Grey's Anatomy Photo Gallery: "Moment of Truth"

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On the April 26 episode of Grey’s Anatomy, it's the "Moment of Truth" for the residents.

Meredith, Cristina, Alex and their cohorts travel to San Francisco for the oral boards, a critical moment in their careers that may also dictate whether one or more cast members return for a ninth season.

Accepting a job at another hospital makes for a convenient "out," after all. While it's unclear if anyone will leave Seattle, expect the old Cristina to return and Mer to battle a health issue during the boards.

Meanwhile, sparks fly when Richard and Catherine (Debbie Allen) bump into each other at a hotel, and Alex feels guilty about being away from the hospital when Tommy's health takes a turn for the worse.

Click to enlarge ABC's promotional photos from "Moment of Truth" below ...

Cristina and Meredith Pic
Jackson and April Pic
Jackson Suits Up
Hurry Up and Wait
Jackson and April
Get On the Bus
Yang Image
Dr. Altman Image
Getting a Lesson
Teddy and Cristina Picture
Arizona and Bailey
A Teddy and Cristina Pic

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Mer looks a little annoyed at Cris, can't put it down to she's feeling ill, or going by last week's promo she's annoyed that Cris is wanting to leave and basically end all friendship run away essentially from her problems.


i have a feeling this episode will rock (but ratings will suck as usual)
can't wait for it


@ Kimber
yes.... i was wondering the same. (quite) a few episodes ago she was in the OR and about to vomit cuz of the smell and i thought 'oh wow, she's pregnant!!'.... but haven't seen any signs since


Meredith has a health issue during the boards? Morning sickness perhaps?


@ uklass It's like a test centre .All the 5th years on the West Coast are taking their boards there (San Francisco)


Do they all go to the same hospital for the interview?

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They started off with such little promise, it's like I'm looking at a miracle.


The only thing between you and the rest of your career is a test in a random hotel in a random city with a random examiner asking you random questions. Nervous? You should be.