Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Song Lyrics?

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Things were going so well for Dan and Blair by the end of this week's Gossip Girl, but looking ahead to next Monday, it appears there's another roadblock in their path. We just don't know exactly what.

Something's amiss, however, as evidenced by this new sneak preview from "It Girl, Interrupted." As you can see, an awkwardly nervous Blair is clearly trying to give Dan the runaround despite his overtures.

What's going on that she's not revealing to him? Something tells us those aren't song lyrics on the table. Is her sham marriage to Louis about to rear its ugly head again? Or does it go beyond that?

Check out the clip and share your theories with us below ...

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i think its quite simple actually.
blair and chuck are soul mates.
Penn agrees, Ed agrees, Leighton agrees...
Blair and Chuck can never love anyone else as much as they love each other.
Dan will just never measure up, there is nothing he can do about it.
Chuck and Blair deserve their happy ending and the Dair bickering can continue because they are amazing friends.
Maybe then gossip girl will get over a million viewers.


Dan and Blair are fantastic. I love Dair!!!


I love Dan and Blair together, it's so refreshing to see a couple like them.. It's exactly what GG needs right now! I hope they stay a couple for a while..


A better description of the Blair gave Chuck in season 2 - the ice outside and inside the fire!


And for it Blair being cold, that's what Amanda Lasher does. She writes Dan full of love and Blair full of ice. But I'll wait to see how the rest of the episode unfolds first.


Chair shippers will comment but it won't change the plot, thank God. You guys can scream to the high heavens but it doesn't change the fact that Blair and Dan are together. And to the person asking why Dair shippers are not outraged, how about we're going to wait til the episode airs before we get mad at one clip?


@ BFLY Clearly your advanced degree couldn't help you understand my comment was about Dr.Holland stupid assertions about Dair fans. I did wrote this after:
"See what I did your assertions there? It made no sense didn't, or did it?"
The last part was sarcastic, you know the "or did it?".(just to help you understand better)


If this is chemistry, I can not see it. Penn's face does not express any emotion. I know that all fans of Dan and Blair will be shouting at me, but that's my opinion. I want to enjoy my favorite series, but I do not. Everything is so monotonous and boring.


they disgsut me


Dan and Blair are so boring!

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