Grey's Anatomy Promo: The Moment of Truth ...

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It's getting to be crunch time for the fifth-year residents of the hospital we've become so acquainted with over the years. As the eighth season winds down, the surgeons' futures hang in the balance.

Read our Grey's Anatomy review of "The Girl With No Name" for a longer discussion of last night's episode. Looking ahead, the residents travel to San Francisco for the all-important moral boards.

Who will pass? Who will fail? What will the fallout mean for the future of the show?

We will soon find out. Meanwhile, sparks fly when Richard and Catherine bump into each other at a hotel, and Alex feels guilty about leaving the hospital when Tommy's health takes a turn for the worse.

Take a look at the promo for next week's episode, "Moment of Truth" ...

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I noticed there was something different in the timing for line delivery this week. I must be honest, I really didn't like it. I found it annoying. It was coming across as a 'Scrubs' episode instead of the Grey's Anatomy I know and love. I hope the show returns to it's normal method of line delivery with some actual depth to the characters, and not just snappy quick lines.


meredith is not pregnant(sigh) if you see the new canaidian preview shes clearly sick(really sick)..and thats why April says are you trying to sabutoge us all...shes contagious...Unless there really playing with us on these previews she is definatly not pregnant


I think Mederith is pregnant I rember Shonda had to get somthing for Mederith wardrobe a garment of somthing. and that the IV is to trick us.


I still miss Izzie and Alex so much. I know it will not happen but it would be so great if we could also see her in San Francisco taking her boards.


I think our 3 residents Mer, Cristina & Alex will pass, even though Mer is sick and even if Alex might fuck it up, he will still pass. Avery is likely to fail, just cause it would be dramatic to see Harper Avery's grandson failing his boards (after all, Grey's = drama show) Kepner might fail too cause there will be some drama too in seeing the smart "virgin" overstressed - and current chief resident - failing. Don't you think ?


I don't think that words: "Are you trying to sabotage us," aren't ment for Meredith. Just a thought.


finally finally finally some progress on the April front!!! :)


Come on! Christina doesn't fail tests folks! Avery hasn't studied at all in the past 3 episodes he has been too busy being Sloans b!$*h... Avery is gonna fail. And his Moms is around too? Double the pressure for him.


Meredith truly sick, promo 0:17-18, has an IV (above left), it is likely has a viral infection causing her to vomit.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 21 Quotes

They started off with such little promise, it's like I'm looking at a miracle.


The only thing between you and the rest of your career is a test in a random hotel in a random city with a random examiner asking you random questions. Nervous? You should be.