Grey's Anatomy Review: Life Changing Moments

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It’s almost that time. It's time for the fifth-year residents to start interviewing at other hospitals and open up the chance that they will no longer be at Seattle Grace. So, who is bound to leave SGH at the end of the season? Time to discuss "The Girl with No Name."

Out Of The Basement. Holly Wheeler, a young girl who was abducted outside of a grocery store, is brought in with several injuries. This was a case that had gained national attention since she had been missing for so many years.

First: kudos to guest star Vanessa Marano from Switched at Birth, who played this role with perfection. I cannot even imagine what this situation would be like. Seriously, the worst fear for a parent. Bailey wasn’t able to hold it together and she wasn't alone, and rightfully so. The idea that you can turn your head and your child goes missing is super scary. 

The only thing that could have made this better was to find out some closure on arresting her attacker.

He Has Got the Hair

Meet Alan. I have said it before, but Loretta Devine is amazing on this show and her arc is heartbreaking. Poor Richard. He goes to visit his wife and finds her in bed with another man. I know she has a serious disease, but that can’t be easy for Webber. He needs to have something good happen. Maybe a little visit with Catherine Avery? 

Question to ponder: Which will be more heartbreaking: Adele dying or Richard and her splitting up? 

You’re Doing The Best You Can. As Owen struggles with the pressure of being Chief, Cristina reaches out to him. First step? Allowing him to stay at the apartment until the boards. Second? She supported him at the staff meeting by clapping for him. 

This couple is so confusing. On one hand, they are toxic. He cheated on his wife! But on the other hand, they are able to calm each other, balance each other out. Could these two be soul mates? Who knows. What I do know is that Teddy is right. Cristina needs to stay at SGH.

Dr. Hunt Pic

Uncertain Future. So the residents went out on interviews for where they are going to work after residency. The idea of these docs splitting up sucks, but with no clue as to who is returning next season, this seems to be the best option. Where are the residents heading?

  • Meredith wants to stay in Seattle with her husband and her house. She also interviewed in San Francisco and Boston, which is now her first choice.
  • April went to Northwestern, only to find out that her personality isn’t the easiest to mesh with.
  • Jackson interviewed at UCLA and was put off on their interest in him as the grandson of Harper Avery. 
  • Alex interviewed at some not so nice hospitals, like the one outside of Toledo. Arizona is working it to keep him at SGH. He also got an interview at Yale.
  • Superstar Cristina was being courted by hospitals across the country, such as Columbia, Stanford, Duke and Johns Hopkins.
Richard in Glasses
So another great hour from Grey’s Anatomy. An emotional case, an upset Bailey showing how awesome she can act, super hot BFFs Derek and Mark and interviews outside of Washington. Who will go where? For now, we don’t know.
But we can make our predictions about that and all the other good stuff from the hour in the official Grey’s Anatomy Round Table. So hit the comments and let us know what you thought of “The Girl With No Name.’ Until next week, TV Fanatics. 


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AMAZING EPISODE. i had tears in my eyes throughout!


Great episode. Not sure Holly will ever get closure, but her kidnapper was arrested. Owen told Cristina that at their house.


I thought I read some time ago that Patrick Dempsey was leaving after this series, so I suppose if that is true maybe Meredith will be written out by going to another hospital and he will move with her.


As I saw the residents interviewing at different hospitals, I realized I didn't want any of them to leave...except April. I'm not super attached to her character. I loved Cristina Yang getting a chance to be Cristina Yang. She was slightly awkward and completely arrogant - which is what I've always loved about her! Aside from Avery's major eye candy appeal, it would be great to see him stay and excel as a doctor, as I've always felt that his character shows incredible talent and ability only to have the writers show him screwing something up the next episode. I love Owen Hunt. Kevin McKidd is doing a great job of portraying a man who's in love with Cristina Yang. Their scenes are the perfect mix of awkwardness/pain/love, so it'll be interesting to see whether they can ever get back to their marriage. And it's nice to see that Cristina is keeping their issues private and not letting it affect her professionalism. That's why I wasn't too upset with Own telling off Teddy. No matter what went down with Henry, Teddy made it VERY clear to Owen that she wanted nothing to do with him. I was pretty shocked that she all of a sudden approached him about Yang without feeling awkward about it...she really has no right to ask Owen for anything until she can at least apologize for her behavior towards him in the hospital. She may not be ready to be best friends with him again, but he is the Chief of Surgery and does deserve that respect as her superior.


fuck fuck fuck. pls i dont want anyone to leave!! isnt it greys anatomy? how can they run the show without meredith GREY? dammit just renew their contract already!!!


Best scene of the night: Owen telling Teddy off! She deserved it and the timing was perfect.
Worst scene of the night: Anything with Richard and Adele...I'm sure Dr. Webber understands the toll Alzheimers takes. Husband Richard must be devastated.
Who needs to go: April!! So annoying! Jackson could go...plastics doesn't really steal too many interesting cases...not for 2 docs. Although, Mark could go...would miss him NOT AT ALL! Webber could retire. Teddy could start over somewhere else for certain. I really like Alex...among the few who do, but he needs some positive energy to come his way. He's good and he DID NOT back stab Meredith! She was dead wrong! I truly doubt that Mer/Der could go across country with Zola at this reality, that is!

Sarah silva

This was a great episode.
It is interesting seeing where the fab five (that is what I will call them instead of writing all their names) might go.
Best like of the night was from Alex "So I am stinky cheese". I like Blue Cheese so I guess that means I like Alex...LOL
I feel bad for Webber, seeing Adele in love with another man was just heartbreaking!
It is nice to see Owen and Christian interact and not be fighting! I loved when Owen put Teddy in her place. She made it clear weeks ago that she never wanted Owen to talk to her again unless it was work related and then she expected him to help make Christina stay.
So as of now it looks like fab five want to leave Seattle so it will be interesting to see the reasoning for everyone staying (if they all resign their contracts).


i liked this ep, more than i did the previous, but i soooo called it that Bailey's son disappearance was a false alarm, that is perhaps the only part that i didn't like because it felt like forced drama. i feel like the victim and the main case was a little lightly developed, it should have been more dramatic and the atmosphere should have been more tragic. it felt too Hallmarky


I thought the medical case for the week was good. It was heavy and it was played out very well. And the way Bailey reacted to it was very complementary to the situation and how horrific something like that can be. Adele and Alan - oh my. That was sad to watch. I just felt the Chief's (Richard will always be the Chief to me) heart break more in every scene. I'm pretty sure that Owen and Cristina will eventually make up because Shonda really believes in them but I hope it doesn't happen so easily and so soon. It just wouldn't feel right. And I hated the way he told Teddy off like that. It was mean. As for the all the interviews, I feel like Cristina might just be the one to fail her boards just so there's some irony next to all the courting she received today. I think that some of the residents need to leave and I'm hoping it'll be either Kepner or Avery. Of course I want the original cast members to stay but at the same time, they're giving these characters an easy out by giving them more than what Seattle Grace can offer them.



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Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 20 Quotes

Jackson: Since when do they bribe residents?
Cristina: They don't, unless you're me. A god.

When you're a kid, you always want things to stay the same. The same teacher, the same house, the same friends. Being a surgeon is no different.