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It's been way too many weeks since the previous Glee episode, which ended with two major cliffhangers:

  1. Did Finn and Rachel get married?
  2. And did Quinn die in the car crash?

Those were both answered immediately on "Big Brother" with a big NO; Finn and Rachel didn't say "I do." And Quinn is alive and well, but in a wheelchair with limited feeling in her legs. Did you breathe a sigh of relief in both cases?

Finchel at School

Finn and Rachel have plenty that they still have to work out before they finally get married, as was demonstrated by their conversation at the end of the episode. Rachel has always been clear that she wants to go to New York, but does she love Finn enough to adjust her plans to make room for him? Or should she have to? At this point, it looks doubtful they will ever walk down the aisle.

It's more likely that Quinn will walk again. Her accident gave the show the perfect opportunity to advocate against texting while driving and to showcase Artie as a mentor of sorts for Quinn. Their performance of Elton John's “I’m Still Standing" was fun to watch and ironic in a perfect Glee way.

It was difficult to watch Artie's reaction to Quinn's declaration that she would be dancing by Nationals. While I don't think he wishes her to remain in the chair forever, it has to be heart-wrenching for him to know he doesn't have that opportunity. Despite their differences, Artie was a good friend to Quinn. He knew when to push her and when to let it go.

In contrast to Artie's support for Quinn, there was the visit from Blaine's brother, Cooper (Matt Bomer). I've been a huge fan of Bomer from his work on both Chuck and White Collar and he didn't disappoint here.

He is hot, a great singer,and played Blaine's cocky brother perfectly. I never thought I would want to hit the guy, but Cooper was annoying. Didn't he just make you want to punch him in the face?

His commercial was hilarious, though. I was hoping that FOX had done something fun with the Free Credit Rating Today website, but it was a dead link. I don't understand why a show promotes a website in an episode and doesn't do something with it. They could have at least redirected it to the Glee show page. Or to a video or the commercial.

Matt Bomer on Glee

I was surprised to find out that Blaine saw himself as an underdog to his brother. Blaine has always been the standout in both glee clubs. He was given solos and constantly praised for his talent. His feelings of inferiority to his brother seems to have pushed him to succeed.

Their Duran Duran mash-up of "Rio" and "Hungry Like a Wolf" was entertaining and showcased them both well. But I have to say that I absolutely loved their duet of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know" despite the awkwardness of the lyrics.

It was weird to see two brothers sing this song. It felt more like two lovers singing to each other than brothers. I had to remind myself of their relationship while watching. It was heartfelt and I've listened to it too many times since it was released.

Bomer's guest spot was a win. Sometimes, the guest star's appearance comes across as forced into the story, but his role was authentic and the songs were appropriate and well performed. I'd love to see the return of Cooper Anderson.

My favorite song of the episode was "Somebody That I Used to Know." My least favorite song was Christina Aguilera's "Fighter" sung by Blaine. The track didn't suit his character very well and while I didn't mind seeing Darren Criss boxing or taking a shower, it was awkward to see Blaine in those circumstances.

What was your favorite and least favorite song? Were you happy that Finn and Rachel didn't get married? How about Quinn ... glad she is alive? Hoping for more Cooper Anderson?

Here are just a few of my favorite Cooper lines from the show, but check out our Glee quotes library for more from this episode and every installment in the show's history.

Cooper: The key to a dramatic scene is pointing. When people are really emotional, they point their fingers a lot.
Blaine: That's not true at all. That's ... that's terrible advice.
Cooper: Excuse me, guys, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Blaine. Are you an internationally beloved spokesman for the internet's fastest growing credit score website? | permalink
Cooper: Other choices I can plan ahead of time: screaming all my lines! Because I'm really intense. And the things I'm feeling are really intense! Because I'm a really intense actor! Nicholas Cage, right? | permalink


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Ladybug - You're welcome!Audrey - the music aleulotsby the best part!Smash - Such a great episode - glad you liked it!Sarah - yes, he's such a cutie!LLLR - We agree, this season has been on the blah side, - definitely lost the ompf of Season 1 - but we're hoping with this episode, things are looking up! Go ahead and rant anytime!


This has to be one of my favourite episodes this season. Blaine's storyline this episode was one of the most accessible and relatable that Glee has done lately. Wanting love and support from someone you care about, and getting increasingly frustrated when you're continuously let down - and they still manage to keep that slightly unhinged Glee quality with Cooper being borderline ridiculous the entire time. Trying to hold onto Blaine a little longer so that he can commit the emotion to memory and use it in a scene one day was precious and hilarious at the same time. I sincerely hope they can bring Cooper back sometime soon, maybe not this season with everyone graduating, but maybe in season four if we're lucky. You should link the audition tape that Matt Bomer and Darren Criss made, it's pretty incredible.


