Gossip Girl Executive Producer to Run Smash

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Josh Safran is leaving Gossip Girl, but sticking around New York City. On screen, at least. TV Guide confirms that Safran is finalizing a deal to take over as the showrunner on Smash.

He'll replace creator Theresa Rebeck - who announced last month that she will step down, but remain as executive producer - on season two of the NBC drama this fall.

Uncle Jackass!
Nick Jonas on Smash

Safran started out as a writer on Gossip Girl in 2007 and became its show-runner last year. He is likely to increase Smash's focus on the soap opera aspects of its Broadway production.

He recently chatted with TV Fanatic about the upcoming Gossip Girl season finale.

The fictional play at the center of Smash, meanwhile, will open in Boston on the May 14 season finale. Safran will come on board the series shortly thereafter.

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Hey, isn't it sad that nobody said: "ooh, what a pity!" or stuff like that? This really means that the "capra" really deserved to be fired! Lol!
I'm still happy about that! Someone is listening to our prayers!


YES YES YES! There is hope for GG yet! Feel so sorry for SMASH:(


@Everyone, I know we all have our differences when it comes to the show and who we ship, but lets forget about all of it cos its time for CELEBRATION!!!!!!!!!! LOL! BEST NEWS EVER!


wow...Smash is going to get cancelled next season. i can see it already. i know why JS is leaving...GG is in it's last season and he wanted to move onward and upward. i just can't see Smash lasting and JS will be jobless again. bad move on his part. i dunno about Dair/Chair/Nair...etc. what i want is the crew from S1 and S2 to write a final season that reflects the characters we were intro'd to back in that time. that's all.


At this point I don't even care if Derena and Chair get back together, I just want the characters to behave and speak normally. And stop having them all act wildly out of character and have plots that make since and stop dropping plot points and acting like they didn't happen. Like Dan and Serena's brother, Lily's house arrest, Blair's mother issues, etc.


It was about time!!!! I fear that it might be to late for the show to rise from its ashes but I'll try to be optimistic. As long as the person that replaces Josh manages to make Blair a likeable character again and fixes Derena and Chair my absolute favourite couples!


It will be enough, and 10 episodes, only incompetent producer no longer leads the series! The end of Dan and Blair!


LMAO. I love all the celebration haha. :D
THANK GOD. Who's taking over now? Could this be a bad sign that GG may not get renewed? Or maybe it will get a 13 episode final season renewal and Safran didn't want to go out of job next year. That bastard lmao. Smash is already declining in ratings, no doubt he'll ruin that show too.


Maybe the NJBC gave Safran a good old fashioned Upper East Side takedown. Josh along with Juliet Sharp, Russell Thorpe, Jenny Humphrey are just your typical Gossip Girl villains gone in the mist and hopefully never to be heard from again. Although I do mis Little J :(

Elise of the upper east side

Ha ha! When I first saw the headline I thought it read, "Gossip Girl Excutive Producer to Ruin Smash." So, so true. haha Heather, he's not a showrunner, he's a showruinner. I'm so glad he's leaving. So, so glad!

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