Glee Sneak Peek: "How Will I Know"

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As any frequent readers of my Glee reviews is aware, I have not been a huge fan of season three, specifically the second half of episodes.

Moreover, my least favorite installments are often the show's tributes to iconic artists, as they typically focus far more on honoring that week's chosen singer over any kind of consistent plot or character development. These feel more like concerts than television episodes.

But... man, the following Whitney Houston cover is terrific.

It features Mercedes, Kurt, Rachel and Santana stripping down the single "How Will I Know" and it's an instant Glee classic. Watch now:

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This version is absolutely brilliant. Rachel's voice just gets better and better and Mercedes is a younger version of Whitney. I know that I will love the songs on the eppy. But story wise, sorry but doesn't look too promising. Looks like just another random outburst of singing. Then again Glee might actually surprise me and I so badly WANT to be surprised.


This is soooooooo good!! It gave me goosebumps that still have not gone away! I can't wait to see this tribute. I am a 50 something GLEEK that grew up with Whitney and this is just the perfect combination to me! Whitney, we will always love you. Glee cast, I just can't get enough! Thanks for what I know will be a great episode.


So glad you posted this! I've been waiting for something to come out ever since I heard it in the preview on Tuesday night.


This version of " how will I know" gave me cold chills. They sound so beautiful together.

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