Ah, yes - looks like the dog pile of negativity is reaching its summit. Hope you all are happy watching a show you can't stand. Me, I'll just step over here and say that I enjoyed this episode greatly and am glad GLEE is back. Interesting how Quinn's condition is being perceived. We know how she is spinning it publicly. But, it's possible Rachel & Artie visited her in the hospital and know something else. Face off between Sue and the swim coach was hilarious and brutal. It's nice to see that Sue can be both a hard ass w/the Glee Club and caring at the same time. Different approach from Will. But, still effective IMO. Minor nitpick: Matt Bomer may have been playing a douche bag. But, he made douchey Cooper as appealing as a Disney prince! Casting him as a supposedly no-talent hack actor required the audience to suspend our disbelief much too far.


i have been a gleek since season 1, the show irritates me to no end. So much talent being misused. let me start with this episode. mistake as always.. too much in one episode! it makes it so hard to care about the storylines. The character developments are missing too. quinn? she has had more plots in this show than any other character but they are all about being unstable. the weird angry jealous cheerleader, the lying angry pregnant teen, the mean spirited prom queen wanna be, the pink haired psyco kidnapper, to the strange denying wheelchair girl? get this chick to a therapist!!! then we have blaine. glee has messed up big time before but this one is thier worst!Darren Criss, frckin Darren Criss! the guy with a goofy huge personality, who can sing anything, and plays every instrument to man kind, and they give him Blaine. A prop for kurt. I finally thought we were going to get some development. they missed again. the issues between bros were minor considering what we thought we knew about blaine. it would have been more powerful had they showed cooper and dad bonding with blaine on the outside, or the aftermath of the gay bashing. no one can deny Darren can sing and yes critics are right, theres just something about him. they call it charisma, they could be right. I will say that this was the most we got to see him act without kurt. i will admit not too many people can make walking down a hall or pointing a finger look sexy as hell. the good thing about his story was matt. the chemistry between the two was spot on. they could have been real siblings. songs:
duran duran: great way to show the rivalry.
fighter: i never compare glee to the original, i take the song on its own merit. the more i watch it the more i like it.
somebody i use to know: perfect in every way!!
Im still standing: poor choice of song titles and song. This song was also weak. Artie is best belting pop. quinn sings pretty but this one fell short


The more I think about this the more I wish they had done things differently. If they did not plan on killing Quinn in her accident than I wish they had her still acting all crazy. It would have made for a better story if she was still being such a wacko bitch and then had the accident and it caused her to go back to normal. Instead of her having a conversation with Rachael that just randomly changed her mind.
To the person who thinks Rachael is being selfish with Finn I have to disagree. She has had her NY dream her entire life. His "dream" is 24 hours old. He is wrong to ask so much of her. He shouldn't have waited til halfway through senior year to come up with a plan for his life. And he didn't even come up with it.


I agree with Alex. Quinn's character should have died as a statement against texting and driving since that has actually occured in real life. Only recently was someone on a bicycle killed by a texter behind the wheel of a car. Anyway, yes, her death would create the episode...they could devote time to a genre of music that is more reflective and purposeful. It would have created a powerful statement and effected their lives...but instead we have a superficial episode which was flat out annoying. Really, fans can stand to shed a few tears at times. Death is a reminder of pursuits and motivation. It defines us as human beings.


You have to give credit to the writers and producers of the show as they had so many stories to tackle and were able to accomodate so many AND add a distraction like Blaine's big brother. If only McKinkley could afford Ccoper (Boomer) as the acting teacher, Ricky Martin as the Spanish teacher, Gwenyth Paltrow as Holly Holiday, add Will, Bieste, Emma and Sue and wow! And that's just faculty. What about all that talent in the choir room. And the Hummels. And Becky. And Karofsky. It's now impossible to accommodate everyone we care about in each episode. Maybe it started out that Lea Michelle was meant to be the only majestic singer in the crowd, and I'm not sure how she feels about it, but she has actually found a place where she is just one in a pack of majestic singer deities. I look forward to what's next and hope that Ryan Murphy hears my pleas and can find a way to get Whoopi as Sr. Mary Clarence in the choir room for at least one musical moment before graduation.


Oh, and Cooper's warning to stop letting Kurt pick Blaine's clothes seemed kinda spot on to me. Argyle and bow ties? Did he draw the the short wardrobe straw? ;-)


I'm not sure I agree with the reviewer on a couple of points. At the beginning of the episode when Quinn vowed to walk again because the damage was only temporary, we see a deflated look on Artie's face, which I took for jealousy of sorts--Quinn gets to ditch the chair but Artie can't. However, when Artie takes her to the handicapped skate park, he tells her she's in denial about her condition. Are we REALLY sure Quinn's gonna walk again? As for the song between Blaine and Cooper (BTW, LOVED the play on words in the brother's name--Cooper Anderson), the reviewer said it felt like 2 lovers singing. Well, YEAH...that's how Gotye wrote it. I think the message still makes sense for them as brothers though even if some of the lyrics don't. As for the episode in general, there weren't as many musical numbers as usual and I think they're REALLY milking the Finchel thing. Bomer's character was a bit overbearing, but DAMN he's hot. ;-)


This was one of the worst episodes of all time! So damn boring! And, no offense, but how come Blaine is the one who gets most of the songs??? (and I don't mean in this episode alone)
The writers haven't got a clue where to take the show, there's no clear vision, no fun, no good songs and no action.

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