. and suspenseful. I can't wait for the finale. very nervous about what will be going down. THANKS Bones writers and cast!


Loved this episode...and yes I think the two smooches from Bones were because we comment on lack of chemistry. So glad the show is back!


William Sanderson is too good an actor to have only appeared briefly on this episode.


Please get rid of Sweets girlfriend. She is such an annoying person. Her attitude and voice and everything she says or does makes my skin crawl..
Sweets can certainly do better than that.


How many thought that those two smackers Booth got from Bones were because everyone felt the couple were not lovey-dovey enough to be convincing?


So now we have Virginia Hillbillies, a replay of the Hatfields and McCoys and a overprotective mother causing alienation everywhere. Daisy is not the only annoying one. Please let go of the baby situations. We had Angela preggies and Brennan preggies, done and done. Get back to real Jeffersonian crime solving and leave the soap opera for daytime. I'm sorry to say this show has gone from amazing to sappy.


Daisy has got to be one of the most annoying people I've ever seen.....but just think how boring it would be without her occasional appearances to annoy us. I love watching her get smacked down when she gets out of line, like last night's episode. I vote for keeping her around, just for the entertainment factor.


I love this show, and I think they did a great job with booth and bones, with the baby!!! They really made it work!!! And I agree with Missa.....more Max and LESS daisy!!! She is sooo annoying!!!!!


I really do get that shows are fiction and don't have to make sense ... but how are they justifying Daisy being around? She graduated, did fieldwork on a team with Brennan, which would certainly indicate she'd established her bonafides immediately out of school ... and she's hanging around the Jeffersonian in the rotation of doing the work of one of Brennan's interns?


I always enjoy it when Max is there, more of him PLEASE. Having made that plea how about less of Daisy, she is soooo irritating...and disrespectful...and egotistical....and not in a cute way. Sweets deserves better.
What a great show otherwise. I love the couple solving crimes on the job and solving problems at home. They have evolved into quite the crime solving couple.

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