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Glee-cast-my-love-is-your-love My Love is Your Love Glee Cast iTunes
Glee-cast-i-have-nothing I Have Nothing Glee Cast iTunes
Glee-cast-its-not-right-but-its-okay It's Not Right, But It's Okay Glee Cast iTunes
Glee-cast-so-emotional So Emotional Glee Cast iTunes
Glee-cast-saving-all-my-love-for-you Saving All My Love For You Glee Cast iTunes
Glee-cast-i-wanna-dance-with-somebody I Wanna Dance with Somebody Glee Cast iTunes
Glee-cast-how-will-i-know How Will I Know Glee Cast iTunes
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Glee Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Quinn, you're still dancing in my dreams. And you can fly and breathe fire.


We're hanging on Whitney because she was incredible and we love her, so don't put your baggage on us.

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