Gossip Girl Executive Producer to Run Smash

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Josh Safran is leaving Gossip Girl, but sticking around New York City. On screen, at least. TV Guide confirms that Safran is finalizing a deal to take over as the showrunner on Smash.

He'll replace creator Theresa Rebeck - who announced last month that she will step down, but remain as executive producer - on season two of the NBC drama this fall.

Uncle Jackass!
Nick Jonas on Smash

Safran started out as a writer on Gossip Girl in 2007 and became its show-runner last year. He is likely to increase Smash's focus on the soap opera aspects of its Broadway production.

He recently chatted with TV Fanatic about the upcoming Gossip Girl season finale.

The fictional play at the center of Smash, meanwhile, will open in Boston on the May 14 season finale. Safran will come on board the series shortly thereafter.

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Praise the Lord!!! ^:)^


Looks like I'll only be watching Smash for the first season-it's been downhill already but once Safran takes over it's gonna go from bad to worse.


wOW THIS IS GREAT NEWS..lets just hope our characters can be saved from the disaster that GG has become


ding dong good riddance
the retard has fled woo cross our fingers if Josh Schwartz will clean the clusterfuck he made


Yuhuuuu! Safran leaves? Good for GG (not for Smash)but what is the sense to change now? Gossip Girl is ending and a new and short season will complete some storylines (Blair will choose Dan or Chuck; Serena will be a real woman; Nate will do something and everyone will end the college) but the show is destroyed.


Forget C/B! Safran DESTROYED the CHARACTERS not just a slightly disturbing love story and now he is being given the chance to do it again! Forget show runner and start thinking Show RUINER!


So now that he has ruined GG (albeit with a lot of help), he is going to go on and ruin Smash?! I LIKE Smash and the thought of Saf. hands all over it is NAUSEATING! Damn it! Well there goes that show. Do you think that NBC is trying to kill it? Wow, well there really is something to be said for failing up. Unless you are a viewer.


Safran is the most hated person on the planet. The series is watched around the globe, not just in the USA. How much is destroyed GG can be seen that is worse than some criminals.


how to NOT write a TV series. my love for GG will return if the last 3, 4, 5...how ever many episodes since the 100th aka the day i stopped watching, never existed. let's all hope that it literally has been a nightmare and that Blair is going to wake up soon from that accident. for the love of god, Blair, WAKE UP!! LOL


@ Heather
so good it needs reposting: "Gossip Girl Excutive Producer to Ruin Smash." @Pat
so true, I want CHAIR above all but I also want the show to treat me as if I have a little bit of a brain. it's Gossip Girl so I am not expecting Inception or The Godfather level kind of writing but they don't have to be downright insulting. i feel like all of the story lines and setup in this season are a reflection of how extremely dumb the writers must think the audience is i.e. leaving computers open, secrets messages literally being read 2 seconds later, the entire "court" of Monaco being in New York, fake Charlie, real Charlie, Dan has two bestsellers, Nate heading up a company, Blair never mentioned her lost baby WTF. seriously, how dumb do you think I am that I can just accept these random made up things and then drop them because you forgot about your own stupid plots or that you couldn't be bother to continue them?!? The entire season 5 of GG should be sold as how to NOT write and totally F***up a TV show.

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