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Gossip Girl Episode Synopsis: "Despicable B"

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The 21st episode of this Gossip Girl season, airing April 23, will be called "Despicable B."

How long did the GG producers have that one sitting in the bag of episode title puns?

In case there's any confusion, next Monday's episode, the 19th of the season, is "It Girl, Interrupted" (see sneak peek), followed by "Salon of the Dead" on April 16. The synopsis of the CW for "Despicable B" is as follows:

  • Blair feels her Upper East Side status might be slipping away and devises a plan to assure that doesn’t happen.
  • Meanwhile, Lily throws a family gathering - including William, Carol and Lola - in an attempt to prove the van der Woodsen family is as united as ever.
  • Finally, Nate digs into Diana’s past and is surprised by what he discovers.
  • New York Social Diary’s David Patrick Columbia appears in the episode as himself.

Share your predictions for this episode and the rest of the season below ...

The Princess Bride

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I want the real Blair back. She would never have been seen with lonely boy let alone date him!! CHAIR


I find it kind of amusing that Dair fans preach that she's grown up and changed yet she wants her title back and I'm sure she'll plot terrible schemes to get it! Umm so grown up lol.. Well i hope we get more original Blair!
And can I point out that the reason she is no longer ruler of the UES is because she's dating humdrum, boring I have no personality Humphrey .


How can you get be Queen Bee again dating Dan. The guy she always talked bad about to Selena. He never liked that side of Blair. it will not work. chuck is the only guy to really love her good and bad. i say get Chuck and Blair back together before it won't be anymore fans. Blair and Dan are just straight boring. And all the other storylines are so sorry. Let's get back on track, because this show looks like it's going nowhere fast


Blairs position in the UES was lost a while ago lets be real. She isn't even involved with the UES anymore really. And lets be honest if she wants to be Queen B again she will have to become who she used to be, which don't get me wrong I love that B, but if she reverts back to her former self she is definitly going to lose Dan because lets be honest, he won't love her anymore, he loves watered down Blair, and he is way to judgemental to change his opinion on her now. This show needs to bring back the characters old personalities and get back to the fun friendships between characters.


the show lost its spark without chuck and blair being together, if the season's finale doesn't change anything ab out the boring dair relationship, I'm sure there will be less viewers in season 6.


I agree with you. Serena and Dan to be together, and Chuck and Blair!


Alpha (Blair) and Omega (humpty) can eat together, but they can't howl together.


I really miss the awesomeness of Chair.
I used to love Blair's character she was fierce, passionate, bicthy, and a complete schemer. I think as the series wore on she lost that side of herself. Hopefull she will become the Queen Bee we once knew and loved soon. And if she needs Dan to let her become her old self than need be, I just still hope in the end it is her and Chuck and Dan and Serena


I think Nate finds out that Diana is related to chuck somehow but I don't think he's going to tell chuck because he had sex with her.


You can't date humdrum Humphrey and have a good Upper East Side status. You Can't have it all Blair! First you wanted to be with the Prince , then you said to Chuck i love you, I want to be with you, I'll cancel the wedding And after the accident have a relation with God and Dan?! Seriously It's getting a mess.